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Tweaking Technologies - Blog Writing Case Study


About the client

Systweak Software is a multinational software firm that provides cutting-edge IT solutions, Software, and services to a diverse clientele. They develop some of the most user-friendly apps and tools to improve your mobile and computing experience. Systweak Software is an outstanding option for creating high-quality goods that provide world-class apps and Software to make your screen experience remarkable.

Client requirements

They were looking for skilled blog writers who could write the blogs and develop a stepwise screenshot according to their standards. They requested technical blog content which could raise both SEO rankings and audience engagement.

Our objectives

Each customer has a unique goal to express, and each organization has its barrier when selling its products and services. We have skilled blog writers at Write Right. We had a crew of expert blog writers who worked on each blog separately. Our goal was to fully comprehend the client’s requirements and intended demands and then produce a blog that satisfied both the client and their customers.

Our work strategy and commitment

As you have learned about our objectives and client requirements, it’s time to discover how we weaved both to develop quality content for our clients.

Allocation of blog writers

Tweaking requested technical blog content services. But our challenge was to keep the technical blog interactive and engaging for readers. We didn’t wish to lose the narrative by making hard-core technical blogs. So we directed our technical blog writers to follow the technical-cum -interactive blog writing style. The blog content head communicated directly with the client to discuss content requirements, incorporate suggestions, and relay the developments.

Finalizing blog topics

We worked closely with the client to finalize the blog topics and decide on their central themes. We discovered the content gap in technical content that Tweaking wished to fill. We aimed to develop fresh blog ideas that could innovatively fill this gap.

Turning them SEO friendly

While we develop content for the target audience, this content must pass quality checks of the search engine. So we discovered the keywords that were frequently searched by our target audience. We embedded them with blog topics to become both search engine and target audience friendly.

Content development

We don’t force-fill content with keywords nor write bland content for high-ranking keywords. We focus on combining high-ranking keywords with equally high-quality content. This marks our content as highly ranked by search engines and even more liked by the target audience.

Content add ons

The textual content was not the sole demand of Tweaking. They asked for reference stepwise screenshots and infographics to make their content visually appealing and engaging. Our magic works with words and infographics that add value to textual content. We provided technical blogs embellished with the right add-ons, making them even more interactive.

Quality assurance

We not only talk about providing ‘premium plagiarism-free content.’ We deliver it. Our content passes quality checks from Grammarly and Copyscape, making our content error-free and plagiarism accessible. Besides, our content delivery is attached with premium Grammarly and Copyscape search reports for quality assurance.

‘Tweaking’ brand undertone

Blogs are unique when is talk in their brand voice. While we stood for technical and interactive blog content, we didn’t lose focus on incorporating the ‘Tweakings’ brand voice into their blogs. Our writers quickly discovered Tweaking’s unique brand voice and altered their writing style to best suit our client blogs.

Timely delivery

Delivering content within the accepted timeline is one of the significant commitments. Even during a heavy workload and busy schedule, we made sure that we delivered content to Tweaking within the deadline. Our content delivery promise leaves no room for compromise, so our clients will get all the content updated on their sites!

Edits and Updates

We rest when we provide the best content for our clients. When Tweaking reverted for edits and revisions, we were happy to provide. Editing services to clients were provided at the earliest and free of cost.

We are committed to providing ‘Quality per word’ at Write Right. When Tweaking asked for high-quality technical content, we delivered it with the same commitment.

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