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Sample SOP for Diploma in Canada

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Here is a sample sop for Diploma in business management for your reference.




Diploma in Accounting Program 

(Name of University)

To, (Name)



Respected Sir/Ma’am, 

My name is (Name) and I hail from (Name of place), the financial capital of India. I would like to introduce myself as an ardent enthusiast of the Accounting field and a firm believer of the fact that, Accountants are the scorekeepers of a business. They are instrumental in diligently guiding a business toward sustainability by unleashing its true potential. 

Over the years, I have rigorously worked to attain a strong foothold in the financial domains of business because I envision myself making my mark in the competitive and challenging field of Financial Accounting. Although having acquired an educational and professional edge along these lines has strengthened my conviction to a certain extent, but I still realize the subtle absence of that global exposure to the Accounting industry. 

Amidst the rapid advent of transforming business landscapes and sustainable business management practices, it has become imperative for me to upgrade my existing skill sets and knowledge in an internationally acclaimed learning environment. Therefore, at this juncture in my career, I have applied to study in the Diploma in Accounting program offered by the eminent (Name of University), Canada. 

Academic Background 

Once something is a passion, the motivation is there’; these words by the globally renowned former German Racing Champion, Michael Schumacher, perfectly manifest my association with the discipline of Accounting. I grew up witnessing the enthralling impacts of globalization on the Indian economy, which piqued my interest in the realm of trade and commerce. Subsequently, in elementary school, I started reading corporate articles and newspaper financial columns, which prompted me to choose the commerce branch after High school. Once I embarked upon the expedition of my chosen field, there was no looking back for me. 

I immersed myself in the amalgamated learning of Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economy subjects for two years, which enhanced my understanding of the nuances of financial aspects of a business. It not only enriched my detail orientation skills but also prepared the viable ground for my further education. I wanted to effectively channel the impetus of my prior learning and delve deeper into the Financial segments of Business and management. Therefore, I chose to pursue a (Name of course). During the phase of three years, I equipped myself with interdisciplinary learning of intricate financial concepts. The major takeaway from my under graduation was that I refined my ability to think analytically about complex business problems from a panoramic perspective. In the recent past, data deluge and technological disruptions have extensively influenced the financial sectors and accounting industries, in light of which I went on to pursue a 2-year Post Graduate Program in Management with a concentration in Finance. This program allowed me to attain a relevant grip on more diverse tools and techniques of accounting and business management. Overall, the elaborative framework of the study curriculum and projects that I got to do throughout the 5 years of my education helped me develop a command of financial management. 

Professional Experience 

I reckon that my internships were pivotal in instilling me with the industrial exposure that furnished my hands-on abilities and problem-solving methods. During the final year of my BMS, I worked as an Accounts intern at a registered CA firm owned by (Name). Here, I was trained in preparing the financial and audited statements for various clients. Thereafter, during my PGPM, I underwent a 3-month internship at (Name of company), where I learned about the analysis of different data sets in conjunction with its insightful utilization to make better investment and budgeting decisions. 

I reaped the exceptional benefits of such endeavors by bagging a working opportunity at the Indian subsidiary of (Name of company), the illustrious multi-national investment management corporation. At this firm, I have been working for (Number of months) as of now in my capacity as an Analyst. My job role requires the management of various investment transactions of Alternative assets and the maintenance of their records effectively so that investors can rely on these for future reference. During this professional stint, my performance has been appreciated by my senior managers, which have been a major boost to my self-esteem and confidence. 

Extra-Curricular Activities 

Throughout the phase of my education, I have made sure not to confine my learning within the four walls of the classroom. So, I used to proactively involve myself in several extra-curricular activities. I participated in Accountancy seminars, Leadership conferences, and workshops that were organized in the Department of my College. During my PGPM, I handled the position of  leadership in ‘(Name of club), which was the Economics and Finance student club. Being the Head of their blog team, I used to write different articles on accounting. Here, I also met several people who shared the same interest in Accounting. The exchange of different viewpoints while interacting with them helped me to improve my communication skills by leaps and bounds. In conclusion, all these activities catalyzed my academic and interpersonal development in tandem. 

Why Diploma in Accounting Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC)? 

After exploring several programs offered by Universities across the world, I have chosen to pursue this discipline, specifically at the (Name of University), because it offers the most comprehensive and industry-relevant study curriculum. The core courses are well-designed for students and professionals to reinforce their foundational grip and amplify it through senior-level courses. The most appealing feature of this program is that I would get to solidify my critical and strategic thinking aptitudes, which shall be beneficial for me to make informed decisions in my career ahead. 

The best student-to-faculty ratio, experiential learning opportunities, and diverse college community are some of the exclusive features offered at the (Name of University), which would be helpful in cementing my pragmatic approaches toward Business Accounting. Under the fruitful guidance of industry-connected faculty Professors and Lectures at the College Department, I would involve myself in striking case studies, team projects, and assignments to apply my classroom learning in real-world scenarios. As an overseas aspirant, I fulfill all the conditions that are the prerequisites to enroll in this program. Also, I have cleared the language proficiency test IELTS with a remarkable overall band score of 8.0. 

Why Canada? 

Canada is the most preferred study destination for its cutting-edge education system along with a high standard of living. The Universities are globally recognized for their significant emphasis on practical learning, giving students and professionals an edge to carve a niche in their professional careers ahead. It is also a safe country for overseas students with nominal living and education costs as compared to other countries. The qualifications achieved by this nation are valued and recognized all over the world. Hence I have chosen Canada to pursue this Diploma in Accounting Program. 

Future Goals 

After adding this new feather to my cap, I look forward to returning to my homeland and utilizing my learning abroad. The Globe Newswire has recently released an “(Name of Report)” on 29th Dec 2021. This report highlighted the staggering expansion of accounting services across the globe due to the companies rearranging their operations and recovering from the COVID-19 impact. The global accounting services market is expected to grow staggeringly from $1175.88 billion in 2021 to $1324.77 billion in 2022 at a  compound annual growth rate of nearly 12.7%. This vibrant industry is also expected to reach $2019.02 billion at a CAGR of 11.1% by 2026. 

(Report link)

Therefore, after returning to India, I would have better and more proficient working opportunities in Accounting. I have chosen to pursue this program as it provides me with a clear pathway to becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). After completing my study tenure at the (Name of University), I aspire to clear my CPA examinations and join one of the Big Four Accounting firms(Name of Firms). I eagerly envision myself concentrating my acquired proficiencies to prove my mettle by spearheading the financial domains of their multi-national projects. 


I belong to a financially sound family background. My father would sponsor my study and living expenses during my study tenure in Canada. I would like to mention that we have 10,00,000 INR in my bank account. Along with that, we also have liquid assets worth 30,00,000+ INR. The combined worth of my family’s movable and immovable assets is 5,00,000 INR and 70,00,000 INR, respectively. So, it would help in the smooth funding of my abroad education. Furthermore, I have already paid the GIC amount worth 10,000 CAD. All the documents to support the aforementioned financial stability are attached herewith. 


I have been vaccinated with both doses of Covishield, and therefore, my health is currently in good condition with no medical history. As a responsible overseas student, I have also gone through every COVID norm that I am required to follow throughout my study term. I value the efforts of the (Name of University), Canada, towards taking necessary safety precautions and measures for providing a safe learning platform amid these challenging times. 


I have acquired a range of certifications that will help me while pursuing my desired program. Additionally, I bring along with me a broad knowledge of financial management that I have accumulated throughout my education and professional experience. Hence these attributes will be beneficial for me to strengthen my candidacy for admission at your institution. This program is a career-defining opportunity for me to realize my vision in the future. I hereby submit my candidate and eagerly hope to join the (Name of University) college community. 

Thanking You, 


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