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Sample SOP for Masters in Information Technology in Australia

Are you applying for your masters in Australia? The most important document you will need is an SOP for masters in information technology in Australia. Writing an SOP that adheres to the SOP format for Australia is equally as important.

Write Right has a professional team of writers who understand all your requirements and write an SOP for masters in information technology in Australia that will exceed your expectations. We also provide an SOP for Australia sample on our website for you to understand what we do.

The SOP for masters in information technology in Australia that our team writes closely adheres to the SOP format for Australia. 

Our team takes the time to understand all of your best traits and highest achievements, after which we carefully incorporate them into the SOP for masters in information technology in Australia. 

Our SOP for Australia sample proves our dedication and commitment to providing students with the best.

Here is a sample SOP for masters in information technology in Australia: 



I, (Name), hereby express my gratitude to you for the kind perusal of my application. Therefore, I would like to introduce myself as a computer technology enthusiast, looking forward to expanding my learning through a higher education program in Australia. I decided to pursue a two-year Master of Information Technology program at (Name of University). Through my application, I aim to demonstrate my prior academic and professional experience, my motivations for visiting Australia, and my future goals.

Academic Background 

After completing my secondary education at (Name of school)l in (Name of course) with (% scored), I opted for the science stream for high school at (Name of college)  and passed my twelfth board examination in the year 2014 with an overall CGPA of 4.75. Moving forward, I went to China to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology at (Name of university), where I got consolidated knowledge on subjects like (Name of subject). Thus, with a holistic understanding of the discipline, I concluded my Bachelor’s in 2021 with 82.75%. During my scholastic years, my love for technology made me take a project on the Development Aid Allocation as a Member of the Engineers Association of Bangladesh, where I developed an unsupervised machine learning recommender system utilizing multidimensional indices. Professional Experience My first peek into the professional domain was when I joined (name of company) as an intern in March 2020, where I worked till August 2020 and gained comprehensive knowledge of technologies such as Linux, Django, Web Hosting, React.js, Node.js, Python, and Dart. Eventually, after completing my undergraduate studies, I joined (Name of company) in January 2022 as an IT Systems Administrator. I am currently working in this organization and am responsible for handling system performance for smooth operation, upgrading defective components as per requirements, and research involving experimentation and modelling of various software.

Language Proficiency:

I underwent a language proficiency test on (date) and secured an overall (numerical)  band demonstrating my language efficiency. Sectional scores are as follows-

Listening- ___

Speaking- ___

Reading- ___

Writing- ___

Why Master of Information Technology?

Throughout my undergraduate studies and professional odyssey, I became interested in a number of topics, including software engineering, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and data structures, and I realized that my foundational base of knowledge in this domain is inadequate to scale up my career. With a more intense concentration on these subjects and a well-rounded, intensive program, I decided to extend my studies. This curriculum includes courses in technology, analytics, and big data. Software development, data management, project management, big data, programming, app development, and data analytics are all topics that I’m curious to learn more about. This further fueled my desire to work in information technology since I knew it would provide me the opportunity to influence any advancements in the industry and be at the cutting edge of innovation. During this program, I will be able to develop my interpersonal and professional abilities by working with peers, professionals, and industry stakeholders.

Why the (Name of university)?

(Name of University) is a prestigious university in Melbourne, Australia. This University was established in 1967 and is recognized as one of the world’s top research universities, ranking among the top 1.3 per cent of the world’s 20,000 universities. This University has cutting-edge research labs in Melbourne and on the (Name of campus). This University has the largest Metropolitan campus in Australia, with its main campus in Melbourne. Its research park focuses on product development and innovation in collaboration with industries, institutions, the private sector, and government organizations. Currently, the university houses over 36,000 students, including 7000 international students from 110 countries. More than 7500 students are enrolled at the Melbourne campus, located in Albury Wodonga, Bendigo, Melbourne city, Mildura, and Sydney. It is ranked 362nd in the World University Rankings – QS 2022, 397th in Times Higher Education, and 59th in Golden Age Rankings. This University was ranked 14 in Australia in the 2018/19 employability rankings. In addition, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has accredited the Master of Information Technology program. With over 200,000  students graduating from (Name of University), some became notable figures in business, politics, athletics, and other fields.

Course Structure At (Name of University), students must complete 240 credit points to be awarded the Master of Information Technology, which includes 120 core credit points, 15 core-choice credit points, 60 specialization credit points, 30 learning pathway credit points, and 15 elective credit points. Throughout my degree, I will be taught various core subjects such as the Academic Integrity module, Artificial Intelligence module, database fundamentals, cybersecurity principles, human-computer interaction, network engineering, Professional practices, and IT and Project management entrepreneurship. In addition, I can further my varied interests by pursuing (Name of University)’s specializations in Artificial intelligence, Cloud analytics, Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Digital media, Networking, and Software engineering, according to their availability on campus. I can supplement my skills with free certifications through the University’s partnerships with Microsoft. These certifications provide practical skills that you can use in various industries and workplaces. The cutting-edge CISCO labs on campus offer a wide range of networking capabilities and are open 24 hours a day. The Centre for Technology Infusion and the Cyber Security Research Hub is also located at (Name of University). An industry development project or work-based placement offered by (Name of University)  will solidify my knowledge. If I want to pursue a research career, I can follow an applied research project or an industry-based thesis assisted by prominent faculty.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop robust solutions to complex problems using specialist knowledge of information technology.
  • Learn about databases, networks, programming, mobile app development, logic and data structures, and computer architecture.
  • Evaluate the ability of technologies and potential adaptations to solve complex problems critically.
  • Apply a thorough understanding of social, legal, and ethical issues to shape and influence decision-making and professional behaviour in information technology.
  • Learn about software engineering and intelligent systems while learning about full-stack web development, including front-end and software development.
  • Conduct well-designed research investigations on specialized topics in software engineering, digital media, digital health, cyber security, networking, artificial intelligence, or cloud analytics, and develop software solutions as needed.
  • Communicate advanced information technology issues, techniques, and research to various audiences.
  • Emphasis will be placed on Internet computing, programming languages, and system design.

Why not other Universities in Australia?

I conducted extensive research on the Information Technology courses available in Australia. As a result, I discovered that (Name of University) is the only institute offering a Master of Information Technology degree with a broad concentration appropriate for my needs. The other two significant universities I shortlisted were the (Name of university),  (Name of university), and the (Name of university).

  • (Name of university): An MSc in Information Technology is available from the(Name of university). The program lasts two years. It has an annual tuition of A$47,136 and a World University Ranking of 133. This course consists of three courses from the combined project and elective choice block, seven major core topics, six significant subjects, and 96 credit points. It enables students to gain a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of information technology in specialized technical or administrative sectors. It is designed for college students with non-IT degrees who want a thorough introduction to IT concepts and methods.
  • (Name of university): (Name of university) offers a two-year full-time postgraduate degree program. It is one of the top 500 universities in the world and one of the top 50 in Australia and is ranked 372 overall for 2021 by QS – World University. The Australian Computer Society has given its professional approval to the program (ACS). Graduates of the program will be prepared for advanced professional work in information and communication technologies (ICT) and a springboard for further study and research. I needed more funds in my study budget to finance my tuition at the (Name of university). Compared to (Name of University)’s programs,(Name of University) course plans and subjects fell below my expectations in terms of depth of study and market preparedness. As a result, I selected (Name of University) over all others.

Why not study in Bangladesh?

Students at Bangladeshi universities are not allowed to choose their courses or topic streams, which limits their opportunities for future employment. Although information technology is constantly evolving, universities and colleges frequently need to update and modify their existing courses. As a result, old-fashioned teaching techniques and curricula are used. Students are forced to follow a rigid curriculum and subjects, and they need to be allowed to explore topics of their choice. As a result, despite some renowned universities in Bangladesh offering courses like the (Name of university), (Name of university), (Name of university), and (Name of university), I chose to pursue my education abroad.

Why study in Australia?

Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world. Australia’s education industry includes world-class institutions, first-rate training facilities, outstanding professors, and comprehensive student support services. Several courses offer internship and job experience opportunities to help you expand your professional network while you study. University academic staff work with employers and business experts to ensure that course content reflects current market trends and employer requirements. I considered what it would be like to be an international student and discovered that the Australian government provides scholarships to international students with a 90% satisfaction rate.

Why not other Countries?

I researched various topics related to my stay and the political and social climates in many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. For the following reasons, I have decided not to pursue my Master’s degree in any of these countries. In the UK, I am required to stick with the major I chose at the outset, and I have less ability to identify my preferences by studying other subjects. Furthermore, living and studying in Australia is significantly less expensive than the United Kingdom. With several colleges previously Blacklisted and policies such as Tuition Protection Service (TPS) lacking, I consider the United Kingdom a less secure study destination. Applicants must have SAT, ACT, or TOEFL scores to study in US institutes, which takes time, money, and effort. Likewise, the United States needs to provide adequate security for international students. In the United States, you can only work for 20 hours per week while attending classes on campus. The main issue I ran into while studying in Canada was the disadvantages of shorter course durations and Diploma or Certificate level courses. Language barriers exist in most European and Asian countries, making daily life difficult. All of this solidified my decision to continue my education in Australia.

Reasons to Return to Bangladesh

  • Future Plans: 

Bangladesh is one of the strongest South Asian economies, with a startling GDP growth rate of 7.25% in FY21–22. The country’s growth is heavily fueled by Bangladesh’s increasing focus on information technology, robotics, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects that Bangladesh’s GDP will increase to USD 4171.06 by 2027. With rising IT investments, the country’s GDP is expanding rapidly, opening up new development potential for the ICT business in Bangladesh. Thus, with a plethora of prospects, I want to return to Bangladesh and work for renowned companies like Daraz, Pie Labs, or TigerI Bangladesh as an IT consultant, a cloud architect, a mobile application developer, a web developer, a Senior programmer, a Network engineer, a Full stack developer, an IT administrator, or an ICT security specialist, and a system analyst, among other things, fields of e-health, GPS technology, emergency services, and online and mobile app development. I would fetch a salary between BDT 24,00,000 to 28,00,000, and I am providing the links of Glassdoor for salary reference and job openings for your kind perusal.

  • Family Ties:

 I have grown up in a closely-knit family in (Name of city) in Bangladesh. My father,(Name), owns a business, and my mother, (Name), is a homemaker who holds the anchor of our family strongly. My father’s business has a substantial annual turnover, and thus, having a fixed source of income and business settled in Bangladesh, they have no intentions of settling abroad and starting from scratch. Also, with my parents approaching their autumn years, under every condition, it is necessary for me to return to Bangladesh to look after them. Furthermore, I am endlessly indebted to my family for giving me the independence and openness to explore my passions and pursue my ambitions. They are the only reason I was able to fuel my desire to study overseas. The least I could do for them is to give my physical presence and emotional support and take their responsibility.

Level of Establishment

My family’s current Annual Income is BDT ______ (AUD______). The funds available to cover my expenses during my stay in Australia are mentioned below:

  1. OSHC Deposit AUD ______.
  2. Tuition Fees AUD _______

Moreover, I have the following funds:

  1. Property valuation in BDT ______ (AUD_______).
  2. For financial support to my study, I added the ITR of my father with other relevant financial documents.

I hope that my application meets the eligibility criteria. I request you kindly consider my application as a bona fide student and allow me to study in Australia.



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