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Sample SOP for MS in New Zealand

Are you contemplating pursuing an MS in New Zealand but don’t know where to begin? The first step to your success is an SOP for New Zealand student visa. Write Right’s SOP service is tailored to you and your specific  SOP requirements. Our SOP service is complete with professional SOP writers that write SOP for New Zealand student visa to help students achieve their dreams of getting an MS in New Zealand

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Here is an SOP sample for your reference:


High-performance computing and next-gen technologies have become the bedrock of modern industrial design and manufacturing worldwide. Virtually every industry today relies upon advanced computational modeling and simulation techniques to achieve precision, predict the behavior of materials, and perform multi-scale modeling. As a Mechanical Engineering graduate, I got hands-on exposure to such cutting-edge methodologies during my internships, where I worked on Computer Aided Engineering software like ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS, and Lotus to perform process optimizations. Thereafter, during my professional tenure of fifteen months as a System Engineer at a renowned IT company, I keenly observed how data analytics, programming, and algorithms can be of prime relevance to the realm of Computational Engineering. 

Such exposure and realization have not only inclined me towards the diverse applications of computational mechanics to describe complex phenomena but have also strengthened my conviction to solve real-world industrial problems governed by the laws of mechanics. Years later, I wish to develop scalable models, simulations, and algorithms that shall extensively enhance overall manufacturing efficiency and improve customer experience. Achieving this vision would require interdisciplinary skill sets and knowledge in computational mechanics, structural modeling, material engineering, and finite element analysis. Therefore, at this threshold in my career, I have applied to study the Master of Science in Computational Engineering at the (Name of University), New Zealand. I bring a foundational knowledge base and fundamental skill sets of all the pre-requisite segments to this program, which shall enable me to make the most of this abroad learning opportunity.  

My elder brother, a Mechanical Engineer, has been one of my biggest inspirations since high school. He encouraged me to demonstrate a profound interest in the domains of Mathematics, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics during my pre-university studies. This prepared a perfect ground for me as I eventually went on to reap exceptional benefits of such a prior grip right from the initial semesters of my B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. This program’s highly vocational study curriculum sparked my analytical thinking ability and visualization proficiency, which I started utilizing to solve complex engineering problems. I further devoted extensive efforts during the laboratory sessions to fine-tune my theoretical knowledge with the real-world applications of mechanical engineering concepts. However, to solidify my problem-solving aptitude, I subsequently worked on a major project that refined my team-working capabilities and detail-orientation skills.

The project was a (Name of Project) . It involved using sensors, solenoid valves, and microcontrollers to develop a smart system that helps farmers constantly monitor and maintain the growth of plants as well as also an automated drip irrigation system that saved a lot of water wastage. Here, I gained a considerable grasp on using Arduino UNO along with HTML and JAVA programming. This endeavor instrumentally improved my pragmatic perspectives toward the mechanization of agriculture in my nation. Besides academics, I also showcased proactive participation in several workshops like Design and Development of Gasoline/Electric Race Cars and Electric Vehicle Dynamics- Battery & Transmission Analysis. Apart from that, I engaged myself in several paper presentation competitions, which gave me a sense of achievement. Additionally, I have achieved certifications in C-programming and Altair’s Hypermesh software which has diversified my technical efficiencies. 

During my final year, I participated in two enriching internships that equipped me with rich industrial exposure. I joined (Name of firm) for one month, where I was trained in Engineering Management. Here, I got to furnish my skills in testing simulations and sharpen my dexterities to check the factors of Mean time before failure (MTBF) and Mean time to repair (MTTR). Moving ahead, I interned at (Name of firm) for six weeks, where I was rigorously trained in using Computational Engineering tools for suspension analysis and Finite Element Analysis. I worked under some of the most experienced automotive industry experts and solved several challenging assignments and projects. I reckon that both these internships have provided me with a viable head-start for the desired Master’s program. However, my professional expedition began when I bagged a working opportunity as a Systems Engineer at a top-notch IT firm. I have been handling a (Name of project) to design and maintain the website. For this project, I learned WCS e-commerce software as well as Oracle SQL Developer. My Senior Managers and Clients immensely appreciate my flair for prompt troubleshooting and resolving technical glitches. 

The future-oriented Master’s program in Computational Engineering offered by the (Name of University) is a well-tailored blend of theoretical and practical aspects of my field of interest. In this program, I could get first-hand experience doing Numerical simulations based on realistic computational models. Industry-relevant courses in this program shall instill in me the potential to experiment and qualitatively validate hypotheses. The vibrant research-oriented approach, interactive study mechanism, and experiential attribute would prove extremely beneficial for me to acquire a reasonable command of systems modeling and computational simulation. Under the wings of esteemed faculty professors and lecturers, I would receive excellent supervision, career development support, and guidance to streamline complicated industrial challenges and problems.

Toward the end of this Master’s program, I aspire to work as a Simulation Engineer, Fluid Dynamics Expert, or CAE Engineer in revered Indian Chemical, Biomedical, Automotive, Aviation, or Robotics firms. I harbor the desire to lead intricate end-to-end industrial projects from the forefront and generate significant value for my organization. In the long term, I wish to establish a start-up in India to provide affordable and personalized statistical modeling and simulation solutions to construction and architecture enterprises.  I am looking forward to making a valuable contribution to the curriculum as well as the industry by collaborating with my peers. On this note, I assure the higher admission authorities that I will work extremely hard to match the high academic standards of your institution and shall always work for the goodwill of your cohort.

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