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Sample SOP for Bachelors in Ireland

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If you’re looking for a sample SOP for Ireland, here is a sample.


Life often proves itself to be the most demotivating and demeaning thing that could be a part of an individual’s life. One of the only ways to deal with it most of the time is to talk things out with friends and family, or anyone people find themselves being easy to confide in. Though so, the path to betterment and growth from a state of depression, anxiety, etc. is not an easy one. It requires completing hard tasks and making multiple changes in one’s daily life. I believe this hard road leads to a better and more mindful result than the other road not taken as I, myself, have met with a near-fatal accident during the time I went to advance my study in China. The experience left me shaken and on high medication and therapies for about 2 years in India after that. It was an experience that led me to understand the true fragility of human lives and how not preserving it aptly while it lasts is such a waste of nature’s incredible gift of life. Thus, with the aim to step into a field that enables me to give back the mental health-related help I received, I have decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Psychology. 

If my high school self was seeing me make this decision, he would be having so many questions, as everything in my life changed after I graduated from high school in 2014. At the time, with my aspiration to become a medical professional and help my society to the best of my potential, I decided to pursue an MBBS in China, as the country provided a great blend of academics and practical training in Medical. Unfortunately, during my latter years there I got into a life-changing accident. Though I survived it, its aftereffects put me on a 2-year academic hiatus, as most of my time in India after that went by with me on high medication. Despite this, I thrived on the process and got back up as an individual to continue my aspiration of succeeding as a medical professional. I reinitiated my academic stint by pursuing a Diploma in Dental Hygienists at (Name of college), Tamil Nadu, India. I opted for the course as I was short on time and wanted to start my professional stint as soon as possible. Pursuing my academic program was an exemplary experience, which helped me understand my field’s various aspects, including Dental Hygiene, Oral Prophylaxis, Food and Nutrition, Dental Radiology, and Dental Materials. With my great efforts to recuperate from my existing health condition and manage my academic endeavor around it, I was able to complete the course in 2021. 

The theoretical knowledge and academic skill set I bred at the time helped me get an apt work opportunity right after my course’s completion. I became a Dental Hygienist and started my practice at Naveen Dental Clinic. My role here mainly includes preparing patients for the upcoming surgery, performing regular dental cleans, and doing the last shaping for patients who have undergone surgery. Fulfilling this role refers to taking and managing responsibilities like dealing with hard deposits on teeth, cleaning and managing teeth, checking them for further illness, executing teeth polishing treatments, advising patients regarding postoperative pain and diet management, and maintaining medical documentation of the clinic’s clients. Though working here for 1+ year has been a highly fulfilling experience, which has helped me become proficient in the practical application of my diploma learnings, I have a bigger calling I need to tend to. 

The silver lining of my entire work exposure was being able to talk with clients and help them understand various procedures and how to deal with them as patients. This retrospective view has helped me understand my belonging lying toward working with people using my soft skills, rather than as a technical lead at a firm. Thus, I want to work as a professional that deals mainly with managing human connections, such as a Human Resource Manager, Recruitment Specialist, etc., or start my own practice to help mentally ill patients as a Clinical Psychologists, assist firms to enhance their employee’s psychology as an Organizational Psychologist, and provide insights to the criminal’s mindset to the police as a Forensic Psychologists. All of these paths in front of me have numerous work opportunities and a great demand in countries like India, where awareness regarding mental health and psychology is consistently increasing. Though so, to achieve the said professional endeavors in the future, I need to become familiar with the field’s conceptual fundamentals and advanced aspects. Therefore, I have decided to pursue the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Psychology offered by the (Name of college) Ireland. 

The program best fits my aspired criteria as it helps its students better understand various humane aspects, such as the elements that shape one’s personality, things that affect an individual’s well-being, and what makes a person unique despite having various similarities with others. All these topics are discussed in detail through its comprehensive curriculum, which is divided into multiple core courses of Applied Introduction and History to Psychology, Social Psychology, Biological Bases of Behaviour, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Learning and Behaviour Analysis, Applied Research Methods, and Clinical Psychology. Moreover, the program offers a specialization option through its elective programs at the course’s end, such as Criminal Psychology, Workplace Psychology, etc. All of which would be highly assistive in providing me the required knowledge that I can combine with my existing work experience to initiate my professional stint in my aspired field. 

Though so, to succeed in achieving my aspirations, I need to learn my required academics under the guidance of a learned faculty and diverse exposure. I find the (Name of College) Ireland to be the best academic destination for me, as it offers me the best curriculum possible for my opted program, guidance from a learned faculty, and the assurance of being in a student community of 50,000+ alumni. 

Therefore, to initiate the next phase of my life, I look forward to hearing a positive response from your respective end. 

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