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Sample SOP for Canada Study VISA after Refusal

Has your visa application to Canada been rejected? Writing an SOP after visa refusal for Canada can be a disheartening task however, an important aspect of the re-application process is an SOP for Canada study visa after refusal. 

Writing a Canada SOP after refusal isn’t an easy task. SOP for Canada after refusal requires skill and precision that even professional SOP writers struggle with. 

This is why Write Right provides students with SOP for Canada after refusal. Write Rights team includes an efficient group of professionals trained in writing a definitive SOP for Canada study visa after refusal. 

The SOP for Canada study visa after refusal needs to be written in accordance with the country guidelines, carefully highlighting your qualities and addressing the objections in the previously submitted SOP. 

Our team is dedicated to writing an SOP for Canada study visa after refusal to ensure your application stands out and to avoid further rejections. We understand that each student holds a uniqueness that we try to capture in the SOP after visa refusal for Canada. 

Write Right’s expert SOP writers dedicate themselves to writing an SOP for Canada study visa after refusal to help propel you toward success.

Here is a Canada SOP after refusal sample for your reference: 




The Visa Officer 

The Canadian High Commission 

Subject: Re-Application for Student Visa (Application no ________) 

Respected Visa Officer,

I, [Name], a law-abiding citizen of India with passport No. XXXXXXXX, am writing to request the Visa officer to grant me a student visa permit to pursue the Diploma in [Stream] at [College] in Canada. Unfortunately, my previous application to persuade visa officials to issue me a study permit was rejected. With this letter, I am adding explanations with valid reasons for my earlier denial to clarify my case so that it can be considered more optimally with the merits of the application under consideration. 

My previous application was unfortunately refused on 28th March 2023 for the following reasons mentioned in the refusal letter: 

1. “The purpose of your visit to Canada is inconsistent with a temporary stay, given the details you provided in your application.”


Purpose of my Visit to Canada

Canada has one of the best fitness infrastructures in the world, with world-class amenities. By 2028, it is anticipated that Canada’s fitness sector will have expanded by 171%. The online/digital fitness industry will continue to see the strongest growth rate, with an expected annual growth rate of 33.1%. Thus, while studying in the country, I will be able to observe the entire system closely and learn from the best industry professionals. The Indian fitness business hasn’t advanced significantly in the past 15 to 20 years, though, where most fitness educators have rudimentary knowledge and share information that has been successful for them without necessarily taking the clients’ past into account. Moreover, the Indian education system is a lot inclined towards theory-based learning, Canada’s experimental learning in an advanced setting with top-notch infrastructure will provide me with international exposure to the standardized healthcare practice of a developed country, which I will be able to apply in my homeland to mitigate the challenges that India faces in this sector. Considering I have the financial resources to afford an overseas education, spending a little more money in a foreign nation will increase my exposure to the world, my confidence, and my viewpoints. It will aid me in stepping beyond my comfort zone and gathering global acumen, which will assist me in carving a niche career with professional competency. 

Reasons to return to India after studies

  • Future Plans and Aspirations to Make Progress in the Indian Healthcare Industry: Before investing in education abroad, I went through the statistics of the growth of the sector in India to be assured of the job prospects and return on my investment with a lucrative salary. The results were clearly in favor of my aspirations as the fitness industry in India shows an estimated market volume of US$57.59m by 2027, which is the outcome of the total revenue showing an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 5.07%. (Link for reference: The statistics assured me of the abundance of employment prospects in India in the fitness and healthcare domain, and thus, skilled professionals will be in high demand. My advanced learning from a developed country will be my trump card in securing a well-paying job in India. As a part of my short-term career goals, I want to return to India and join, where I previously worked as a Master Trainer. With experience and expertise, I want to climb up the hierarchy and work as a Regional Manager for all the branches of the fitness club. Eventually, I plan to expand my service scope and work as a Freelancer Physiotherapist and Fitness instructor with Clubs and Hospitals like [Names of hospitals]. Over the years, I aspire to establish my own Fitness Centre and Rehabilitation Center. I have already gotten the basic blueprint ready, and my main aim will be to provide optimal fitness service to the people of our country to alleviate the condition of the health of the community while also giving my company global stature. 
  • Responsibilities as a son: Hailing from a well-established family in [Place], I grew up in an emotionally secure environment. My father, [Father Name], owns a government ration distribution shop, and my mother, [Mother Name], is self-employed. My elder brother, [Name], is an IT professional, and my sister, [Name], is married and settled with her family. However, since my father’s business is based in India, it is not feasible for him to wrap his empire and move abroad. However, my parents are approaching their autumn, and as a responsible son, I am obliged to look after them and cater to their needs. It is equally my responsibility as it is my siblings’ to vanguard our financial assets. In addition, I have the responsibility of handling my father’s Ration Shop because my brother, being an IT professional, is not keen on and doesn’t have the time to take on the responsibilities. Thus, my ties with my home country are profound, making it compulsory for me to return to India. 
  • Responsibilities as a Husband and Father:  My wife, [Name], and I married in the year, and she is also a physiotherapist. [Name], our adorable daughter, was born in (month year). Since my wife already has a successful profession in India, where she is working at a Multi Specialty Hospital with a good pay package, she has no interest in moving to Canada, and I respect her choice since she also has to take care of her parents and our daughter, who is just four months old and cannot be moved to another country. Thus, to make sure that my daughter gets my company while growing up and also that my wife and I stay together while being each other’s anchor, I am fixated on returning to India. 

2. “Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of: your qualifications, previous studies, missing mark sheets, academic record, level of establishment, language abilities, and/or your future prospects and plans.”


Previous Qualification: Studies, missing mark sheets, Academic Records and Professional Experience

I completed my higher secondary education in the year and decided to pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at (Name of Institute), which aided in my holistic knowledge development by acquainting me with modules like ________, _________, and_______. As I completed my Bachelor’s in 2014, with %, I started working as a physiotherapist, but an insatiable urge to gain advanced education made me opt for the Master’s in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at (Name of College) in 2019. During my postgraduation, I gained consolidated knowledge on subjects like ______, ______, and ______. Thus, in 2022, I finished my Master’s with a score of ___%.

  • Justification for Backlogs: I had always been a diligent and bright student throughout my school years, but during college, I was having a hard time with a few personal difficulties in my personal life and family, which required a significant amount of my time. So, I struggled to balance my studies in terms of time and concentration and thus scored low and got a couple of backlogs. However, as I realized my error in judgment of time management, I figured out a proper study time and timetable for myself and successfully cleared all my backlogs within the stipulated time of my degree. 
  • How I covered for my low Marks through professional experience: Although I had scored low marks and got a couple of backlogs, I always ensured that I gained on-field experience and expertise and thereby augmented my skills. I started working as a physiotherapist for (Name of Company) in October 2014 till September 2019, and also at (Name of Hospital) as a physiotherapist from March 2018 to August 2018, where I got hands-on experience in treating patients with musculoskeletal and neurological, and sports injuries and provided fitness assessment and counseling to patients with disabilities. Also, during my Master’s, I worked as a front-line healthcare service provider at (Name of Hospital) during the Covid-19 pandemic, and eventually, after my Master’s, I joined (Name of Hospital) as a Physiotherapist in February 2022, where I am currently working at and am experienced in treating patients with different health conditions like Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiorespiratory, or geriatric disorders. Owing to my proficiency as a physiotherapist and fitness counselor, I got promoted as Assistant Club Manager, and thus my professional tenure has been a huge contributing factor in my learning journey. During my professional tenure, as my interest in fitness started to pique, I did proper research in the domain of fitness and its prospects in India before taking the crucial decision to pursue the course on Fitness and Health Promotion. 

Language Abilities

I underwent a language proficiency test on (date) and secured an overall band, which demonstrates my language efficiency. Sectional scores are as follows-  

  • Listening –  
  • Reading –
  • Writing –
  • Speaking– 

Purpose of Studies

  • Inspiration to pursue a course abroad after having 5 years of professional experience: “Knowledge has a beginning, but no end,” this quotation by Geeta Iyengar has inspired me since childhood, and thus, when I witnessed that most of the chronic comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. that patients suffer from which eventually worsens their health conditions, is due to lack of awareness of fitness, self-care, proper nutrition, and improper sleep cycle, I wanted to reinforce my knowledge to contribute to the well-being of the community. Thus, to walk down the path of my aspirations, I would first need formal education and gain an understanding of creating custom workout regimens that complement their fitness and well-being goals based on a patient’s physical state, activity level, and daily lifestyle while also considering factors like nutrition, cardiorespiratory physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics, which made me opt for the course on Fitness and Health Promotion. The integration of knowledge of fitness and physiotherapy is of prime importance, where on the journey of fitness, there has to be knowledge of the basic practices to prevent injury and obtain results from clients’ misuse of equipment, weights, or even changing their exercises. Thus, with my vision to open my own Fitness Centre and Rehabilitation Center, gaining in-depth expertise and competence in this discipline is imperative to provide top-notch client service. Also, I chose (Name of College) for my higher education without hesitation because it is one of the best-known colleges for gaining advanced professional skills and has a robust academic infrastructure. It offers career-focused education that combines theoretical and practical training for professional success with personalized teaching from adept faculties.
  • Why Diploma after Master’s: My main motive for pursuing this course is not to add a degree to my profile but to enhance my learning to meet my career objectives and be a competent professional. Hence, I judged the course by the modules like Fitness Management Customer Service, Fitness Assessment, and Athletic Injuries taught by eminent professors like Prof. [Name], which will cater to my academic and professional aspirations and not by the level of the degree. Over the years of working as a physiotherapist, I realized that physical fitness and maintaining it post-trauma or injury is a critical part of convalescence, and thus, I believe that this course will be in sync with my will to contribute to the community for spreading awareness about the same.

Level of Establishment 

My parents have a cumulative decent income and will support me financially during my stay in Canada. To ensure proper financial planning, I have already paid the fees of CAD [Amount] to the college out of the total fees of CAD [Amount] and deposited a GIC of CAD [Amount] for my living expenses. Please note all relevant documents endorsing the integrity of financial claims made by me are enclosed herewith for your kind perusal. 


I am thankful to the honourable Canadian High Commission for giving their valuable time to process my study permit application. As an inquisitive and driven individual with an inexhaustible desire to acquire new concepts, I look forward to a positive response so that I can walk down the path of my academic and career aspirations. 

Thank you. 

Yours Sincerely, 


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