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Sample SOP for MS in UK

Are you considering pursuing an MS in UK? The journey to your dream university begins with an excellent SOP for UK. Write Right’s SOP service is tailored to meet all your SOP for UK requirements. We aim to ensure that each student receives expert SOP services with professional writers who excel in writing the perfect SOP for students to help them achieve their goal of getting their MS in UK universities of their choice. Our excellently written SOP for MS in UK ensures a successful admission.

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Here is an SOP sample for your reference:

Statement of Purpose


I was born and raised in New Delhi, India’s capital. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the designs of buildings; this fascination established the foundation of my career path. I received my secondary education in Delhi. Further, I took Engineering Drawing as a core course that taught me about the language of drawing and three-dimensional objects, which sparked my interest in learning more about the built environment. As a result, I received my bachelor’s degree in architecture from (Name of University) in New Delhi in 2019. During my graduation, architecture taught me how to conceptualize ideas and the ways to turn them into reality. It has been a wonderful experience to discover how images of designs can convey more than words, understand basic construction techniques to create buildings, and learn how something as large as a city is designed.

My urge to study architecture stemmed from a desire to uplift the people in my town and a strong desire to save the world from impending disaster. This desire was deep-rooted in my thoughts by my father, who was equally altruistic, looking for ways to cater to society. He hailed from a small hamlet in Uttar Pradesh. He lost his father at a very young age. Therefore, he had to drop out of school and move to a big city like Delhi to anchor his family and support them financially and mentally. He battled for my sister and me, transforming us into strong women who could dream and achieve. Now that my dad is no longer with us, I want to imbibe the desire that my father fostered within him, and thus, I feel pursuing my Master’s degree abroad would allow me to fulfill his dreams that were left untouched. Being raised in a developing country like India, where everyday life is impacted by rising pollution, with life on Earth battling global warming, it is our responsibility as aspiring architects to contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

Although my colleagues and lecturers advised me to choose a less complicated topic for my undergraduate thesis, I took it as an opportunity to grow. I proposed a Green Co-operative center for (Name of Company). Working on live case studies, energy analysis, and collecting material was exceedingly difficult, so I accepted it as a challenge and moved ahead. I studied multiple books, attended numerous workshops on sustainability, and traveled to various locations for a single live case study, trying to skim through the best solutions and resources to support my thesis. My goal was to create a zero-energy building that met all of the GRIHA and LEED criteria, including the seven elements: Site Parameters, Maintenance & Housekeeping, Energy, Water, Human Health & Comfort, Social Aspects, and Bonus points. From there, my inclination towards sustainability heightened, and I decided to get better insights into the subject by pursuing a master’s in Construction Project Management with Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Apart from academics, I have actively participated in various sports competitions. From playing basketball for Delhi at a national level to competing at the university level in sports such as volleyball, athletics, and badminton, I have won gold and silver medals and numerous trophies. These experiences allowed me to hone my leadership, team management, and interpersonal skills in particular. I could comprehend that these skills would help me learn and perform better during my Master’s course and make me more efficient in meeting the University’s demands and fulfilling my professional requirements.

Professional experience in our field is equally important; hence I joined (Name of Company) after graduation and learned how to design a space for mass. I was exposed to various projects ranging from the small booth of an event to large global exhibitions like Auto Expo, Def Expo, and significant others. The production of these temporary structures made me realize how materials and labor are exploited. Then to cater to this problem, my team and I started introducing the 3Rs concept to this field. So we started designing scalable prototypes and reducing the energy consumption of the production. Also, we used to repeat our design modules with different finishes. When the pandemic started, everything shifted to a virtual platform. There was a strong impact on all the sectors, among which architecture was adversely affected. I joined (Name of company)  as an Architect and Interior Designer. I was involved in the detailed design, development, and coordination of construction documents. With my sheer dedication and zeal to prove myself, I earned a promotion twice in 1 year. Now I manage a team and also handle independent projects.

The knowledge and experiences that I have bagged over these five years pursuing my bachelor’s and three years of professional practice have solidified my belief that architects and engineers have the power to impact society with their solutions. While working, I realized that much more is left unexplored, and there is much to learn. Therefore, I aspire to study Master’s MSc in Construction Project Management with Building Information Modelling (BIM). This course will add more value to my knowledge and help me achieve my goal of working on important topics such as climate change and sustainability. I desire to contribute to the development of my nation as I have an innate drive to resolve human-centered challenges. I aspire to become a project/BIM manager in big companies like Gensler, Nikken Sekkei, Sweco, and White Arkitekter and create a profile everyone will look up to.

The Master’s program offered by your university is ideal for meeting my educational and professional goals. While choosing among the best universities, I found (University name) best suited me. The university offers the best-tailored Master’s program to provide me with extensive exposure and global connections. The diverse and global student body, combined with new-age facilities and highly qualified professors, can provide me with a cutting-edge education that will prepare me for every challenge that will come my way in the future. The United Kingdom is well-known for its culture and infrastructure. It would help me understand the world’s perspective and expose me to different cultures. I intend to work and learn alongside some of the best faculty in the county, soaking up as much knowledge as possible. The country’s numerous thriving industries demonstrate its technical education’s prominence. I am convinced that studying and gaining experience in such an environment will benefit my professional growth. The combination of the course and international work exposure will open up various career plans, where I can work in numerous designations. In this fast-paced economy where everything is becoming dynamic as per the update in the technology insights, this course will place me higher in terms of designation and help me get the desired salary package. My aptitude and drive will take me through the challenges and keep to your expectations.

 I look forward to saving a seat for MSc in Construction Project Management with Building Information Modelling (BIM) at your esteemed university.


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