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Professional LOR for Masters Sample

Have you been struggling with acquiring a professional LOR for masters? 

When applying for their master abroad, students face various challenges, and acquiring an impactful LOR is one such challenge.

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If you’re looking for an LOR draft for masters as a guide to writing a  professional LOR for masters,  you can check out our sample LOR. 

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Here is a sample  LOR draft for masters 


Letter of recommendation

To whomsoever it may concern,

It gives me immense pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for (Name) who is currently aspiring to pursue a Master’s degree from your prestigious university in the coming weeks. I have had the opportunity to interact with (Name) for the past few years when he was pursuing an UG in Electronics and Communications Engineering from (Name of Institute) He has been my student during this time and it goes without saying that (Name) was one of the most dedicated and hard working students of his batch. We worked together and developed a very close relationship during the event, (Name of event) for which I also served as the faculty coordinator. (Name)’s capacity to identify and analyse a problem to find out the best solution is one of his strongest assets. Every semester, he has been able to keep one step ahead of his contemporaries thanks to his problem-solving abilities. He makes a very sincere attempt to comprehend the problem in its entirety and to apply sound reasoning to come up with a remedy. (Name) is extremely calm in pressure situations and manages his tasks with a cool head. Because of this, I’ve witnessed him make the best decisions while others have faltered. To improve his practical abilities & traits, he is constantly eager to engage in different projects and internships. He published a work on “Automatic Classification of Cassava Using Data Augmentation & CNN” at the AIP Conference Proceedings 240. 

It is because of his brilliant abilities that (Name) was selected as an undergrad project intern at (Name of firm) in 2021 & displayed brilliant performance during this phase. I was impressed with his ability to put in the extra effort to get a work done during Elexa ’20 and it clearly showed that he is surely capable of managing any task that comes up to him. Also, his humble and positive behaviour allowed him to get along well with the faculty members over time. I believe (Name) possesses all the characteristics essential to succeed as a star performer in his field of interest. He has a unique style of thinking, a lot of real-world experience, and the capacity to fulfil all of his academic aspirations. His presence will significantly improve your department, and he will quickly become an essential member of it. Thus, I wish him all the luck for his future and recommend him to your university for pursuing the Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Warm Regards,

Name of the Recommender


Organisation/Institution name

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