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Sample LOR for MS

Did you know writing a LOR for MS is one of the most important steps in applying for MS abroad? 

Most aspiring students are unaware of the correct letter of recommendation format they must adhere to write an LOR for MS. Writing a professional LOR for MS requires a specific skill set and time.

Write Right provides a team of professional LOR writers trained to write LOR for MS, adhering to the required letter of recommendation format. So you can get a professionally written LOR for MS without any of the hassle. 

Our LOR writers take the time to understand your requirements and achievements so we can showcase them in your LOR for MS as required. Our sample letter of recommendation format is a testament to our dedication.

If you want to understand the letter of recommendation format, refer to our LOR sample.



To whomsoever it may concern,

I, (Name of professor), impart the knowledge of Structural Engineering to aspiring Civil Engineering scholars at the prestigious (Name of institute)  Madras. With utmost conviction, I will gladly endorse (Name) candidacy for the esteemed Columbia MBAxMS program through this letter.

(Name) was a commendable student in my Structural Analysis course and exhibited exceptional acumen in the field of study. His project, completed under my guidance, also showcased his adept problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, he demonstrated impressive leadership skills by organizing our department’s technical festival. I closely observed his performance from 2013 to 2017 and can confidently attest to his exceptional cognitive aptitude and potential for success in a rigorous academic program.

(Name)’s exceptionally innovative and critical thinking proficiency was prominently showcased during my Structural Analysis course, which mandates a thorough grasp of advanced mathematical and numerical techniques to study the behavior of various structures, including buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure, under varied loads and stresses.

A defining feature of my course is administering exams without time constraints and incorporating the most intricate problems to encourage critical thinking and intellectual curiosity among students. (Name)’s aptitude for problem-solving was apparent when I presented a problem with redundant elements, despite not explicitly teaching the students how to distribute the load on such structures. While his peers struggled with this complex concept, (Name) adroitly disentangled the problem into various components, calculated the load-bearing capacity of each, and identified the redundant elements, achieving a perfect score of 10/10 in my course. This exemplary performance unequivocally reflects his academic excellence, ability to withstand the rigorous demands of the program, and exceptional problem-solving skills.

A shining example of (Name)’s exceptional leadership skills was his creation and guidance of a 50-member team to promote our department’s annual technical festival. To foster diverse perspectives, it is crucial to cultivate a heterogeneous participant pool. Previous seniors who led advertising efforts fell short in this regard by assembling a team with people from similar backgrounds. Consequently, their team failed to reach diverse audiences, and the solutions to problems shared in festival competitions were far from groundbreaking. In contrast, during (Name)’s tenure, he conducted group and one-on-one sessions to ensure potential team members from diverse backgrounds felt included and valued. He meticulously curated a team consisting of individuals from four different states who were proficient in five languages and significantly increased female participation on the team. (Name)’s ability to transcend differences and unite diverse individuals to achieve a common goal attests to his remarkable leadership abilities.

Furthermore, (Name)’s visionary outlook and proactive approach were evident in his launch of a campus ambassador program at other universities. Through his determined efforts, our festival became more inclusive, as students from different universities could easily access ambassadors in direct communication with (Name)’s team. This facilitated seamless advertising and clarification of queries for prospective participants. As a result, we saw a significant increase in participants from other universities. (Name)’s innovative thinking and drive to bring people together across different academic institutions make him an ideal candidate for his future pursuits. I firmly believe he can contribute to your esteemed university with his diverse skills.

(Name)’s altruistic nature and passion for making a difference in the community are equally noteworthy. During his undergraduate program, he took the initiative to lead a group of ten juniors to teach mathematics to more than five hundred underprivileged children. In his final year, he conducted informative sessions for pre-final-year students to aid them in understanding the recruitment process, enhancing their profiles, preparing their resumes, and excelling in interviews. Even after his graduation, (Name) actively assists his juniors at IIT Madras by mentoring them in product management case study competitions and critically reviewing their resumes. His dedication to giving back and serving as a role model to his peers exemplifies his exceptional character and leadership qualities.

Upon evaluating (Name)’s academic prowess and extracurricular involvement, a committee of professors, including myself, in the (Name of the institute) Madras presented him with the Best Student Award in 2016 out of 400 Tech Civil Engineering students. (Name)’s all-rounded personality, coupled with his academic excellence and community service, make him an ideal candidate for (Name of University) dual MBA and MS program. I wholeheartedly endorse his application and offer any further assistance or information you may require.


Warm Regards,

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