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Sample LOR for Engineering Students

Do you plan on applying for a course in a foreign university? The value of an LOR for engineering students is widely overlooked. The format for LOR is frequently misunderstood, resulting in LOR for engineering students that does not match the university standards.

In a majority of cases, students rely on their professors or management to write a LOR for them. However, these LOR for engineering students are written in haste and hardly ever adhere to the format for LOR. 

Write Right has a solution to these problems. We provide a professional LOR service with expert writers who craft the perfect LOR for engineering students. Our LOR service curates LORs in compliance with the format for LOR, highlighting all your best qualities and greatest achievements. 

To get a better understanding of the format for LOR and the LOR service we offer, here is a sample for your reference:  



To whomsoever it may concern,

I, (Name of recommender), (Designation), (Institute), am pleased to recommend (Name of candidate) , to pursue the (Name of program)  at your esteemed university. He is a remarkable and talented professional who has contributed greatly to the company. I have known (Name of Candidate) during his term as a graduate apprentice, and he has proven himself to be one of the most hardworking and promising employees that I have come across.

I was impressed that he had managed to work in both the engineering and manufacturing departments and, during his time here, supported test engineers for product testing in brake booster products. (Name of Candidate)’s knowledge of conducting lab tests for engineering research is exemplary, and he proved to be respectful and detail-oriented while coordinating with test engineers for production testing. I have also observed that he was a good team player and leader after watching how much he supported the technical customer documentation team in creating documents like DVP. Apart from this, (Name of Candidate) has shown his enthusiasm for learning from his seniors and has worked with me on projects such as the implementation of QR code stickers for proper identification and the coordination of senior calibration with an external supplier.

(Name of Candidate)’s technical knowledge is truly refined; however, during his tenure with us, he has always tried to contribute to the company beyond his professional obligations significantly and has given his best to make events such as quality coordination meetings and value chain conferences a success for the company. He is an extremely compassionate individual and has always helped time and time again by chiming in when there was an overload of work with his superiors, through which he truly gathered a wide range of knowledge regarding various machine processes. Throughout his time, he has always managed to be the best of our candidates and has never had a problem finding a way through personal conflicts or settling issues with his seniors. He has consistently managed to be one of our top candidates throughout the internship.

I am glad that he has decided to pursue a postgraduate degree, and I hope that he gets a diversified and deeper academic knowledge of his field there. I completely endorse his candidacy for his future endeavours and recommend him as a thoughtful and responsible student.

Feel free to contact me to resolve any existing query.


Warm Regards,

Name of the Recommender


Organisation/Institution name

Contact details:

Email address:

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