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Sample LOR for Higher Studies

What is the most impactful document in your application to a foreign university? An LOR for higher studies is a document that can be difficult to write. Students often approach their professors to compose the perfect LOR for masters for them. 

However, getting an LOR for higher studies from professors and other management faculty can be a tiresome process and is highly time-consuming. For a more seamless process of getting an LOR for masters, students can reach out to Write Right.

Write Right is an academic writing service with a team of professional writers trained to write LOR for higher studies. If you are looking for a professional LOR for masters, Write Rights services are the answer.

Partner with Write Right for the best LOR for higher studies. Our team is committed to writing LOR for masters that perfectly highlight your greatest strengths and achievements, making sure to impress the admissions committee.

Here is a sample professional LOR for masters for your reference.


To whomsoever it may concern,

It is my utmost pleasure and gratification to recommend (Name) for the Master’s course at your esteemed University. I have known her for the past (Number of years) as a proficient student who continually strives for excellence via enthusiasm and dedication, as seen by her academic achievements and zeal for extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Few students are gifted with the ability and desire to project a fresh vision, and they value their aura for knowledge and curriculum specifics. (Name)  is certainly one of these students, and thus I cannot refuse her a letter of recommendation.

(Name)  has always been keen on performing exemplary research in her domain of study. Her performance and dedication convinced me about her abilities. I witnessed her transcend the boundaries of the stipulated curriculum and research more into the domains of her interest, especially Public Health. She spent hours in the library reviewing articles to understand the nuances of this topic. Her multifaceted knowledge was visible during class discussions and her examinations. Moreover, (Name)  has performed significantly well in the classes and always kept up with the teaching and deadlines. She works with a perspective of victory, which always inspires her to invest more time, knowledge, and effort in her projects. Hence, only a select number of students I know have an outstanding caliber both in terms of academics and interpersonal qualities, and I observed (Name)  to be a well-balanced individual. Her intellectual approach and proactive attitude towards all her undertakings have always been vital to her personality.

Knowing that (Name)  plans to study abroad gives me immense pleasure because I believe in her capability of excelling in the Public Health domain. I have seen her undertake extensive research, which convinces me she has the right mindset and inspiration required to succeed in a globally competitive degree program. Hence, I strongly recommend her for admission to this course. Please feel free to contact me in case you need further information and clarifications.

Warm Regards,

Name of the Recommender


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