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Sample LOR for University

Have you been overlooking the importance of a LOR for university applications? A LOR for university is a vital part of your university application. Whether you get the LOR for university from your professor or management, ensuring your LOR adheres to the letter of recommendation format is important. 

At Write Right, we assign an expert LOR writer to curate an LOR that highlights your achievements and follows the accurate letter of recommendation format. Write Right wants you to have a seamless experience. Our process is simple and hassle-free.

The LOR writer will understand your requirements and incorporate them carefully into your LOR for university whilst closely adhering to the letter of recommendation format. 

Here is a sample so you can clearly understand the letter of recommendation format.



To whomsoever it may concern,

With utmost confidence, I, (Name of Professor), wholeheartedly endorse (Name) candidature for the Earth Science program at your esteemed University through this letter of recommendation. During his time under my tutelage, (Name) exhibited exceptional dedication, curiosity, and a keen eye for detail during his study.

I have known (Name) throughout his academic tenure at (Name of college). He was a fantastic student of mine who showed exceptional expertise in the subject matter that we were studying. I closely observed his performance throughout his academic journey and can confidently attest to his outstanding cognitive aptitude and potential for success in a rigorous educational program. During my class, which requires a comprehensive understanding of more complex ideas, he made a point of displaying his extraordinary capacity for innovative and critical thinking in a noticeable way.

The work that (Name) did during (Name of event)  is a dazzling illustration of the exceptional leadership skills that he possesses. There, he presided over a sporting event that was put on by my university and was assigned responsibilities at a badminton tournament that ran for three days. He was able to keep everything running smoothly and manage the event without any problems. This demonstrates that he possesses exceptional communication and teamwork abilities, which have proven to be invaluable tools when working effectively with his peers.

In addition to this, his generosity and his drive to make a positive impact on the lives of others in the community are admirable qualities. He always fills me in on his plans for the future, which he says revolve around having a constructive effect on the environment and gaining a deeper comprehension of the ways in which the planet is organized. I have the impression that the goals he has set for himself are honest, and I have no doubt that he will eventually achieve them.

He is always eager to go above and beyond to help others, and his willingness to share his expertise and skills has enabled him to become an outstanding person. With a combination of his cheerful demeanour and proactive effort to find solutions to problems, he is an asset to any team that he works with.

I believe that (Name)’s well-rounded personality, along with his academic success and community engagement, make him a great candidate for the course of study to which he is applying. I wholeheartedly endorse his application and offer any further assistance or information you may require.


Warm Regards,

Name of the Recommender


Organization/Institution name

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