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Sample Professional LOR for MBA

Have you recently begun the process of applying for an MBA abroad? Having a professional LOR for MBA in your application is an important step in the application process. There are many LOR samples for MBA available online. However, not only does Write Right provide aspiring students with LOR sample for MBA, we also provide the best LOR service to curate professional LOR for MBA.

Our team at Write Right is dedicated to ensuring that your professional LOR for MBA encapsulates all your best qualities whilst closely following a professional tone of voice. If you’re looking for a rough blueprint of what your LOR should look like, you can find numerous LOR samples for MBA on Write Rights’ sample page. 

Write Right is one of the best LOR service providers out there. The team of writers at Write Right are professionally trained to write professional LOR for MBA and have adept knowledge of university guidelines. We incorporate all of your achievements and greatest qualities on the professional LOR for MBA curated for you, as shown in the LOR samples for MBA. 

Out of the numerous LOR samples for MBA on our website, here is one for your reference:


To whomsoever it may concern,

I feel extremely delighted to pen down this endorsement in favour of (Name), who intends to study at your coveted institution. Through this letter, I seek to strengthen his candidature for the MBA program offered by your University. As a professor at (Name of Institute), I have had the privilege of being closely acquainted with (Name) for the duration of his UG studies in the field of Computer Science, and I can attest to his exceptional academic performance, true passion for learning, and dedication to personal and intellectual growth. Based on my close observation of (Name), I shall highlight some of his qualities that impressed me the most.

During (Name)’s time as a student, he consistently demonstrated outstanding aptitude and intellectual curiosity. His scholastic track record is remarkable, exemplifying an exceptional level of commitment, diligence, and passion for his studies. As a result, (Name) has achieved excellent grades and has been continually recognized for his great achievements. Beyond his impressive academic performance, he also possesses a remarkable ability to deploy his advanced understanding of theoretical concepts to practical scenarios, showcasing a strong problem-solving aptitude and critical thinking skills as well. One example of his exemplary skills was when he designed “EYENA” – an Ethical spy camera app, which received excellent praise from his faculty.

One of (Name)’s most notable attributes is his robust and unwavering dedication to personal growth and intellectual exploration. He has actively sought out opportunities to expand his knowledge beyond the confines of his academic curriculum, engaging in independent research, participating in academic conferences, and seizing every chance to enhance his understanding. His commitment to excellence is evident not only in the classroom but also in his involvement in various extracurricular activities & leadership roles within our institution. Moreover, (Name) has a genuine enthusiasm for experiencing diverse cultures and expanding his global outlook.

Considering (Name)’s brilliant academic expertise, unwavering commitment to personal growth, and remarkable ability to thrive in diverse scenarios, I am confident that he will excel in pursuing higher education at your university. His passion for learning, coupled with his strong work ethic and adaptability, makes him an ideal candidate for the opportunity he is seeking at this time. I am certain that (Name)’s presence will not only enrich your academic community but also be impactful to your cohort. On this note, I hereby grant my strongest recommendations to (Name) for admission. My best wishes are always with him.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information regarding my recommendation.

Warm Regards,

Name of the Recommender


Organisation/Institution name

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