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6 Websites for Good Freelance Quality Projects

Good Freelance Quality Projects

Every time I tell someone I am a writer, the first question which pops in their heads is:

“How do you manage your finance?”

Conventionally writing wasn’t a very well paid profession. Writers were at the bottom of the pyramid and lived on the mercy of editors and publishers. Also, they never had enough credit for their work and talent. After digital came into existence, the position of writers has significantly improved. They have more platforms to put their work in different forms.

Earlier scripts were monotonized, nothing new was celebrated, now creativity has shattered all the glass ceilings, and there are no boundaries on how far one can go. Writers are liberated to express their ideas and get paid for it.

There is a rainbow of formats in which content is being created. Blogs, News, articles, video, audio, and much more. These platforms have given writers the power to work from anywhere around the world and get rewarded for their talent.

Many writers are opting for freelance work. There are websites where you can sign up for freelance work:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Flexjobs
  3. ClearVoice
  4. com
  5. Guru
  6. Linkedin


Fiverr is a platform where you can update your profile and samples. Then, apply for projects. Earlier, the venue did not welcome freshers, but now it’s ready to take onboard many writers (Freshers to experienced).


It’s a big platform, and it’s paid, so listings are very authentic. There are hundreds of jobs in freelance, part-time, full-time, remote, and flexible. There is a large difference between freelance and remote work, so be careful while choosing your options. Remote working means you get all the benefits of full-time employment but freelance means you are free to work on an hourly basis or anytime you want. You are in a contract and not eligible for extra incentives for a full-time employee.

Clear Voice

Clear Voice is a breakthrough platform for writers. All you have to do is sign up and give a test of your writing skills.

After, you have nailed your talent and updated your samples clients will get in touch with you to place their requirements. The pricing ranges between $75 for 1000 word article. is yet another hit. The platform allows you to place bids for projects. You have to pitch your proposal to get the project. There are many genres of projects from writing, graphics, animation editing to many more. Just sign up on this platform and place your bids. The platform has its own charges for every project. So do not forget to analyze it before bidding.


The platforms enable your profile to look exceptional and brilliant. Even, if you are a fresher entering this domain, you can easily get a higher paying project. Initially, you have to pay a little fee but do not worry, the rates you can charge on this platform won’t let you down.


LinkedIn is a professional network building platform. Here you connect with people of similar interests or in similar roles. Connections are always helpful in finding quality paying projects.

Life is one, do not waste even a second doing something you don’t love!

Sign up for these websites for fabulous freelance projects and do more of what makes you happier!

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