How to write SOP to apply for Ph.D in a foreign university?

Everyone dreams of studying abroad. But, very few people may actually land up in a country of their selection to study further. Some of the best countries to study further or take up a degree in Ph.D are UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Students these days are more aware of which courses are offered in foreign universities and how they can benefit from those courses. Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, students also apply for Ph.D degrees.

The most essential part of application in a foreign university is to write an SOP in the correct way. An SOP plays a very significant role in making your application a success. A perfectly written SOP can help you secure admission in the university of your selection.

It is difficult to write down an SOP that comes across as effective, impressive and impactful. An SOP should have the following basic qualities:

  • It should outline your real personality clearly.
  • The copy should be precise and to the point.
  • It should be able to promote your abilities, talents, achievements and qualities in a subtle way.

The purpose behind writing an SOP: Why do you need it?

SOP means Statement of Purpose. An SOP outlines the idea of why you want to apply to a certain university. Moreover it also defines how you have pursued your academic and professional goals so far and how that makes you eligible for application.

As you begin drafting your SOP, make sure the opening paragraph appeals to the reader. Generally, the opening and closing paragraph are the two most important aspects of any SOP. Determine the message you want to convey and make sure to highlight it correctly. Since, here we are talking about SOP for Ph.D, make sure to tell the admission panel how you fit the selected course.

The beginning few sentences should reflect a sincere and passionate attitude. The reasons behind why you want to pursue Ph.D can be written in the following ways:

  • Your driving force: Your SOP should be able to tell the admission committee about the motivation to pursue a Phd program from the university. Tell the committee what made you think of taking of the program and how you intend to run the research. Also, highlight the amount of professional experience you have which makes you suitable for the selected program. In addition to this, you should also highlight your long term and short term goals which you can achieve through a Ph.D degree.
  • Your eligibility for the program: In the previous section, you told the panel the reasons which serve as the driving force behind your decision to study the PhD course. In this section, you conclude everything. Make sure you include the details as to how you can make significant contributions to ongoing projects.

Contents for ideal SOP draft:

  • Your Background:

The SOP draft should start with your background. This can include all the essential life events, personal or professional, which made you think of taking up the Ph.D degree. Explain to the committee how the events formed the situations where you wanted to pursue the program.

This section can also include all the details about your schooling, classes and extra activities you participated in.

  • Educational and professional experience:

You have to tell the committee everything about the kind of experience you have gained in education and as a working individual. Since you are planning to pursue a Ph.D degree, professional experience is of utmost importance. So make sure you include all the details regarding your professional experience.

  • Interest in the opted area:

It is your chance to tell the admission panel about why you are interested in the program you want to take up. Tell them how it interested you for the first time and how you still want to pursue the program. Also highlight the details of the course in the university once you have researched about the course and the university thoroughly.

  • Short term and long term goals:

Mention every detail about your short term and long term goals. Short term goals are the ones you see fulfilling in the span of next four to five years. But long term goals are the goals that you see yourself reaching in your lifetime.

  • Reasons for choosing specific institution:

Before you write down anything in this section, make sure you have run a good amount of research on the university and the courses they are offering. Highlight all the university details in this section and tell them how taking up the course in the university of your choosing can help you meet your goals. Also tell them how certain subjects offered in the program interest you. In addition to this, you can tell them how certain professors with their names are the ones you want to study your program with.

  • Honors and extracurricular activities:

Highlight everything. No matter how small your achievements seem to be. This is the place where you should point out everything that you have achieved in school or in college. This will help the admission panel see that you are not only into studies but also active otherwise.

  • What makes you eligible:

This is the most important thing to express. Tell them why you are eligible for the selected program in the university. Highlight how you can fit the program and how you can make important contributions.

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