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SOP, which stands for Statement of Purpose, is a detailed form of text that states why you want to apply for a certain degree and how it will be helpful in the future. SOP resembles the process of writing your entire career summary. SOP for MBA degree is generally a little more detailed format compared to other SOPs. The reason behind this is that the individual is professionally and academically experienced.

Therefore, you need to write SOP that is matured and insightful in nature when it comes to writing about personal experiences. SOP for MBA is like answering a forward thinking question. The admission committee needs a good understanding of your capabilities and life stories. Other things like transcripts, certificates, LOR for MBA put things into a different perspective. You should always keep in mind that the committee that screens your SOP would ask questions based on the information you have provided in the SOP.

What should you include in an SOP?

As we have already seen, what is an SOP. When it comes to writing SOP for acquiring admission in MBA, you need to include the details in the precise manner. Thus, you should frame SOP in the following format.

1. Introduction:

In the introduction section, you should provide a brief about yourself. It can include information in the following form:

  • What kind of program have you studied before and through which college did you do it?
  • For which program do you want to apply?
  • What is your current address?
  • Why do you want to study MBA?
  • What made you make this decision?

2. Academic Background:

You should include all the information about your previous education. Majority of the universities around the world offer MBA to students that hail from various educational backgrounds. But, try focusing on the business aspect of your program’s curriculum. Include the details about the projects you handled or the activities you participated in, that helped you develop the skills required for the program.

3. Professional Background:

This happens to be the most important part of your SOP. If you are targeting universities in the USA, Canada, Australia or any other foreign destination, writing this section correctly can help you a lot. Professional background helps you demonstrate your maturity at professional levels. You can include following things when you write down SOP for MBA:

  • Notable achievements like awards, certificates, recognitions, promotions, and more.
  • Things that you contributed for, in your field or organization.
  • List out your skills like team building and management, exposure to multiple cultures, versatility, leadership, and more.
  • Any other non-work projects that you managed or volunteered with.

4. Career Goals and Vision:

Here, you should write down in detail your plans for the future. Talk about your long-term and short-term career goals and visions. Connect the flow to how you pursuing MBA from their university will help you in achieving the stated list of goals.

5. Conclusion:

Put a comprehensible summary for your SOP for MBA. Include a concluding note on how you can fit the program and the said university perfectly.

Tips on how to write SOP for MBA:

Make sure your SOP is authentic and unique to your academic career, goals and visions. SOP serves as a backbone of your application. Hence, stronger the SOP, stronger your chances of getting your admission in the university. Following are some points that you should consider while writing an SOP for MBA in a foreign university:

  • Keep the paragraphs connected and linked to each other. Prevent from writing disconnected or irrelevant information.
  • Keep the tone of the SOP coherent.
  • Focus more on the opening and closing paragraph as they offer maximum impact on the reader’s mind.
  • Use simple language in the SOP to enhance readability
  • Also make sure you comply with the guidelines that the college/university has issued when you are writing SOP for a specific college.

An SOP written using natural language and positive tone can work wonders for you. In addition to this, the SOP draft can vary according to the course you have selected to pursue. For instance, SOP for MBA Finance may vary from SOP for MBA in marketing. Moreover, it is also an effective way to write SOP.

WriteRight provides professional SOP writing services for various courses and universities across the world. They know how to highlight the most positive aspects of your career and personality in a way that gets the right amount of attention.

WriteRight employs a team of experienced SOP writers who have helped a lot of students acquire admission in the university of their selection. We make sure you secure admission in the university with the right SOP application.

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