SOP for UG Engineering course in a Foreign University:

You have managed to secure good grades in IELTS examination and you dream of securing admission in an engineering course in a foreign university. Now, you are wondering how to apply in a foreign university for the course that you want to take up.

The most important factor in an application process is an SOP. An SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. Writing an SOP is a difficult task as you have to highlight all the reasons about why you want to apply for a course in the selected university.

So many students underrate the importance of SOP and its ability to strike a chord with the admission panel. Generally, scores only tell you about your academic strength. But SOP outlines the strength of your character and most importantly you as a person.

Why is SOP so important?

SOP offers you a chance to talk to the admission committee. A stellar SOP copy can stand out from hundreds of applications for the same course. An SOP gives you total control of how you can impress the admission committee.

How to write SOP to apply for a UG engineering course in a foreign university?

If you want to pursue a UG engineering course in a foreign university, you have to write SOP in a different way. SOP for UG courses and SOP for PG and Ph.D courses greatly vary from each other.

Let us take a look at the steps as to how you can write your SOP:

1. List out all the important achievements during your school life:

For a UG course, you don’t need to have a professional work experience to highlight. But, in this section, you have to highlight the twelve years of your life so far since you started school and the time you finished it.

Twelve years is a long journey and you have many things you would want to highlight. Include everything about your tiniest joys, your favorite teachers and how they shaped you to be who you are today. Also include the wins and losses. You can include the details of how you won at a running competition in your school on the Sports’ day or you can write about how you ranked third in the essay writing competition.

2. Draft out everything about your life’s journey so far:

This section should explain how you spent the twelve years of your life and how they made you decide to take up a UG course in the selected university. Think about how you have journeyed in life so far. You are still exploring and open to learning about new things and possibilities. Include how you are still moldable and how you can be flexible in ways you want to achieve things.

3. Prepare your first draft:

Once you have described everything in the previous two sections, it is time for you to prepare the first draft of your SOP. In this section, you prepare a rough draft of how your SOP should look like. Don’t think too much when you are preparing the first ever copy of your SOP. Write down why you want to study engineering at the university and how your journey of life has made you take up the course. Include everything you wish to include and frame the draft.

4. Discuss it with your friends and family:

Once you are done drafting your first copy, show it to your friends and family to see what they have to say for this copy. Also, showing the copy to your teachers can help you get meaningful insight on how the SOP is. Remove the details your friends and family wants you to. Your friends and family are able to look at your SOP from a third person’s perspective. Hence, it is a good thing to follow their perspective.

5. Finalize your copy:

As you are done editing the SOP and its other details, it is time for you to finalize the copy. We recommend you to write a piece. Once you are done writing that piece, write the SOP again. Being clear with your goals can help you define the right details that you want to include in the SOP.

As you are finished doing this, edit the text, eliminate the grammar mistakes and remove typographical mistakes. Make sure you go through it again and again and write a new one if this copy does not satisfy you.

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