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Statement of Purpose (SOP) for US Universities

SOP Writing Services in Chandigarh

SOP Writing services for getting admission in the US universities:

We all dream of acquiring admission in the US universities. But very few people know that if they are thinking seriously about getting into a US university, then they require a perfectly written SOP.

What is SOP?

SOP is a short form for Statement of Purpose. It defines your goals and visions of your life clearly. It also underlines your academic background so far and defines how life has shaped you as a person.

An SOP is a definition of you which tells the country of the US, how you are eligible to study in their universities. A well-written and well-defined SOP can help you secure admission in the university of your choice. An SOP for the US universities generally should have a 1000-1200 word essay. You have to submit the essay along with other documents.

Through an SOP, you are able to display that you will be able to settle down in the dynamic and varied culture the said university has to offer. SOP not only covers all the academic details of your education so far. It also covers the experiences life had to offer.

The bottom line is, an SOP is not only a resume but it can be defined as an extension of your resume. When it comes to the US universities, they accept applications from the students who show participation in community services and extra curricular activities. Also, sports are a serious affair in the US university. Thus, run a research and find out if the university has a sports team for the sports you also play.

Community service, as we mentioned previously, is important for securing an admission in the US university. US universities stress a lot of significance to community work and if you are one who is very much involved in this, then it may increase chances of you securing an admission quickly.

Universities in the US look for students who are not only brilliant in their academic career, but are also as active in other fields like community service, sports, and extracurricular activities. The US universities are known to evaluate an application based on the academic career along with an active role in community service, extracurricular activities, and sports.

In addition to this, the admission committee in the US universities like reading about an event that can inspire them, including the hardships you faced. That does not imply that you should include a story just to secure the admission. But, if you think that your story can inspire someone, then you should definitely include that story in your SOP.

So, which things should and should not make up to your SOP? We have curated a list of things you should avoid adding in the SOP. They are as below:

1. Too much childhood fantasy:

You should avoid writing about childhood fantasies as far as possible. The reason behind this is that as a child, your goals should be met by the time you reach high school and not an undergraduate or postgraduate college. Your SOP should make you look like you are a focussed and clear person. You need to clearly precisely define the goals you have.

2. Hurriedly writing the SOP:

It is important to include all the important information in a well-defined and structured flow. It should define how one thing led to another and how you wanted to secure an admission in the stated university. Moreover, you should also highlight how it can help you achieve the goals you have for the future. Therefore, you should write SOP with a lot of patience without considering time as a constraint. Never write SOP in a jiffy.

3. A very unclear SOP:

Your SOP should give you someone an insight into your achievements in the past and the goals you have for the future. If you focus a lot on your achievements and less on your career goals, you may come across as a person who is proud of achievements but is unclear and less focused about the goals.

Everything that you discuss in SOP should have a clear and well-defined space. If you are talking about one aspect, then it should not overshadow other things in the SOP. You should write an SOP in a way that your achievements display your strength and the goals display your focus and dedication.

4. Not asking for someone else’s perspective:

This is the most crucial thing to do once you think that your SOP is ready. You should always make someone else read your SOP to see how the SOP you have written comes across. Someone who understands your purpose clearly may be able to offer a lot of help with your SOP.

But that does not mean that you should make them the writer of your SOP. Also, some things in the SOP may seem ordinary to you but extraordinary to others. You should understand your aim and goals of your life which is why you should never let anyone else write SOP for you.

In addition to this, you can take help from industry experts who can make a whole lot of difference to your SOP. You can highlight your academic strengths and professional desires clearly with a little help from them.

5. Taking up a lot of help from an external source:

There is an adage that says, “Too many cooks spoil the broth!”. It is also true for writing SOP. If you ask for guidance from a lot of people, you may land up nowhere. This would mess up your entire SOP with a lot of confusions. Thus, the best way to do so is to approach an industry expert who can clear things out.

6. Not researching the topic thoroughly:

Never write anything randomly when it comes to SOP. If you have affinity for a specific university, then take a lot of time to research the university. Find out what kind of people secure admission in the university, which subjects are offered and what sports they play.

7. Not understanding the value of the number of words required:

You should be able to express yourself in the stipulated word count. As we previously saw, your SOP should be made up of only 1000-1200 words. Thus, you should be able to highlight your past achievements and future goals within the said word count. Too long or too short SOP may face rejection.

8. Writing either directly or casually:

The tone of the SOP should be right. Also, the first impression always stays for long. Thus, the first paragraph should be interesting to read. To do this, consider using a very simple language to express yourself. Make sure you captivate the reader with a very interesting opening paragraph. If you do this, you ensure that your SOP will be given proper attention. And this increases the chances of you getting the admission.

WriteRight is known for its SOP around universities abroad. Come to us and let us help you with the SOP so that you can secure admission in the university of your dreams in the US.

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