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9 Websites from which Freelancers can Earn Enough

Do you realize that working in the comfort of your own space is a real blessing?

Imagine getting up in the morning, and there is no hurry to run for office and face boss!

That’s real freedom and success. Freelancing does just the same; you don’t have to leave your space, and you are free to work according to your flexible schedule.

All you need is your laptop and functioning brain to earn extra cash and become productive. It also saves the struggle and time you spent on useless stuff like catching the bus and mentioning excuses for being late.

Freelancing has a very high potential shortly as more and more work is now on the cloud. Even offices are letting half of their workforce to work from home as it’s much more convenient. Some of the top websites that offer substantial freelancing projects are:


Peopleperhour is a freelancing platform for marketers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, content writers, and web project developers.

Here you can sign up a specialist for your work on an hourly basis. One can send up to 15 proposals for free. Once you get hired, the quality of your work certainly drives more projects.


This platform has registered 29 million users according to the data released in 2019. Initially, you have to make your profile competent enough to catch attention—upload samples of published work, your proficiencies, educational background, and other details. Once you are done, start bidding, and you are good to go.

99 Designs

Here the clients place their requirements, and you have to submit your designs. If the designs are selected, you get paid and more work. The only limitation of this platform is you don’t get paid if the designs are not approved. However, you can always use them in your portfolio, so you are never at a loss!


It’s a platform connecting clients with a potential professional for their requirements. There is no absolutely any chance one cannot find what they are looking for on this platform. There is an enormous amount of jobs on this platform. One can find “n” number of jobs based on preferences. It’s a perfect platform to find high paying freelancing projects.


It is yet another platform where you can get quality freelance projects. This platform’s unique feature is that it has a tool to calculate the amount you should charge for a project. The estimation helps get the right fee as many times you may not know the industry rates for the work you are doing or the project you are delivering.


The projects on Upwork require bidding. You bid on projects and get hired based on past work or relevant qualifications. The recruiters may hire you for a full-time, part-time, or per-project basis.

Also, while bidding, you must keep the Upwork charges in your mind. If you are a fresher, it might take some time, but your hard work will pay off as you grow, and you will get relevant projects.


It’s a freelancing platform for beginner writers. Initially, you are required to submit a short write-up of around 250 words. Once the write-up gets approved, you get paid for it. Also, you can start making new clients and getting payments per project. As your skills improve, you get paid more.


It’s the best platform for bloggers and writers in multiple genres. There is no screening like other platforms, and they do not charge any fees. So, you can get clients and start work. The site does not provide any opportunities for designers and creative professionals. All you have to do is register, and you are good to go.

The Writer Finder

Growing businesses looking for intern writers can hire professionals from this website. It’s a perfect platform for someone looking to start a career in writing. You can also sign up on this platform for paid projects.

These were few platforms you can sign up for starting a freelance career in writing.

Start your freelancing journey now!

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