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A Detailed Guide on Resume Writing Cost in India

Resume Writing Cost in India

A resume is that lone word that’s spelt almost everywhere in the industry as more and more people are looking for a job and with each new day, there arises a need to develop a resume that is competent. With each new industrial revolution, new technologies are introduced and thus new individuals step out of their home to find new jobs. So, currently, in the industry, you are not only competing with the people around your geographical location but the competition is with each individual residing in any part of the world who is willing to pursue the job you are looking for. The common example of this being people migrating from their home towns from different parts of India to seek a job in the dream city of India, Mumbai.

So, now you know the importance of a resume in day to day life. To overcome the immense competition that currently exists in the country, an individual must look for a good resume that conveys the exact message that he/she has to convey and off course within a limited amount of words. But here’s the challenge, we are taught every skill in our industry except the skill to present ourselves to acquire a job. And resume writing is never an easy task, it is like an art that can be practised by all but mastered by a few. And here’s the twist, during the past 1.5 decades the number of such professional resume writing service providers has increased by a whopping percentage. Also, the stat says that 85 percent deliver content consistently over time. The amount of accuracy and precision that these guys maintain is much better than in any other industry.

Resume writing and its significance

A resume is a vital tool in your job hunt because it provides you with a page or two to showcase your best abilities and attributes. A resume, on the other hand, is far more. Employers use resumes to make hiring decisions, and resumes can also help you land your first job interview. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to how your resume is organized and what information you include. You’ll learn why a resume is so crucial in this article and resume suggestions that will help you land your next job.

A well-structured CV shows your most appealing abilities and experience to potential employers. As a result, they will be able to move on with the most qualified candidate. For this reason, it’s critical to ensure that your CV reflects your most recent abilities and experiences. Color, appropriate margins, and design are used in an effective resume to ensure that relevant work experience is displayed in a way that displays accomplishments.

The “above the fold” section of the resume—usually the top quarter—is the most attention-getting in addition to your name and contact information, including crucial concise information above the fold. Employing a layout that allows for proper color or pictures is another technique to catch an employer’s attention. Some people use a headshot portrait or a personal logo for advertising themselves to employers. If you must print your resume, pick a resume paper stock that stands out. When selecting paper, keep in mind industry requirements.

An excellent CV aligns your qualifications with the requirements of the position. Making sure your CV has the exact keywords as the job description is one method to accomplish this.
If the job description specifies “knowledge of ——–,” put “—–” in your CV. Some employers automatically categorize resumes by keywords if you send them electronically. Pay attention to these if you want your resume seen.

Top Resume guidance


Include any pertinent details.

It’s essential to keep your CV as short as possible. It should fit on one page if possible, and no more than three pages should be used. This is made possible by sticking to the most pertinent data. Hiring managers review resumes for the most pertinent information, so having a clean, concise, and relevant resume increases your chances of being considered again.


Sort the information according to its significance.

While there are several methods to organize your resume, emphasizing the qualities that make you the most incredible fit for the position is one of the most effective. Organizing by importance provides a strong focal point in a competitive workforce where employers are likely to have several choices.


Examine instances from the industry.
Examining resume examples in your field might help you figure out what’s appropriate. A marketer’s resume, for example, might not be appropriate for a manufacturing executive. Understanding what is expected in your business and for your position is critical to determining the optimal strategy to resume layout.


Use professional-looking typefaces.
Take care when choosing fonts. Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica are all excellent choices for resumes since they are simple and easy to read. While you want your resume to stand out, it must be easy to read if you want it to be taken seriously. Choose fonts that are attractive to the eye and are simple to read. Use a 10- to 12-point font size.

Features of resume writing:

There are a lot of resume writing organisations that provide professional resume writing services at affordable pricing and great features. The crisp of each line of content written has way more worth than what they ask the client to pay. That single resume that’s written by these professional resume writers contains all the features that a perfect resume must-have. Much information is included in the resume that if not included might hamper your performance throughout the hiring process.

With professional resume writers, every feature gets equal importance. Every feature is taken off right from your personal information, objective and aim to the education and work-related experience. Your skills are just not stated in the resume, but indeed are highlighted and elaborated which further gives you an upper hand throughout the entire hiring process. With more emphasis on highlighting soft skills such as communication, openness, creativity, positivity, etc. these professionals ensure that you get the right return on investment.

With immense competition around each organisation, these professional resume writers give you their best services with just the right amount of money charged per piece of a resume written. The amount of money charged depends on which professional resume writing firm you approach. For example, if you opt for a foreign-based resume writing firm seeking good services, they might charge around 40 USD for every 1000 words. But the same quality content will be delivered by some of the best professional resume writers in India. Resume writers in India might cost around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7500 per resume.

How content writing firms charge you for resumes?

Content writing professionals are always looking for recognition on the internet. To do so, they might not want to end up in a situation of bad rating on google which could come true if they charge a lot just because of the quality service they provide. Almost every content writer who works for a professional resume writing firm has to experience writing a resume that suits what clients needs, keeping in mind that the resume must be attractive and efficient enough to catch the attention of the recruiter. These content writers may have spent hours if not days to acquire those skills and also the time they spent to formulate your resume is not ignored.

Let’s break down the whole thing into smaller parts to dive deep into the topic and understand every aspect of how content writing firms charge money to deliver the best resume to the client.

We have got a stat out here, most resumes nowadays won’t span more than 1000 words unless and until the resume belongs to a person who has got huge experience in the industry and has achieved a lot of things. Considering the above stats, we can assume the resume written spans almost 1000 words. Also, looking at the seriousness of the content as it is a resume that would play a crucial role in landing you the dream job the cost for each word written must be high. Just not because of the seriousness of the content that plays an important role in charging a higher price than regular, but the content must be attractive enough with the crisp that you ensure recruiters engagement.  Also, there might be some areas where you might want to convey a long message within a limited amount of words.

Hovering over each aspect of a resume and the amount of time spent to carve the resume from scratch which would match the job description, we can now easily predict that the prices of resumes would range between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000. Also knowing about the fact that writing a resume isn’t easy or that not everyone can write it, we can conclude that the price whatever we have predicted isn’t enough. Though some organisations provide resume writing at such a low cost, while others who have 5+ years of experience in this field and are more experts in this field might charge a whopping amount of Rs. 5000.

Market scenario nowadays:

Until now we are pretty clear on how these professional resume writing firms charge a person to deliver the best resume that matches his/her expectations. Now, we are good to go to analyse the current market scenario. The last section discussed the factors that are considered to decide the prices of a common resume writing service provider, but now we will do a market analysis and discuss in what way resume writing firms bring varieties in writing professional resumes.

We are clear with the general idea of resume writing pricing, but here’s the twist that resumes writing organisations bring. These professionals state that resume writing is just not about making a resume, there are other things as well that are considered as a resume in today’s digital world. Nowadays, every kind of content that leads to a person’s professional profile is considered in resume writing. Some organisations have divided their resume writing into such a way to provide a more diverse field of resume content.

In resumes, some organisations have made two groups, namely professional resume and visual resume. A professional resume is meant for those who are interested in a corporate or startup job and usually charge Rs. 2200 for the same. While a visual resume is meant for people who want to differentiate from other candidates and these usually are priced at Rs. 3000. There are other groups as well that include an international resume which is by name can be interpreted as a resume that helps a particular client to apply for the job openings in foreign locations like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Gulf, Singapore, Europe. Professional resume writing firms delivering such content that is usually termed as an international resume charge around Rs. 2000 for the same. Also, there are other professional and personalised groups as well that include the CXO resume, which means the resumes are tailored to perfection for people at the post of a  leader in the CXO/Leadership/VP category. For such special resumes, the price is Rs. 5000 and above.

Resume writing firms not only consider writing a great resume is enough, but a well designed personalised cover letter plays a vital role throughout the selection process. Cover letters are appended to each of the special types of resume group, and these usually charge Rs. 500 each. In today’s digital world, paper resumes aren’t enough to show superiority throughout the hiring process, rather some digital media, like Linkedin, plays an important role and can be the difference between your selection and rejection. Resume writing firms do consider structuring and writing great words on your Linkedin profile and usually charge around Rs. 1000 for the same.

Write Right is one of the professional resume writing service providers that provide a top-quality resume with affordable pricing. A well-designed resume is just the difference between failure and success throughout the hiring process. Write Right will provide a content-rich resume with a price range of Rs. 1999 and Rs. 4999. Experience and skill put together is surely the ideal thing in any industry nowadays, and it’s pretty true to say that Write Right is the ideal resume writing service provider of the entire resume writing industry. Overall, the goal of each resume writing service provider is to deliver a resume with a strong first impression, refined content, stand out format and impactful performance.


A resume is one of the important things that each person who seeks a job in the current evolving industry must have. Not only having a resume is enough, but a resume that would attract the recruiter’s attention and convey the exact message that you want to within a limited amount of words is the need of the hour. Also, resume writing is something that cannot be mastered by all, and here’s the need for professional resume writing firms.

A professional resume writing firm will deliver the most unique and tailored to perfection resume within a limited time frame and with just the right amount charged. The usual costs of resume writing can be calculated somewhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000. While there are other resume groups that each resume writing firm has developed and usually charge a bit higher than regular.

Write Right stands out as a premier resume writing service with a range of distinctive features that cater to job seekers across various industries. One of its key USPs lies in its team of seasoned professional writers who specialize in crafting compelling and ATS-friendly resumes. These writers often have extensive experience in human resources, recruitment, or career coaching, ensuring that they possess the insider knowledge necessary to create resumes that stand out in today’s competitive job market.

The company’s commitment to personalized service is another notable USP. Write Right collaborates closely with clients to understand their career goals, accomplishments, and unique strengths. This personalized approach allows the team to create resumes that not only showcase qualifications but also reflect the individuality of each client.

Write Right is also known for its emphasis on staying abreast of industry trends and hiring practices. The writers keep themselves updated on the latest resume formats, keywords, and recruitment technologies to ensure that the resumes they produce are in line with current best practices.

Additionally, the service often offers a range of packages to suit different client needs, including entry-level resumes, executive resumes, and career transition packages. Write Right’s commitment to delivering quality, meeting deadlines, and offering a satisfaction guarantee further establishes its reputation as a reliable and results-oriented professional resume writing service. Contact us NOW &  Excel high!

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