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A Guide to help you compose the perfect ‘Letter of Explanation’

Hey there!! Worried about your Rejected Visa?? Missing any required documents for your Visa application?? No worries!! There is always a chance for Redemption, and you can claim that chance by drafting a ‘Letter of Explanation (LOE).’

As of July 2022, around 2 lakh students have applied for study permits, and 10000 people have applied for a Visitor Visa to Canada. Canada has been the most sought-after destination for Study, Work, and Immigration. The most important determinant of your journey to Canada is gaining a Canadian Visa. The IRCC(Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is the official institution that grants your entry permit( Visa ) to Canada.

Gaining a Visa can be a strenuous exercise. It demands a list – Purpose of Visit, Duration of Visit, Means to Support your Visit, Intentions of returning home country, Identity proof, and your ability to adapt to the country of visit(language).

Discrepancies or failure to meet the expectations, even one of the expectations (from the above list), may result in a Rejected Visa.
It is where a Letter of Explanation (LOE) emerges. As the name reveals, LOE is a formal letter drafted to explain an issue associated with your Visa rejection or any discrepancies found in your Visa application.

The necessity to submit LOE can occur in two circumstances:

LOE for missing documents

You can submit LOE with your application for Visa. It is done when you are missing any documents or information that needs to be enclosed with your application. LOE must be uploaded prior to the documents so that the reason for missing papers is brought to the notice of the office going through your application.

LOE for Rejected Visa

Most of the LOEs are submitted for this reason. It attempts to persuade the Visa approval desk to approve your purpose and reconsider your application.

The process goes like this-

  • You apply for the Visa,
  • It gets rejected with a stated reason,
  • You write a Letter of Explanation addressing the reason for the rejection
  • You emphasize the significance of your visit and its purpose
  • You aim to clear any speculations regarding your Visa application.

While the definition of an LOE may seem simple, drafting it can be a grave and strenuous task. So here is a ‘Perfect Guide’ to lead you in the journey of drafting an LOE.

What to expect in the guide??

  • A clear introduction to the LOE
  • Situations where submitting an LOE can help you!!
  • ‘Cannot be ignored’ contents in your LOE
  • A sample LOE to acquaint you with its format and content
  • A List of Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind
  • And last but not least, a complete solution for your Visa SOp, Rejected Visa SOP, and Letter of Explanation(Wait For It!!)

Situations when writing a Letter of Explanation complement your application.

Missing documents

While you cannot provide a Letter of Explanation for missing crucial documents like identity proof, passport, letter of admission, etc., it cannot explain the absence of bank statements, letter of recommendation, etc. The letter might also include your plan to submit the required document at the earliest once available.

Missing information

The absence of basic details like Contact details, Address, Profile, the purpose of the visit, details of the visit, etc., cannot be solved with a letter of Explanation.

But you can certainly explain personal assets in your home country, relatives who can host you in Canada, and family ties( a significant motive to return to your home country).

Rejection of Visa due to duration of visit

Any inconsistency or conflicts between your purpose of visit and the stay permit requisition may lead to the rejection of your Visa. A classic example of this would be applying for a study permit of 2 years without submitting proof of any prospective or accepted admission to any study programs or institutions.

Rejection of a Visa may arise due to a lack of opportunities.

Suppose you apply for work or study permits without prospective or accepted jobs or institutions. In that case, the prospects of hearing a positive reply from a Visa application are bleak.

If you apply for an immigration Visa without any explanation on the means to support your stay, well, it’s time to draft an LOE elaborating on your Immigration.

Rejection of Visa stating your lack of resources

Any absence of financial records, account statements, foreign exchange resources, or financial prospects in the applied country would result in a rejected Visa. It would require you to submit a letter of Explanation on how to plan to finance your stay!!

Rejection of Visa due to lack of due Eligibility

Not fulfilling the eligibility/ criteria for acceptance is the most common reason for Visa rejection. The most common way to address the LOE is to explain why you lack the Eligibility or cannot fulfill the required condition.

Anything you wish to add to the Visa approval desk that cannot be filled into the form.

All LOEs are not written in response to rejected visas. Some are written to elaborate on the issues that cannot be addressed or fitted in a form. But it’s imperative that your LOE is relevant to your application and complements it positively.

What are the contents of an LOE??

  • Applicants details: The applicant’s name and contact details need to be mentioned. Limit the contact details to the contact number and email id.
  • Reference to application: The application number or unique ID assigned to your application needs to be mentioned. It would avoid ambiguity in finding the cause for a letter of Explanation.
  • Salutation to the concerned authority: As in a letter, an applicant must address a warm and formal salutation to the concerned authority.
  •  Issues you intend to address: After the brief introduction, the issue or the reason for refusal needs to be addressed. It would make up the subject body of your letter.
  •  Explanation of each issue distinctly: After you have clarified the subject, it’s time to break it down. The issue must be explained, covering all its aspects to provide a clear picture. An easy way to do it is by dividing and explaining the subject with clear subheads.
  •  An urge to reconsider the application: After explaining the issue, the next step is requesting the concerned authority understand your circumstances and reconsider your application. It is a crucial step as it serves the primary purpose of your letter of Explanation- Reconsideration.
  •  Note ( if any, to the official desk): It could include any specific details or information you would like to bring to the notice of the desk.
  • Details of the documents enclosed to support your argument: Details of any documents that would support your argument or the submission of missing documents can be included here. It functions like a valuable addition to your LOE
  • And regards: Termination of any good letter is incomplete without ‘regards.’The weightage of this simple but prudent step cannot be overlooked.

A sample Letter of Explanation

To the Visa officer
The High Commissioner

Subject: Letter of Explanation in response to Study permit refused on 20/10/2022

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I write in response to the Study Permit application 123765487AID refused by the VISA Desk. I am a HighSchool Graduate aiming to become a Data Scientist. A Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Analytics from Seneca College in Ontario is the path I would like to take toward my career in data science. I have been granted entry into the class of January 2023. All the necessary documents and a fee of CAD 21,888 for the fresher year.

Unexpectedly, my visa application was rejected by IRCC, stating: Clash between the purpose of the visit and the declaration of temporary stay in Canada.

Through this letter, I would like to convey my genuine intention to study in Canada and explain my plans to return home upon completing the program.

Why a Degree in Data Science?

Data Science is an emerging superpower in the world of technology. As the world population is growing and so is data. All these mountains of data don’t make any sense if they are not collected, stored, protected, and analyzed in a way that would help make people data-informed and data-driven decision-making.

My interest in Data Science was kindled when I took up a Google Certificate Course in Data Analytics on Coursera. Though it started as a vacation course, I wanted to delve deeper into data. The answer was to pursue a Degree in Data Science.

Why is it Canada?

Canada is a thriving study destination for international students and offers one of the best professional degrees in Data Science. Though India leads in the IT Sector, Data science is in its nascent stage, and the education system required for data science needs to be developed. After 12 years of education in my hometown, I would like to set out and explore pedagogy and learning in an international arena.

Why at Seneca College?

Seneca College in Ontario offers a Four year Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Analytics. I have come across various institutions offering data science and analytics as separate courses for three years each. Seneca combines Data Science and Analytics into a 4 Year study program with Case studies, Lectures, projects, internships, and work experience opportunities. Besides, Seneca has a favorable Student-Faculty Ratio of 22:1, Scholarships for international students, and a conducive study atmosphere.

Reasons to return to India?

Family Background

I am the only child of my parents. We belong to an upper-middle-class family in Raiganj. My family can afford to send me abroad for studies but would not allow me to settle there. Once my education is completed, I am obliged to return to India and take responsibility for my family and career.

Data Science opportunities back home

Though the family is the main reason, it is my wish to work in Data Science operations back home(India). If it flourished properly, data science could solve many problems in India. Agriculture, industries, services, enterprises, Defense, and Education all have the opportunity to tap the reserve of data science.

I wish to work in Public Administration by using Data Science in Public policy.

To Conclude

I am a HighSchool Graduate aspiring for an international study experience in Data Science in Canada. Though I wish to study in Canada, my plans to return and work in India are unchangeable. My parents can fund my study and stay in Canada. I have enclosed a letter of acknowledgment from my Aunt and Uncle residing in Canada, who would host me during the stay. I passed the IELTS with a score of 6.7 and have been accepted by Seneca College for the program.

I kindly request the Presiding Visa Officer to reconsider my application and grant me an opportunity to Study in Canada and return to Work in India. I am prepared to follow all the necessary guidelines for Immigration.

I have enclosed my acceptance letter to Seneca College and acknowledge my place of stay in Ontario. I am hoping for a reconsideration of my application and my request.

Yours faithfully,

Hitha Ananth.

What to include in a Letter of ExplanationWhat not to include in a Letter of Explanation
Appropriate Length

A standard LOE should contain a minimum of 500- 600 words. It should be neither too short nor too long.

Irrelevant details

Details mentioned in the LOE should be relevant to the cause you’re trying to explain.

Unnecessary details, family trees, childhood memories, and views must be left out.

Positive Tone

Though your LOE is in response to refusal(To Visa, study permit, work permit), it should always reflect a positive tone.

It should convince the presiding officer about your optimism in the approach.

Negative tone

Never sound in a negative mood in your Letter of Explanation. The Visa desk should be introduced to your optimism and persuaded to reconsider your application, not your grief of visa refusal.

Clear Explanation

A Letter of Explanation must be comprehensive and persuasive. It should mention the reason for refusal and clearly explain how you justify or try to overcome the reasons mentioned.

Common Mistakes

Commonly avoidable mistakes like spelling, You should pay attention to grammar, structure, and format. A little more effort towards your letter would make it polished.

Proper Format

As seen from the sample SOP, an LOE should be written in a proper format. It is addressed not to a machine but to a person who needs to understand your situation.

Unnecessary LOE

While LOE might help to patch up a few misconceptions and omissions, it can never act as a substitute for the primary conditions or requirements to be fulfilled.

Lack of a Letter of Acceptance from an educational institution while applying for a study permit cannot be plugged in with the help of a Letter of Explanation.

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While LOE cannot solve all the hurdles in your immigration,it can definitely help you in asking for reconsideration of your cause. Let’s not lose hope!! And draft a compelling LOE today to realize your wish for clearance.


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