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The field of content writing has recently become increasingly competitive. Writing allows for the expression of various perspectives and points of view. The scope of content writing extends much beyond just this expression. To a much greater extent, it has also evolved into a professional field. Companies frequently engage experienced writers from content writing businesses to handle work on their behalf because doing the work themselves takes too much time and requires too much effort. Content writing companies offer a wide variety of services, including letters of recommendation and mission statements, research projects, blog writing services, and content for social media platforms, among many others. This post will focus on professional blog writers’ roles at a professional content writing agency.

What does a content writing agency do?

Since content marketing and branding have been a thing in recent years, there has been a noticeable uptick in the content writing trend. The audience is likelier to be interested in a brand, service, or product if it has an engaging backstory or a purpose articulately articulated in the writing accompanying it. Those days, when everything revolved solely around advertising, are long gone. Individuals are finding that they are increasingly linked to companies. As a result, they expect brands to provide them with meaningful and informative material to draw them into the brand.

Although there is no particular way of producing content, and it is at the writer’s discretion to use their creativity and thinking, different kinds of content writing services fulfill different needs.


Is blogging relevant?

According to SearchEngine Journal, approximately 70 million posts are published on WordPress alone. It proves that writing blogs is a viable source of online marketing in today’s time. Moreover, it serves important purposes.

It helps build trustworthy relationships with consumers. They trust the brand if consumers are provided with reliable and authentic information regarding a product, topic, or service.

It increases the brand’s visibility. Blogs are a great way to answer frequently asked questions that consumers ask.

It makes the brand more prominent as the blog section is a separate space on its website.

They are a great way of earning money. If the blog is worth reading, readers subscribe to it to feel more connected to it.

It acts as an engaging opportunity for people. Whether it’s tipping regarding skincare or ways to increase your reach on social media, blogs provide an opportunity to learn.

How do businesses benefit from blogging?

Businesses in today’s society are as diversified as they can be. They are open to more than just newly established businesses such as engineering firms and corporate headquarters. Instead, businesses such as mental health organizations, skincare companies, travel companies, and so on have become incredibly famous among people. They have gained many readers as a direct result of blogging.

Differentiates your business from other businesses

Increases traffic toward your business

It gives customers more reasons to trust and follow your business

Increases the customer base

Helps customers solve their general queries regarding a particular product or service

It gives the impression of an extra effort from the business’s side

Aids in establishing a unique image for the business

What is Write Right?

Founded six years ago, the content writing firm known as Write Right has been at the forefront of maintaining its reputation in the marketing sector. Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi established it, and it currently consists of five subsidiaries, each of which offers content writing services to a sizable clientele. These subsidiaries are Taletel, E-StoryTellers, Kalam Kaagaz, Bloggism, and Bhavik Sarkhedi.

What are the services provided by Write Right?

Write Right caters to the needs of its customers in a variety of ways, including:

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

A Statement of Purpose reflects a candidate’s motivation to study at a particular university in a particular country. It details one’s relevant experience, internships, education, etc.

Academic Writing

It includes thesis writing, research proposals, assignments, etc., often considered crucial for college applications.

Creative copywriting services

Write Right offers extensive services to help clients meet their advertising needs to increase the brand’s market value.

Digital Marketing services

The employees at Write Right make efforts to make the content visible on various digital spaces such as social media, webpages, Google searches, etc.

Website Content Services

Websites are assets for companies’ progress as it is one of the first places for an individual to visit at the click of a button. Therefore, website content has

the potential to increase traffic to the website.


Ghostwriters at Write Right are hired to write content on behalf of someone else. They ensure that the content is written according to the client’s mind and reflects their views and thoughts.

Social Media content

Social media has become a powerful platform for people across individuals. Many people share views on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Millions of people read the content if it is made to be influential and attractive.

Resume Writing

A good resume increases applicants’ chances of getting selected for a role. Write Right has a team of talented writers who have the edge over creating an extremely well-structured resume.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

The Letter of Recommendation indicates that the applicant’s character and personal traits align with the role they are applying to. A good LOR is concise and to the point and shares instances to prove that the individual is well suited for the role.

Blog Writing

Blogs are usually written on various topics, according to what a company or a website is about. A website’s ‘BLOG’ section is essential to attract readers and engage them with a product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is a widely helpful tool to increase the reach of the content, along with an increase in its branding, promotion, and traffic.


What is SEO Blog Writing?

Blog writing optimized for search engines is one of the services that Write Right provides to its clients. It helps to ensure that the information is accessible to a vast number of people. The following is a list of some of the tactics that professional writers use to make their text more readable and appealing to the public:

Keyword planning:

Keywords are more than just simple words that a writer would include in the post. Keyword planning is time-consuming as the writer has to decide which words are being searched the most on internet servers such as Google. Using sites such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs can be helpful and can save time.

Keywords in meta-description:

Using appropriate keywords helps the reader locate what the blog is about, and they can focus and relate better. Moreover, the meta description makes it understandable for the reader to engage with the blog content.

Use of hyperlinks:

By hyperlinking some critical words, the reader can click on the word and reach its webpage.

Addition of description to images: The images that the writers add would contain a description as it helps the Google algorithm and helps to find the blog post on the internet quickly.

Long and descriptive blogs:

Although the attention span of individuals has decreased over time, readers like to read blogs that have relevant information and are detailed but exciting to read simultaneously.

A proper way of forming titles:

To increase traffic on the blog, the title should be more specific, including numbers, a question that needs to be answered, an alliteration, etc. The more intriguing the title is, the more the chances of readers reading the blog from top to bottom.

Although content writing agencies offer a multitude of services, an important question that arises is:

Why should you hire a professional writer?

Agencies such as Write Right conduct themselves in a businesslike manner with each of their customers. In addition to writing content for the parties, their mission is to design practical techniques for distributing the written material to ensure that it reaches the intended audience to the greatest extent possible. The guiding concepts of Write Right are as follows:

  • QUALITY: With the commitment to producing appropriate content for their clientele, Write Right makes sure that the content is of good quality with a top-notch structure and words, making it worthwhile.
  • DEADLINE: Customer satisfaction is Write Right’s top priority. The firm ensures they deliver the best quality content within the stipulated period.
  • NECESSITY: The content is tailored to the best interests and needs of the clients. It is made sure that it aligns with the requirement.

As mentioned above, Write Right offers an array of services, and blog writing is one of them.

What is a blog?

One type of website is a blog, which is used to publish writing and information on various subjects. However, a blog does not appear like a website. It has a more conversational tone and freely communicates views and opinions on the discussed subject.\

What is the difference between a blog and a usual website?

Although there are many similarities between a blog and a website, certain features distinguish a blog from a website. A blog is frequently updated, whereas a website has more informative and static content. A website is also more formal, with its primary aim of keeping the customers informed about the product or service. On the other hand, a blog tries to keep the audience engaged and is also more conversational in style.

What are the characteristics of a good and engaging blog?

Catchy headline: The blog headline plays a huge role in conveying what the blog is about to readers. However, more than that, how the headline is framed matters. The headline should have influential words, a question answered through the blog, etc.

Connect between paragraphs: A good blog is always connected. It is preferred that the end of the first paragraph automatically leads to the start of the second paragraph, and so on. This sequence keeps the reader engrossed till the very end.

Subheadings: Dividing the blog into separate subheadings makes it easier for the reader to understand what is written. They also make the blog page more visually attractive.

Structure: A well-written blog has a knit structure with a strong introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. In other words, the structure is coherent.

Graphics: Content is necessary, but more is needed for a blog to be successful. The blog page should have an appealing color scheme, pictures, etc.

Write Right is one of the best agencies to help you with blog writing. They are equipped with proficient writers who draft content with utmost care and brainstorm well before they write. Moreover, the content is personalised according to its purpose and is made unique for each client.

Why should you hire a professional writing agency for your blog?

Publishing content on a larger scale: A professional writing agency will make sure to make use of abundant strategies to make your content reach a broad audience. For example, they will use Search Engine Optimisation, keyword research, thoroughly researched content, etc., to attract a broad audience base.

Saves time: These days, many companies have their blog pages. However, it is often difficult for company employees to write content-heavy blogs as it is time-consuming. Therefore, companies prefer hiring writers who can take charge of their blog posts.

Guaranteed good quality: One primary goal of top content writing agencies is to not compromise on providing good quality content. The top agencies are cooperative and make as many changes as the client asks them to. Moreover, many also offer a money-back guarantee if the client is unsatisfied with the quality.

Proofreading: Blogs sometimes go up to 4000-5000 words. It is thus very natural to make grammatical or sentence-structuring errors. Professional content writing agencies ensure proper proofreading checks as they have the essential tools.

One hundred percent unique content: The client’s needs are often the same. For example, two tech startups might hire a writing agency to write promotional content for their blog page. However, according to the requirement, the agency must make the content significantly different from each other.

Plagiarism check: Plagiarism is a severe offense in our country, including many others. It is illegal to name someone else’s work as yours. Professional blog writing agencies adhere to such guidelines and carry out plagiarism checks for all their clients’ drafts, fulfilling the promise of complete authenticity.

What are the roles fulfilled by blog writers at content writing agencies?

The responsibilities of a blog writer vary according to the client’s needs. Some of them include

  1. generating and pitching ideas for the clients’ websites
  2. brainstorming ideas to make the content more intriguing
  3. profoundly researching the aspects of a particular topic that have not been talked about before,
  4. giving an appropriate direction to the content, including instances/examples wherever possible,
  5. making sure that the word used does not hurt anyone’s sentiments or is not politically controversial, among others.

How can Write Right make your blog more attractive?

Writing a blog may seem like writing a story where one can put multiple directions, plots, and approaches to writing it. But Write Right focuses on ‘HOW THE STORY IS TOLD?’

Here are some of how blog writers at Write Right do their best to pay attention to every small detail while writing a blog:

  • Clarity in writing
  • Proper breaks between paragraphs
  • Use of examples
  • A practical approach to writing
  • An excellent vocabulary throughout the blog
  • Link between paragraphs
  • Well-structured writing
  • No gaps in the writing
  • Well-researched statistics/data (according to the topic of the blog)

How is Write Right at a better standing than other content writing agencies?

Different clients have different requirements concerning content writing services. The blog writers at Write Right have proficient writing skills and prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. They deeply enquire into the client’s needs and ensure that their preferred writing approach is used in the blog.

The needs of the clients are discussed in detail. Some of the critical aspects include the following:

Way of writing:

Individuals vary in their tone of writing and what direction they want the blog to follow. Some blogs are written in first -person, while some follow a more general tone. Some focus on providing tips/suggestions to the audience, while some are more opinion-oriented. How the blog looks ultimately depends on the client’s preference. That is why Write Right beliefs in customer satisfaction.

Uniqueness in writing:

The writers at Write Right work on many blogs daily and serve a broad client base. However, they keep in mind that the content is put in a highly unique and different way for each client.

Reflection of the brand:

The writers at the agency work extremely hard to ensure that the content doesn’t exist in isolation; instead, it speaks about the business or the brand.

Best use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): It isn’t a layman’s job to use SEO tools. Proper training is provided to the writers at Write Right so they can handle client assignments in the best way possible.

Access to a strong marketing strategy:

With highly skilled writers at Write Right, the content will likely reach a broad audience.

High ranking on search engines: Proper usage of SEO strategies leads to a well-enough ranking when individuals search for information on any search engine.

Establishment of an online personality:

The blog that the writers at Write Right draft for you will help create a whole new persona for the business.

Edits and changes:

The writers at Write Right are highly cooperative and would agree to make as many changes as the clients require after the first draft is complete.


Blog writing comprises various steps, and there are plenty of considerations to be kept in mind. Professional writers at content writing agencies perfectly mold the content, keeping its marketing and branding in mind. Blogs are usually long and content-heavy; hence it is essential to ensure that they are intriguing to read. If readers have something to look forward to from the blog, it is an advantage for the business. Write Right has been extremely systematic in its approach toward writing and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to authenticity and professionalism.

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