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How to make effective content for a website

Effective content for Website

Good content writing is the key to beating your competitors and increasing website ranking on SERP. Well-optimized content grabs the attention of the visitors and reach to the top of the websites.

The best websites are mainly customer-oriented, they let the customer see the real you. They’re designed in a way to solve user’s queries and provide the information according to visitors need presenting them in an interesting, organized pattern.

Visitors come to your site with certain goals in mind & if their goal is fulfilled they may take a certain action like subscribe to a newsletter, fill contact or sign up form or buy a product. Here are some of the tactics for writing effective content for a website:

  • Know your audience

Before targeting the audience you should know at least whom to target, who is my primary audience and who is secondary, which customers will search for my business.

Then after this you should start writing informative content for the website. Content should contain targeted and familiar keywords. 

There are many different ways also through which audiences find web content like—links from other websites, social media sharing, email sharing, and search engine results. 

  • Important Information First

Web readers want to grab needed knowledge in a short span of time—they’ll decide in seconds whether your site has the information they wanted.

Structure your content like an inverted pyramid. The most important messages should be placed at the top,and then the next supporting below. Clarify your business niche precisely it will help users also in visiting your websites.

  • Write short, simple sentences

Users in the present time like simple, short and to the point information. They don’t want to spend plenty of time reading the whole content in search of their answers. Long sentences are difficult to read and audiences now demand sentences of 35 words or fewer. 

Providing a vast amount of information is not essential, but giving correct and relevant information in fewer words in more impactful.

The home page should contain 350+ and the blog should contain 750+ words in their pages.

  • Write Fresh & Deep content

Another tip for effective content designing is to be constantly posting new and trending content. Search engine robots I.e crawlers love trending and new content, and your readers will, too.  If you want to increases content freshness, regularly update content on your websites.

Whereas also include deep topics, as it mainly focuses on one subject and be very specific about it. It can be interesting, factual, and very informative to users.

  • User-Friendly Content

User-friendly content is one that is easy for visitors to navigate, understand and  get information quickly and easily on any device, it also helps in increasing traffic and ranking. More and more users will visit if your website has user-friendly content.

If your content is not easy to understand and not user friendly, then you may easily lose your reader. 

  • No Use Of Jargon

The Internet is for everyone. Similarly,the website is for everyone—not just technical experts. So while designing content make sure information is understandable for the educated non-technical also. 

Always remember that you are writing for everyone outside,  and not for your colleagues. Adopt usable language that will help you come across as approachable and open, resulting in conversions.

  • Well-Formatted Layout

The layout is basically set and arranging content. A web layout design is the first impression on your visitors will have before your visitors read your words .As, nobody likes unclear and clutter layout so design layout in the well-formatted way. Some guideline you should follow to design a perfect layout-

  • Use heading and sub-headings
  • Short paragraphs
  • Proper image and video placement
  • Font Size and Font Style Selection

8.Rich Images and Videos

Info-graphics, pictures and video play a vital role in conveying information. Pictures and videos are more understandable and appealing and sometimes they really worth a thousand words. 

Some research shows that most of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual, and people understand visually faster than text. Graphs and pie charts also give a good impact on mentioning data and metrics.

Images also help break up the text, making your page attractive and easier to read. We suggest you have at least one image on each page of your website. Some common tools through which you can make images and videos are Canva, powtoon.

9.Create A Landing Page 

A good landing page doesn’t just only convince and attract visitors. We can through the landing page create an additional page on different topics according to the user’s point of view or need.

10.Easy To Contact

The great thing about a website is that using internal linking it’s easy to direct users from one page to another of same website.This will help keep people engaged with your content and moving through your site.

Also place your contact information and contact forms in multiple places and surely in your footer on every page so it’s easy to find.Newsletter should also be included in websites, to get user’s information. Don’t make visitors work hard to reach you ,it should be just one click away.

You can also include a live chat feature that enables you to converse with your customers in an efficient way.


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