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Out of the Box Romantic Novels by Indian Authors

Out of the Box Romantic Novels

No matter who you are, if you like to read books, you won’t resist reading the fascinating Romance genre. Everyone, at least for a phase of their life, loves to talk, read, and dream about love. We try to imagine our choice of romance with all kinds of stories we hear or read. Sometimes we even add a little spice to make our own love story look different from others. After all, everyone wants to be a part of love and choose themselves to be the ideal hero for their beautiful heroine. However, times have changed and we should enhance ourselves with time too.

Most people love reading about romance and love stories so much that they even get inspired by them. Many authors have come up with their points or experience of love in their respective romantic novels. And as a matter of fact, most of them are loved by all, and they succeeded enough to establish themselves as the greatest romance authors of their time at least. You might have heard of authors like Durjoy Datta, Chetan Bhagat, Preeti Shenoy, and Ravinder Singh whenever you look out to read about romance from our country. They are some great Indian authors in their writing space, their world, and their outcomes.

Today, we will talk about romantic novels by Indian authors that are different from the routine, that are unique in their own way and are a must read to break from the conventional love story writing seen since the past decades. In our opinion, if not entirely, they have slightly changed the generic approach to a love story and revealed a new side, exploring the new and changing times, which makes the reader more aware and excited about love today. Let’s begin.

The Unproposed Guy: Meet the Lame Loader Next Door

by Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani

You will not be disappointed by this book’s narrative on its main character, Kevin. He is the Unproposed guy for many reasons, and yet you will realize as you read, he is not one eventually. That is what you need to explore as a reader. The book intends to excite with different emotions, setbacks, determination, passion, and self-exploration. It won’t just give you heartbreak but also offer you first aid and teach you how to carry yourself when life become challenging or unacceptable. You will experience laughter, sarcasm, wittiness, and many more emotions. And if you have started to wonder what the unproposed guy means? You should grab a copy soon.

Trouble Has a New Name

by Adite Banerjie

This book tells you that not every romance starts on a good note; sometimes, it enters without a hint and annoys you like anything. You can’t help but keep getting involved only to discover that this has to happen. Recently dumped Rayna Dutt can’t help but have to visit her best friend’s Indian wedding in Andamans. While the wedding preparation is going on one side, the situations make Rayna more uncomfortable and lead the story towards a more troubling response by her and Neel, another important character in the book. Author Adite Banerjie loves romance baking on the beaches and remote islands, and if you are the one who thinks the same thing or even if not at all, you must check out this crazy start only to settle later, surprisingly.

It Must Have Been Something He Wrote

by Nikita Deshpande

This book is for those fascinated or somewhat scared of finding love in their life in the middle of proving themselves in their career and keeping up with their homely affairs. This book is about an ambitious girl, Amruta, a book snob who left her hometown to work for a publishing company in Delhi. Little does she know how hard it would be for her to prove herself capable of that marketing executive job profile. The experience of having a manager have a bossy approach to targets and budgets is nothing less than a nightmare for her. As a result, she gets into the ways or means she has never done before. While she is on this new journey full of experiences, she realises she has a liking for Vishnu, who is opposite to her but also helping her. Will she give it a chance? Read the book to know more.

Love by The Way

by Bhavana Arora

This book breaks the uniformity that a romance story only speaks about a male and a female. Very few authors have courageously explored the romance between bisexual partners. Bhavana Arora is one of those hearts who listens and cares to write about the topic which is still taboo in our society. The book is a beautiful, thought-provoking effort of two bisexual girls. One is a painter and another an entrepreneur, and both have to explore much within themselves to figure out something they are confronting. Rihana, the painter, is like wildfire and goes beyond for what he loves, whereas Zara keeps herself cold like ice and does not quickly melt for anything, not even for love. You must read this story to see what it feels like to be them.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls

by Anuja Chauhan

You can’t guess what you are up to with this surprisingly funny book by Rom-com specialist Anuja Chauhan. Readers love the author for her writing, humour, wittiness and a spark of sexiness. The book reveals the story of 5 daughters having unique names and choices. Based on the premises of Delhi, you will go through the life of these girls one by one and sometimes in a jumbled-up way, but it won’t be confusing at all. You will surely laugh with an open heart and sparkling eyes while you get to know these girls and wonder about their choices.

You Are the Best Wife

by Ajay K Pandey

We have read many love stories about boyfriend and girlfriend, and honestly, we are done with that part. We have not read much about what should be a love story between a husband and wife. Does it remain the same, or it explores and talks so much about love as a feeling? It is precisely what Ajay K. Pandy brings you with his soulful book ‘You are the best wife, and I am sure you will love it from the core of your heart. In my view, a true love story, fortunately and sadly, both. Though the author speaks about his experiences very frankly and with humour, I still can’t keep myself empathising with what he experiences as the love of his life left him during the journey. For the rest of the story, give the book a read.

A Half-Baked Love Story

by Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang

This book is co-authored by Gunjan Narang with Anurag Garg. Gunjan is a passionate teacher, while Anurag has a B. Tech background. They both have created a great romance plot with an intriguing title. It is for those who embrace the rush and excitement in love and wonder what could happen in a love story that is meant to be forever. It is a story about Arav and a girl named Anamika whom he fell in love with at first sight. Both the characters are different in so many ways but seem perfect together. The book also highlights the approach of our modern society and contributes towards inflating the peer pressure in one’s life. But what life has to offer these two characters only when things are fine is what you would read in this lovely book.

So, knowing which books can break the old school love – boy, girl love stories and make their mark as new age modern read, it has become easier for you to make your selection. Pick your fun, modern, unique, new and intriguing read today!

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