Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It’s what the customer gets out of it.”

               -Peter Drucker


Did you develop a product but don’t know how to market it?

Do you write manufacturer details as descriptions and have a problem with reach?

We at Write Right have come to your rescue. More than 80% of people research a product before buying it, making it necessary to have a good and detailed product description.

But why hire someone only to write descriptions? Why spend hours of training and other resources on them?

Outsource us! Write Right has a team of professionals who work with scrupulous attention to deliver extraordinary results.

We aim to match up to your expectations. Our clients are always left awestruck by the research-backed and audience catered service that we deliver.

Our organisation understands the anatomy of the product description and focuses on the trifecta of more sales, happy buyers and happy customers. Buyers cannot use all their senses when buying a product online; it is the words that tickle their senses and prevent them from leaving the site. We turn potential window shoppers into shopaholics!

Why do product services matter?


Highlight the product:

The customer buys what they feel is benefiting them, and the description serves as a roadmap. Our team emphasises the benefits, social security and utility of the product, arising desires the audience didn’t even know existed. We explain the features and phrase the benefits keeping in mind the clients need.


It shows the unique selling point of your product. It helps users differentiate and compare between various brands, figuring out why the product offered by you is best. A good description acts as a great communicator between the product and consumer. We make sure that the descriptions do justice to the product; Helping it reach the desired audience.

You spend days researching the perfect algorithm for your product. Take pain in launching it in the market, but the sales don’t go up. Do you suffer sleepless nights and start doubting if the product is good enough? While the problem lies in the description. The description should be enticing, engaging and targeted to your desired audience. It is a custom curated market strategy that will shoot your sales higher than the khalifa. Our description will create the foundation for your market dominance. All you’ve to focus on is counting paychecks!

Why choose us?

We deliver! As direct as it sounds.

At Write Right, we have trained professionals who write the crispest and concise description, acknowledging the details of the product. Readers want succinct information which would be easy to go through and won’t need much time.

We understand the competition in the market. Thus, back our description by good quality market research.

A lot of market research, a blend of consumer psychology, a dash of effective writing and a pinch of emotion curating a delicious description that’ll skyrocket sales.

Writers at Write Right create a sense of urgency in the minds of the consumers, feeding them food for thought. We leave them thinking about why our clients’ product is their best bet and why is it necessary.

Write Right doesn’t focus on selling what is easier for us but what the consumer wants.  We aim to create a demand surplus.

The product description is as important as the product. It directly reflects on profit margins, production quality and market sales. The description is something every company needs to pay utmost interest in. This is why hiring experts to do the job makes all the more sense. We do our job, and you do yours, and we guarantee your product will soon rule the market.

When you outsource us, we acknowledge your product as our own. We get excited about the specifications and features. Our writers let that excitement fuel their minds and put it in word. It isn’t only about the product’s description, but the imagination that sails through the phrase and let me remind you, good imagination combined with the right choice of words never sinks the boat.

We respect deadlines and understand how valuable time is specifically for professionals for whom time is business. We deliver our services at the promised time, sometimes even beforehand. Any last-minute changes or edits are welcome, and we’re ready to make the desired changes at any odd hour.

Write Right acts as the bridging link between the product and the ‘add to cart option. Sensing the importance of this one click, we put our heart and soul into that description. Happy clients are our priority, and increased market sales happen to be the cherry on the cake.

As assertive as we may sound, our clients are our priority, and as much as buyer satisfaction matters, we focus on keeping both parties happy.

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