Writing SOP for securing admission in UG and PG courses in foreign universities:


How to write a winning copy?

When securing admission in a foreign university, a lot of factors make a significant amount of difference. An SOP is the right medium for you to connect with the admission committee. An SOP is the most important thing when it comes to securing admission in foreign university. correctly written SOP can highlight you as an individual and the contributions you can offer if you successfully secure the admission.

Foreign universities don’t only take a look at your academic strengths. extra-curricular and other non-academic activities. If you have a strong academic background, your extracurricular accomplishments can add an extra feather to your application. A correctly written SOP, highlights why you are a good fit for the chosen program, through your experiences and interests.

How to write a Statement of Purpose for the USA university?

Drafting a statement of purpose may seem to be an overwhelming task. An SOP can come across as impactful only if it has a personal touch to it.

Depending upon which universities you are applying to, the guidelines of writing an SOP may change from course to course.

The following are the SOP guidelines if you want to apply into an international university.

Length: the length of your sop ideally should be 2 to 3 pages long. There is no specific limit for strict guidelines but ideally 2-3 page long SOP is preferred. The word count should be somewhere between 600 and 1500 words.

Spacing: spacing refers to the blank space between two words. This is an important factor to consider because certain universities prefer single blank between two words while others prefer two blank spaces between words.

Language: if you are targeting US universities make sure you write sop in English language only. Essays from other languages are not accepted for admission.

Answer to university questions: the sop for selected universities should be written as answers to the questions or topics specified by the University. Your SOP should focus mainly on the program of your selection.

SOP for Undergraduate programs:

Statement of purpose for bachelors programs is required as a part of collaborative applications like common application, coalition application and more. The end just a set of a few questions that you have to answer within the application. When it comes to word limit for sop for undergraduate programs, it is 300 to 500. Such questions are called essay questions.

Some of the common questions ask for SOP for undergraduate programs are:

  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • In which program or department are you interested in and why?
  • How do you prefer to contribute to society?
  • Describe the life challenges that you have faced so far and how you have overcome them in the SOP.

SOP for Postgraduate programs:

SOP for post graduation programs in foreign universities are generally open structured. There are certain guidelines that students should follow but there is no specific format in the majority of the cases.

Let us take a look at SOP guidelines to secure admission in the top US universities:

SOP for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

  • The recommended word limit for SOP here is 2 to 3 pages.
  • Prefer writing in bullet points.
  • Enlist comments and statements in brief format.
  • Highlight topics like important moments of life, role models, professional goals, reasons behind choosing a specific subject, motivation for life and others.

SOP for Stanford University:

  • Stanford university professors SOP length not more than or less than 2 pages.
  • You should specifically address the processes of the program that you have selected.
  • Highly emphasize on the reason for application to a particular program.
  • Avoid too much emphasis on your achievements or intellectual qualifications.

SOP for Harvard University:

  • The length of the SOP should not exceed two pages.
  • You should focus on addressing the questions asked by the department.
  • Emphasize on the present academic interests and future goals rather than focusing on past experiences.
  • Divide SOP into three paragraphs which include introduction, description and conclusion.

SOP for California Institute of Technology:

SOP for California institute of technology should answer the following questions:

  • Reasons why you want to study further.
  • Enlist the qualifications that you have for the selected course.
  • Your expectations from the program.
  • Reasons for selecting this specific University.

Here the sop should offer an insight on your personal qualities along with your past experiences. You should also make a point to include accomplishments that you have not mentioned in other documents.

Tips for writing a good SOP:

Following are the tips to write SOP correctly:

  • List out achievements and details which are relevant to the programs that you are applying for.
  • Always refer samples but make sure that you don’t copy them. This is because certain universities use plagiarism tools which code make them reject your application.
  • The information that you include in the statement of purpose should be supported by a letter of recommendation.
  • You should define the goals in a way that shows your interest in the subject.
  • Make sure your statement of purpose is crisp.
  • Ensure that your sop focuses on expressing your perspective instead of a bland story telling approach.

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