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Content Writing Price Chart in India Detailed Explained

Content Writing Price Chart

What is Content and its Implications

We often hear today; Content is ruling the online world! The thought that ponders our mind is what is content and why is it so important today?

Content is simply information and experiences put together and presented in the form of communication. Every business or service can deliver content in various forms that interact and engage with their customers like the internet, audio clips, movies, podcasts, online advertisements, radio, social media, smart phones, e-books, or even live events set up virtually. Content basically attracts the audience and is considered a highly strong strategy in todays digital time. Online content is easy to deliver, ensures wide circulation and can be shared ahead as well.

Today 2 billion people used social networks around the globe, this number will keep growing due to the expansion of social media that allows people across the world to communicate as well as discover things more liberally. Businesses today are reaping the benefits of using online content to market and grow. It is clearly and vividly seen how the use of internet and social media have altered consumer behaviour including ways businesses are conducted. Social and digital marketing offers significant opportunities to businesses with lower costs, improved brand awareness and increased sales.

“Good first impressions… are good for business.”

When you search LinkedIn for “content writers,” you’re bound to come across a wide range of professionals.

Some content writers, for example, write social networking sites copy for small businesses, while many others write press resources for insurance companies.

Some content writers also write a long-form editorial for glamorous magazines, whereas others write screenplays for their own content marketing, such as a podcast or videos.

So, what exactly is going on here…? Are among them telling the truth? They are, in fact, all speaking the truth. Content creation can take many forms, but it all boils down to content creation for digital files — and, in our case, for marketing.

Here, we’ll look at what content writing is (hint, hint… I’m doing it right now) and how to take your own content to the next level. In addition, we’ll look at examples of incredible, elevated content writing.

But first, what exactly is content writing?

What exactly is content writing?

The process of creating, editing, and publishing digital content is known as content writing.

Blog ARTICLES, video or podcast scripts, electronic books or research papers, media releases, product category representations, business website or social media copy… and more can be included.

Simply put, content creators are the brand’s storytellers. They convey meaningful, useful, and insightful messages in order to inspire and keep moving an audience to engage, which is usually a final sale.

Content creation is now an essential component of most businesses marketing strategies; in fact, as of TODAY, 70% of advertising agencies actively invest in digital marketing.

This means that the position of a content writer is in greater competition than ever before. However, the role depends largely on the industry and the needs of the business.

Some businesses, for example, may invest significantly in a social media strategy, whereas others prefer to create content in the form of blog posts or e-books.

A content writer is essential in creating high-quality content that symbolizes and strengthens a brand’s voice while trying to attract, engage, and take pleasure in the right audience, regardless of format.

When done correctly, content writing can convert readers into opportunities, and prospects into legitimate clients. So it’s essential, especially for your company’s bottom line that you can consistently produce useful, engaging content.

However, this is harder than it sounds. Let’s look at some of my favorite content writing tips to help you take your content to the next level
Write original and unique content that goes above and beyond what you can find online.

However, if you simply copy-and-paste data that already exists online, your piece will never rank — and even if it does, when your audiences catch on (and they will), they will lose brand recognition as an industry authority.

Once I’ve completed my brief summary (which will include roughly 60% of the information I discovered through online research), I’ll fill in the remaining 40% with exceptional, original insights. If I am personally knowledgeable about a topic (as I am about “content writing” because I am a content writer myself), I will fill in the outline with authentic narratives, tips, or subjective examples.


Benefits of Content Writing:

The major advantages of employing content writing in your business strategy are;

  • Good content boosts conversion rates
  • Authoritative content establishes a brand as an industry leader
  • Excellent content educates customers towards business detailed product or service
  • Quality content increases sales
  • Online content reaches wider audience
  • Great content understands your target customers
  • Brilliant content scales business, saves time and effort
  • Remarkable content that generates more leads towards your business
  • Outstanding content creates stream to exploit all promotional channels accessible

Creating power content for your businesses is what can help your business survive the competition. Having professional content writing creates power content for your business in ways like;

  • Content that is customer relevant
  • Easy to understand content with customer jargons to ensure interactive content
  • Focused and clear content
  • Employing power packed keywords
  • Using best practices and understand search engine algorithms
  • Intending content impact
  • Knowing what grabs attention
  • Inspirational content with flow of feelings
  • Researching and ensuring frequent updates
  • Making sure of no time lag and capitalising on proper content timing
  • Using formats of Podcasts, Videos, Infographics, Charts and other visual or graphic representation
  • Increasing the chance of connecting through a long-term customer relationship

Keep in mind, effective content entertains or informs customer with relevance and sincerity.

“Content, in writing, is supreme.”

Types of Content Writing Services:

Knowing how content is an essential tool today, let’s see the types of content that can create your business brand.

1. Blogging – Creating blog posts are considered staple of content writing. Blogs help boost a business website’s SEO rankings as well as can cover a wide range of topics that meet business brand goals. Blogs generally are conversational and approachable with the goal to education and entertain the customers.

2. Copywriting – This type of content writing involves advertising your business using infographics. These are crafted strategically just to attract customers towards business.

Social Media – Today, there is a huge customer base out on social media and every business has to build a social media presence on major platforms. Writing content on social media means creating relevant and platform specific posts.

3. Formal writing – Writing content for email, technical writing or any long form writing that serves to engage customer falls under this category.

4. SEO writing – SEO writing is selling your business with informative content that uses keywords to interest the target audience.

The other forms of content writing normally employed are Ghost writing, E-books, Case studies, Testimonials, FAQs or Podcasts.

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”

Best content writing service providers in India:

Best Content Writing Services in India:

Moving on, let’s look at the best content writing service providers in India today, who provide outstanding content writing services.

1. Write Right

Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi, the author of ‘The Weak Point Dealer’ and ‘Will You Walk a Mile?’, Write Right delivers its client with all types of technical, non-technical writing, advertising, marketing and SEO services, along with educational SOP writing. Write Right also deliver best in Creative writing, Ghostwriting, Blog writing, Social Media writing, Website writing, Email writing, and Resume writing.

The turnaround times for Write Right are outstanding, with excellent content quality, and prices that are much economical than many other content services. Highly known for client satisfaction and meeting client needs at the best Write Right is makes the list of best content writing services in India at the top position. Contact now –

2. Estorytellers

Estorytellers provides all-embracing writing services with complete writing expertise. Their services are all inclusive of planning the content, researching keyword, delivering the writing, and digital marketing. Content from Estorytellers is highly creative & their innovative writers deliver high quality content with excellence. Contact now –

3. Taletel

Taletel is another good content service provider for niche sites, blog posts, and other website content. They create premium professional content along with providing complete end to end service of keyword research to content optimization & digital marketing. Contact now –

4. KalamKagaz

KalamKagaz delivers skilful content for your every need. Whether customized content, blogs, educational writing or any other type of content; they ace in superior content writing services while providing 360-degree writing and profile building services. Email

5. Bloggism

Bloggism has a great team of professional writers that offer brilliant content and also deliver excellent content marketing services. The exceptional choice of their writers, pricing options and customer satisfaction will put you at ease and you will have exceptional content at your disposal. Their digital marketing strategies and pro editing services meeting any timeline are a great combination result of availing their master service. Email:

If you are ready to scale your business and build your authority with quality and effective content, get in touch with one of the best content writing service providers, today!

“Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content.”

Content Writing Pricing:

Having seen the fundamentals of content writing and looking at the best content writing providers in India today, let’s move ahead to see the general charges of different content writing services provided.

The prices for any content writing in India are highly competitive, so if you want to avail any such services there are many players in the market at lower rates to offer you the service. But don’t get carried away by the cheap costs. Quality content matters more. Remember, quality content that will actually make a difference to your business within a reasonable price range is what you are looking for.

  • Blogs – Looking at blogs that are customized content and provided for any topic or product information, blogs need to be high quality-oriented and regular. Only then will the customer come back to your website to connect more with the content and show interest in your business. So, the prices for writing blogs varies from 2 INR to 5 INR vividly depending largely on the content quality and meeting timelines of providing content.
  • Website content – When talking about website content, you look for crisp, informative and attractive content for customers coming on your website to connect with your business. Getting website content is easy but getting website content that aligns perfectly with your business matters the most. The price for writing website content generally varies from 2 INR to 6 INR per word.
  • Resume – A resume requires content that makes your profile stand out from the others. The main objective of a resume should be to depict your strengths in such a way that it immediately entices the reader. It has to be updated, using a latest look and non-exhaustive if it wishes to achieve the said objective.  Generally, resume writing services are offered between 999 INR to 1999 INR a document.
  • Statement of Purpose SOP – An SOP comprises of educational writing while applying to study abroad or for a higher degree. Similar to a resume it depicts your background and experiences but in a descriptive format while a resume is concise. A good SOP ensures quality, vocabulary and plagiarism free content that comes at an economical price. Normally seen prices for SOP writing in India fall under 1999 INR to 3999 INR a document. Depending on several factors like quality, meeting the application deadline and customer satisfaction.
  • Letter of Recommendation LOR – A LOR is again a formal writing document generally required for showing profile potency through referrals for a job or while applying to study abroad. A LOR is written on behalf of the referral and is a document that vouches for your personality, profile and overall skills. A well written LOR highlights your strong points and connects the referral’s contribution to your life in an apt manner. Depending on the quality, purpose and deadline, a LOR prices from 999 INR to 2999 INR a document.
  • Essay writing – When applying to study further or abroad, the applications request for several essays to be submitted that see the strength of the candidate applying. Simply put, it tests the writing communication ability of the candidate. These services are generally availed when the candidate has no time to write the essays before the submission deadlines or requires quality content to be depicted in their essay submission. Essay writing prices range from 2 INR to 4 INR per word.
  • Email writing – Writing formal emails that cover accurate points and convey the exact message to the customers is what a business is looking for. Email writing demands skilful yet official quality content. Email writing also requires more time as they need to be sent on a regular basis and does not fall under a one-time content writing skill. The prices for email writing generally are seen between 3 INR to 7 INR per word.
  • Ghostwriting – When it comes to ghost writing, the writer is expected to deliver creative content, that is rich is vocabulary and language. Ghost writing customers want services that can take time but are high on quality and plagiarism free. The prices for Ghost writing are in range of 3 INR to 9 INR per word. Depending on the quality and amount of content delivered.
  • Press release – A press release or a news release comes under official writing, a statement delivered to media for the purpose of providing information or making an official announcement. Press releases include each and every detailed aspect of the news that is being delivered. A press release is generally like a news story with quotes, sources and standard information. The charges for drafting a press release range from 2 INR to 3 INR per word. The total cost depends on the amount of information included in a press release.
  • Social media content – Everybody today is a frequent visitor of social media. Creating a content on social media platforms allows businesses to attract more customers and more direct interaction with customers on a regular basis as well. Social media content is crafted with themes and punchlines to interest the customers and are pretty concise also mainly including more of photography, videos, and infographics. The price of social media content varies from 2 INR to 7 INR per word which mainly depends on the content creativity.
  • LinkedIn profile – A LinkedIn profile is a page that emphasizes on skills, employment history and education of an individual and has professional news feeds as well as potential networking space. A LinkedIn profile is like creating your personal brand. An excellent profile relies on highlighting your skills, keywords relevant to your industry and positions and your endorsement. The price of a drafting a LinkedIn profile varies from 799 INR to 3999 INR depending on whether the profile is drafted simple or extremely relevant and impactful.
  • Cover letter – A cover letter is an official document submitted as part of a job application, alongside your resume. The purpose is to introduce yourself and briefly summarize your background, professionally. It is an entirely additional document to your resume not a replacement. Normally, a cover letter is highly formal and the content is covered within one page itself. Cover letter charges fall under the range of 499 INR to 3999 INR depending on how professional and impressively it is written.
Type of ContentBase price starting range – INRBase price maximum range – INRPrice per word -PPW / Price per project – PPP
Website content26PPW
Essay writing24PPW
Email writing37PPW
Ghost writing39PPW
Press release23PPW
Social media content27PPW
LinkedIn profile7993999PPP
Cover letter4993999PPP

While availing content writing services what you majorly look for is a content piece that is designed after rigorous research. Well-researched content can bring your business website or your profile more backlinks, position you as a reliable source of information, and can also help form your authority in your industry. If you are wish to avail the benefits of remarkable content that can win over competition, the prices will definitely be higher than the base price in the ranges mentioned. Remember to never comprise on quality, deadline and commitment. Always make sure you get what you deserve- the best content.

So, to get top-notch quality content at affordable prices, associate with any of the above top content writing companies in India who will offer incredible content and affordable prices with a promise of customer satisfaction and dedication.

“To be momentous, create content with purpose.”

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do freelance writers charge for content?

The content writers charge bracket depends upon the quality of content you want. The price bracket varies from entry-level to expert level writers.

How are the per word charges different from per project charges?

The price ranges from per word charge and project charge differ as it is like shopping at a retail shop and a wholesale shop. If you have a small or limited content requirement, then the per word option is ideal while for more content the per-project charge option is availed.

Which is better – outsourcing to content writing services or hiring a team of writers?

The ideal way to go about making a decision on whether to hire a content writing team or outsourcing it largely depends on your budget, business requirement and resources. Hiring a team of writers requires good amount of funding as well as training the writers to deliver content tailored or customized to your business. While as you outsource content, you know you are in experienced professional hands where you get desired content within your timelines without investing that much money, time or energy.

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