Ghost writers are basically the professionals who write the content for you but does not put their name on the work or takes any credit for their writing. Ghost writing simply means professional who are hired to write your memories, blogs or speeches and many more such scripts for you and your brand but doesn’t tag themselves on the work or you can say they don’t take the credit for their work and you are not allowed to share your work anywhere else.

These are many reasons to hire a ghost writer:

  1. Your brand or company is so vastly expanded that you can do everything on your own, so you hire an expert who can totally write the way you expect.
  2. If one has too much knowledge and experience but do not know how to put them in right words which can talk about their story to the audience.
  3. One who is very creative in this head and imagination but does not enjoy writing it down but also wants to share it with the world.

At Write Right every content and work is done very systematically. while we ghost write we have different ideas for every kind of platform

Our Ghost writing idea includes:

  • Bloggers give their rough thoughts and idea we reproduce them with perfection.
  • A business giving sharing out their topic of headlines or giving a brief message and then based on them we write a post in their pattern.
  • A business/blogger or anyone giving us rough data which needs editing and exaggerating the data according to the client needs.
  • Writing a complete content on the basis of just a head title give us and rest everything left to us.

Ghost writing sounds unethical, right? why would anyone not want the credits for their work or why should the readers know the truth?

There is no much answer for the questions, few consider it ethical so they continue with hiring writers for the work and there are many writers and readers who doesn’t feel it right, so they don’t follow this.

It is not easy to select a ghost writer but the qualities we at Write Right give you can surely gain your trust by the end of this page:

Our mastering content and highlighting headlines

We know the emotionally connected link to our readers and how to keep a holding on to it.

SEO/Search engine optimization is the most adequate part when it comes to writing any content and we being perfectionist, we have researched and known SEO at different level, we have created a totally different relationship by knowing the ins and outs of SEO so by default we know the right way to create a content which will be highlighted and ranked.

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