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Sample SOP for MBA

Content Writing

MBA SOP Sample 1

Often students aspiring to pursue MBA abroad find it difficult to draft an SOP to study abroad. The SOP below was selected by multiple universities abroad for an applicant of MBA. To ensure the privacy of the applicant, their personal information has been redacted. Draw reference from the sample given below to draft your personal SOP for MBA can be drafted.

Keep in mind to not copy samples provided on the internet because plagiarism is considered a serious offence in universities abroad, which might lead to not only the cancellation of your candidature, but might also permanent blacklist you from those universities. Inspire yourself from this sample and write your customised SOP-:


The ever-evolving advent of business ecosystem has transformed the management into a more strategy and sustainability oriented realm. Hence the next-gen Business leaders are expected to be equipped with holistic knowledge of business administration in conjunction with cutting-edge corporate skill-sets to optimize the vision of businesses. As an aspiring proficient manager, my prime motivation to upgrade my existing abilities is that, I envision myself inducting innovative value to my organizations and leading them from the forefront. Therefore at this juncture of my career, I need a broader perspective of Business administration along with an academic rigor in an internationally acclaimed learning environment. I eagerly look upon effectively channelizing the impetus of my 3 years of internship and nearly 20 months of working exposure to gain the relevant global exposure of my desired field. Although my qualification as a CA has allowed me to attain an exceptional command on financial segment that is regarded as the backbone of every business; but through (Program name) offered at the eminent (University name), I am looking forward to acquiring vibrant marketing capabilities and interpersonal resilience.

I would like to introduce myself as (enter name) a management and finance enthusiast. Coming from a family that favors higher education, if there’s one thing that has made me learn flexibility in growth, that’s my parent’s upbringing. Being dubbed as a bright student, business and accounts studies became my most revered aspects. Hence, after clearing my intermediate with a great score (enter institution name) of 97%, I decided to appear for India’s one of the toughest examinations- “The chartered Accountant Exam.” I am delighted to bring into notice that in Dec 2014, I cleared CTPC (Chartered Accountant Common Proficiency Test), which was followed by CA IPCC(Chartered Accountant Integrated Professional Competence Course) Group 1, CA IPCC Group 2, CA Final Group 1, and CA Final Group 2 in the consecutive years. After gaining these qualifications, I have also done my Bachelor’s in Commerce from (enter institution name) and CS(Company Secretary) Executive in the year ______. Overall, my academic background has given me a wide platform to dive into various aspects of business and commerce and I’m grateful that the academic tenure allowed me to look at and analyze career options from a wider angle.

I have always believed “difference makers” make an impact on the world. They continuously drive business decisions which ultimately leads to creating better societies and economies. The Chartered Accountant Program has certainly made me a difference-maker. The curriculum helped me to get equipped with a unique perspective, finance skills, and insights into diverse business perspectives that make me suitable to approach complex business problems and derive a proper business decision for them. The qualification made me well-versed in aspects like taxation, auditing, finance, and accounts.

I knew textbook methodology can never suffice my thirst to gain a deeper understanding of subjects, hence, in my search for creative endeavors, I worked as an Articled Assistant at (enter institution name) for the period April 2017 to April 2020. The work role allowed me to perform statutorily, inventory management, internal & management audits of corporate clients, look on to assurance engagements like due diligence, tax audits, etc. Owing to my dedication and engagement in practical learning & implementation of various concepts, I was then given an opportunity to work as a Paid Assistant at (enter institution name) from (duration).

During my working tenure, I have enlightened myself about various industries’ latest trends and happenings worldwide. I have also kept my skills upgraded according to the rapid-paced transformations in the corridors of these markets. I have come to realize that today due to the rising penetration of business advances in every nook and corner of India, there’s a high need for a proper course that will allow me to place my hands on the administration and marketing part of businesses. Also, I often got a chance to acquaint myself with business and management professionals. Through their interactions, it was evident that CEOs with a detailed understanding of business administration could scale up their profits very high. One of the most profound realizations was the fact that when a CA gets into an MBA, the marketing skills unleashes their true potential by maximizing their multi-faceted leadership and management efficiencies. It shall not only help me to market myself in a much better way, but I would also get to strengthen my grasp on data-driven analytical business approaches, pervasive technological disruptions and the wave of entrepreneurialism. “While CA awards you with core financial abilities and skills, MBA helps shape your personality and gives you presentability with marketing skills.” Thus, I am highly excited to embark on my journey as an MBA professional. My international study experience would enable me to get an edge over the competition and I would be able to get a lucrative career after the successful completion of the program. Hence, at this time, I see no better option than to pursue a master’s course in Business Administration from __________University.

I have laid down a well-framed plan to navigate my professional career upon completing my program in (enter company name) After achieving this qualification, I would have better working opportunities in India, as I shall return to my homeland with upgraded capabilities and upskilled acumen. After completing the course, I am highly excited to work as a management consultant in some of the top companies in India like (enter company names) I have also planned to initiate a start-up in India and work as a Management Consultant in the next 6-years, where I would offer resilient management solutions to budding small and medium enterprises. I would have a special edge over this business as I am already a qualified CA. According to the pay scale, the average salary per annum for a management consultant in India is 1,144,591 INR, sufficient to support my family financially in my home country.

While choosing for colleges, my priority was a healthy learning environment, and <Univeristy name> focuses explicitly on student success while being supportive of diversity. I was also impressed knowing the innovative education using every tool and technology possible for making the best learning absorption possible. Also, all the programs offered by the college meet the provincial quality standards that enable the student to get rightly situated for any business job. I have always got enthralled by studying business skills, and to upskill my talents, I wish to pursue a master’s course in Business Administration from <University Name>. The <University name> has carved a niche for itself in this sphere through rigorous and exhaustive pedagogy, international immersion, and career opportunities one gets exposed to. Studying at the esteemed college of the <country name> will provide me with a global platform to work, learn, and interact with multiple and diverse students from across the globe. I firmly believe that the broad range of certifications and orientation courses have already offered me a head start that I wish to capitalize upon, during my study tenure at your University.

Studying in a nation whose education is recognized for its high standards all over the world is going to improve my prospects of earning a position in one of the leading companies in India and help me embark on a successful career and standard of life.

In conclusion, I am confident that the stimulating learning environment and interaction will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development in the field. I believe with my learnings, skills, experiences, and knowledge from your honored program, I can certainly achieve my dream of becoming a renowned manager.

Thanks & Regards

Fill your SOP with relevant details which will cast a far more better impression on the admission committee. Present a clear picture of yourself and you will have the complete attention of the reader.

MBA SOP Sample 2

MBA Statements of Purpose are more in-depth than those for other programs since applicants are often seasoned and possess both academic and professional competence. Therefore, the world’s top business schools anticipate a more mature and intelligent personal statement. The following is a sample SOP for you to get started.



Sustainability, innovation, and technological advancements have become the hallmarks of management in every industry amidst the era of globalization. This phenomenon has raised the bar of excellence for aspiring management professionals to be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skill-sets of business management. As a final year fashion technology student, I am at the tipping point of my career, where I have come to realize the value of management education. This realization stems from several enriching encounters that I have had during my college education followed by my internships. Having attained a strong footing in the turf of apparel production management and the fashion retail industry, I envision myself as a corporate professional in years down the line leading the ground-breaking changes in this industry for the benefit of my society. Therefore, to broaden my learning on Marketing and Business Management, I have applied to pursue (Program Name) from the eminent (University Name).

I remember as a middle school student, I was immensely fascinated by the colors, patterns, and aesthetics in apparel. Owing to this fascination, I used to dig into my grandmother’s sewing trash and used rags to make new clothes for my Barbie dolls. Eventually, towards high school, I realized the rapid dynamism in the fashion industry, where something new replaces the old in the blink of an eye. This sparked my conviction to carve my niche in this challenging industry and hence after the completion of my schooling, I appeared in the NIFT entrance examination. An exceptional rank of 94 out of one lakh aspirants enabled me to secure admission in the NIFT, New Delhi; from where I am pursuing Bachelor in Fashion Technology with a specialization in apparel production management and minors in fashion retail.

Once I embarked upon the expedition of my aspired field there was no looking back for me. I utilized my artistic and creative abilities to acquire an edge in my multi-faceted study curriculum. My resilient visualization technique has helped me to maintain a consistent academic record with promising performances in both the theoretical and practical aspects. In conjunction with my academics, I have been proactive on a range of extra-curricular fronts, where I displayed my leadership and management capabilities. As an instrumental part of the Literary club, I have organized various events like National Poetry Writing Month, Hindi Diwas, The Autumn Collective, and other literary events. But my most significant contribution to my College Community is my role in the Girlup Club – Arzoo, a UN initiative to empower women across the globe. Being its founding core member, I managed the smooth conduct of several virtual drives and awareness campaigns along with a fundraiser to distribute nearly 1400 sustainable sanitary kits to women from all walks of life.

It was while spearheading an initiative Femme Fridays at the Girl-Up, that I got the opportunity to interview two remarkable Womenpreneurs, who own an apparel brand, named; Tamarind Chutney. This interview enhanced my learning about the nexus between Fashion and Business and also helped me to refine my communication skills. I went on to attain hands-on strengths in the apparel and textile value chain through my internships which also provided me with a rich industrial exposure. During the COVID pandemic I watched, The True Cost– an acclaimed documentary that highlighted the intriguing aspects of the garment industry right from the production to their environmental, social, and psychological aspects in the developing countries. Watching this documentary had a deep impact on me as I got to realize the pertinence of sustainability in the business operations of the garment industry. It further served as the motivation for me to diversify my holistic learning on Marketing, Operations, and Business Management.

(University name) offers the most comprehensive course framework for my desired Master’s program. It would be the perfect platform to diversify my existing business knowledge in the context of transforming management landscapes. I possess a relevant grip on Digital Marketing, Production Management, Retail Merchandising, and Customer Relations through my bachelor’s and internships which have provided me with the perfect head-start to pursue this Master’s program. Refining my detail-orientation skills, analytical thinking, and team working capabilities shall allow me to prove my mettle in the competitive and challenging work culture. Under the guidance of esteemed faculty members, I shall get to learn pragmatic approaches for strategic thinking and informed decision making which shall go a long way in my career. (Any special feature/placement opportunity) has motivated me to pursue this discipline specifically from this institution as here I would get the opportunity to apply my classroom learning in real-world business scenarios.

After the completion of this program, I am looking forward to channelizing my acquired knowledge by adding value to the top-notch fashion brands. In short-term, I aspire to work as a proficient Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, or Market Research Analyst. 7-10 years down the line, I would have gained a handful of experience that I can also implement in several other sectors like FMCG, e-Commerce, and Retail Management. This program is a career-defining opportunity for me to unleash my true potentials. Hence, I hereby submit my candidature and hope for the best.

Thanks and Regards,

(Your Name)

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MBA SOP Sample 3

SOP for MBA isn’t just your academic or professional reflection but also a reflection of your personality and future aspirations. Every candidate might have a different vision and motivation to pursue this career-defining degree program. So, you need expert companions to guide you through the process so that your SOP can achieve multiple admits in top business schools. Write Right holds a strong conviction to help you land into dream business school.



Peter F. said, ‘Management is the dynamic, life-giving element of every business enterprise; it is the thinking organ that provides the vision to the business.’ By stating this, he strongly highlighted the importance of management in today’s business world. Management performs a similar role in an organization as the human brain does in the human body. The arrangement of production factors, the assembling, organization of resources, and the direction towards achieving pre-determined goals are all the steps that are successfully performed due to proper management. For any business organization, fruitful management is the key function for successful results. What intrigues me is the Manager’s role, who is responsible for executing all the steps by their smooth management aptitude. I am deeply interested in several factors that influence the competitive performance of a specific business concern. Being from an Engineering background, management was never a part of my curriculum. I believe it is imperative to have a firm understanding of management and so, to fill in my gaps, I aspire to pursue an MBA in Management. With my desire to gain in-depth management-related knowledge, I feel this program will prepare me to address the challenges of leading international projects.

To begin with my background, I feel fortunate enough to have a fruitful academic and professional experience. Ever since I was young, I was highly fascinated to know about the different creations around me. My desire to know about the creations and their workings and a few other inquisitive questions led me to plum for B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering for my graduation. The knowledge I grasped during my graduation years was enthralling and made me analytical and detail-oriented. The 4-year journey at XXX University, enhanced my knowledge and helped me learn immensely from various engineering core subjects. Apart from academics, I proactively participated in multiple events and college competitions. I was a member of the Entrepreneur Development Cell and head of the Design and Analysis team for Student All-Terrain Vehicle at SRM University. Also, I have attended various workshops on Business Management. My interest deviated towards management related knowledge after attending these workshops.

After learning the fundamentals of engineering well, I completed two significant projects before graduating. One was about the Design and Fabrication of Semi-Automated Atmospheric Pollutant Removal System, and the other was about Student All-Terrain Vehicle at Mega ATV Championship, 2017. Further, I completed three internships with reputed companies like XXX,YYY, and ZZZ. These internships helped me learn about the concepts of the supply chain. I also learned and observed the logistics and the manufacturing process. Working so closely in a proper business environment was a very insightful experience. Additionally, I carried out a course offered by XXX in Product Design and Analysis. Later, I joined TCS as an Assistant System Engineer and successfully handled two projects with Nissan Motors Ltd, Japan, and Rolls Royce (Aero Engines). I received client appreciation after completing both these projects. After having a brilliant experience at TCS, I joined Allen Reinforced Plastics Pvt Ltd. as Junior Production Manager to expand my horizons. My responsibilities included organizing and streamlining production activities and looking after the client’s technical requirements. Here, I gained a deep sense of any organisation’s managerial functions and how proper management helps in accomplishing organizational goals. Being able to observe the smooth cycle of business functions by proper management enticed me to learn further and dig deeper. Since management helps in any project’s primary functioning, it will help me manage the resources better, preparing me to start my future practice. Down the line 10 years, I aim to establish my own firm in India and work with enhanced corporate operation in future through careful assessment and proper management and, could further make a great contribution towards any industry.

To further revamp my skills and be more competent, I aim to gain expertise. It is a spirit elevating opportunity for me to ingress my presence and participate in the globally recognized MBA in Management program. The finest institution, the Name of University, is the ultimate terminus for my aspiration to learn and specialize in management. Coming across an institution like yours solved great puzzles for me in this direction. The wonderful blend of global exposure and best of the world faculty is something every student longs for. The promising provision of supervised research facilities and the friendly yet disciplined environment is the most commendable and indispensable part of your prestigious institution. Moreover, studying in the USA will be a dream come true. It is known to be one of the best destinations for international students. It is globally acknowledged for its high academic quality and standard of living. The culture and the warm and friendly environment for which it is famous are most attracted to. Studying in a welcoming country like the USA would be an experience like no other.

MBA in Project Management is the most suitable choice for me since it will provide me with the required knowledge and experience to embark on a fulfilling career. I believe I will be well-prepared to enter the industry as an excellent manager that can help corporations like the Consultancy firms, Manufacturing units, Logistics, and Supply Chain sector. It would be an amazing opportunity and a phenomenal experience to work with firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain & Co, PWC, Accenture in India.

Having established adequate technical skills and learning its application, I aspire to dig-in deeper and fill in my gaps with in-depth knowledge of management to enhance my capabilities to accomplish my long-term and short-term goals. It would further allow me to channel all my conceptual and quantitative skills to solve business issues. After learning and experiencing all these years hugely, I feel I am prepared to step-in the world of management and refine my abilities. For aspirants like me who seek to explore the definition of excellence and expertise, this post-graduate program in your renowned university that offers the most relevant and up-to-date curriculum is the most eventual and realistic choice. I firmly believe that your university’s management program is the next most logical step towards my career development. This degree’s importance is so high for me that it will equip me with all the essential fundamentals to leave a remarkable impact in my professional field if I seize this opportunity to get into this highly-esteemed centre of learning. I wish to complete this course and come back to my country and contribute something to my community. On this notion, I hope to receive a favourable response from your end soon.

Thank you!

Your SOP is a reflection of your personality that you present to the admission committee to gain acceptance into your dream Universities and Colleges abroad. Since this is the first impression students want to leave on admission committee, they reach out to agencies like Write Right which helps students draft compelling statements that goes a long way in helping them gain admission into multiple colleges.

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