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Top 10 Content Writing Services that will help your company grow

Content Writing Services

“A pen is mightier than a sword.”

This adage has taken a literal meaning in today’s world of the Internet. Every business wants to have a digital footprint that everyone can notice. Amazon’s online business has soared so well, everyone wants to have such successful business.

But it takes a strong market presence to succeed in today’s industry. The first step to fulfil this is to have a website that users can visit once they interact with your brand. The next step is to develop a mobile app from where the users can browse your list of services or products.

While offering a mobile app, it is imperative to have multiple beneficial features in it. But these steps are not sufficient in order to have a successfully running business. It is important to market your brand and the mobile app in a way that a larger and wider section of the audience identifies and recognizes the brand.

To do this, you need to employ content writing services to help your company grow and succeed. You can consult various content writing services that content writing companies offer to see how content writing can benefit your business. Companies are leveraging the power of content writing in India and enlarging their digital footprint.

There are various types of content writing services that you need to know about to see which one suits your business type the best:

Why do you need content writing services?

Companies are intimidated by the time required to create completely fresh content. Examine the information that already exists on your website before generating new stuff. This information can often be updated and repurposed to generate new, more relevant content that engages your readers and encourages them to take action. It’s critical to publish high-quality material with a vast volume of content. Google sends out web crawlers to examine a ranking to it. To improve your search engine rankings, you’ll need to use headlines and meta descriptions. You may verify your content’s relevance to target consumers by inserting crucial keywords. Conversions are increased with a powerful call to action on your website. Your customer is prompted to act by the call to action. Downloading a case study org contacting your firm are examples of this action. It should be attention-getting, concise, straightforward, and instructive. It should also be prominently placed on your website for easy access by visitors.

1. Social media writing:

This is the form of content writing services available around the globe. Social media writing involves writing on social media using graphics and images to communicate the brand story to the target audience.

Social media writing also encompasses the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a way to target larger visibility factors. When you target various hashtags that are directly or indirectly related to your brand story, your social media posts reach a larger audience.

This way, you can provide an increased exposure to your brand, its products and its underlying message.

2. Email writing:

Email writing or sending a cold marketing mail is one and the same thing. Marketing emails spread awareness of your brand to the users who have subscribed to your emails or are there on your email list.

Through the emails, you can send all the details about how your company works and what services or products you offer that can benefit the consumer. Various content writing companies provide email writing and email marketing as a part of content writing services.

3. Blogging:

Blogging is the most used form of content writing services. There are so many digital marketing agencies that provide blog writing services. Blogs need to be uploaded on the website so that the visitors can read about the products your company offers.

Blogs can describe a product, hold a comparison between two or more products, or can talk about how a specific product can be beneficial. Generally, blogs are long form pieces of content that can contain anywhere between 800-1000 words. 

Also, to specifically put blogs to good use, the content writers use specific keywords that can help with the SEO ranking of the website. The writers pepper the keywords strategically to help the content rank better in a search result. The content writing in India involves writing and putting up the blogs on the website with regular posting.

4. Website content:

The textual content that you read on any website is the website content. It is also called web copy in the world of digital marketing. The website content differs from the blogs and other forms of content writing services. The content on the website generally focuses on the kind of products or services a company has to offer.

Moreover, it also highlights the company’s story, vision, mission, brand story and contact details. Content writing companies specifically provide content for websites or help revamp the content on an existing website.

5. Product Description Content:

After website content, there comes the product description content. Product description content involves writing about the products, features, benefits and price. Content writing in India and other countries provide various kinds of content for product description.

A website involves the description of all the products or services it sells. There can be various products depending upon the kind of industry domain the company belongs to. And sometimes, it requires specific kinds of content writing services.

For instance, a website for a company from cloud computing domain in information tech domain, requires a core tech writer. An experienced content writer can work wonders for your brand endorsement and promotions.

6. Landing page content:

Landing page content is the most important content as far as the content writing domain is concerned. This content can be defined as the representation of the textual content that a user finds when he lands on your website.

That is why that web page is called the landing page. The content on the landing page is very important as it is responsible for the user conversion or the bounce rate. All the content writing companies offer landing page content for the websites.

7. SEO Content writing:

SEO content writing is the type of writing that is common to all the content writing service types listed here. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means that there are certain keywords, if used strategically, can help your content rank better in the SERPs.

SERP stands for search engine results page. This is where the user sees the most relevant results based on the SEO content that writers have provided to various websites.

Therefore, all the content writing companies include SEO content writing. This type is one of the most important types of content writing in India and all over the world.

8. Ghost writing:

Ghostwriting refers to writing a poem, fiction or a story on a website without mentioning the name of the writer. There are so many ghost writers available who write anonymously.

Various content writing services in India also provide ghostwriting services to various websites according to the domains they work with.

9. Technical content writing:

Technical content writing is the most basic form of content writing services because traditionally only IT companies had websites. Gradually as the Internet era advanced, all the companies understood the importance of having a website.

This is where technical content writing stepped in. Technical content writing involves writing about various technologies that the company deals in. Content writing companies have writers that can write specifically about the latest technologies.

10. Press Releases:

Press release is the kind of writing where the content is represented in the form of a news piece or news articles. Companies generally write press releases when they want to announce a launch of a new product or a service.

All the content writing services in India and across the globe rely on press releases to introduce the newly launched services and products to the target audience. Since a press release is considered as an official statement from a company, it is generally written by an experienced writer.


Content writing services are growing rapidly as every business today understands the importance of having a digital footprint. Not only a footprint, but increased visibility. According to the search engine’s algorithms, regularly updated pieces of content consider the website relevant. This relevance makes the website rank higher in the search results page. And a high rank brings the companies a lot of business. Therefore, all the companies should employ various kinds of content writing services to help the company grow and succeed. 

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