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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups to Grow More Revenue

Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

One thing all startups struggle with is to stay on top of their social media and online platforms to generate more leads from traffic. While in most cases, what they actively miss out on are the right Digital Marketing Strategies. To navigate this unknown and competitive territory of the internet, you need to develop sound strategies much during your startup’s incubation period. But if you are just a beginner in the market, it’s not too late to devise some pragmatic plan for the brand’s future.

Digital marketing can never be a one-time affair. To be successful in the arena, your team must continue to be innovative, creative, and practical when it comes to idea development and application. When we directly combine digital marketing and revenue, multiple channels can boost your brand’s traffic and engagement. But which medium is worth the time and resource investments are always challenging and thought-provoking questions that we will also ponder in the article ahead.

In this blog, we will also be discussing some practical Digital Marketing strategies that can catapult your revenue generation stream as a startup, so let’s begin –

  • Ingenious Content Creation

Creating content and creating engaging content are two very different activities. Content creation for social media, online platforms, and websites is like a low investment and high benefits strategy that you can leverage even in the long term. All startups are so unique from the industry’s big giants due to their personalized content creation strategy. Audiences online are already bored from the repetitive content and trends, and if you have the potential to create something new and engaging pertaining to your brand value, you must go all out for it.

Your content can be in the form of Youtube videos, Instagram reels, short snippets, informative blogs, or a marketing copy about your product or service. These formats and many more like online tweets, polls, newsletters, hashtags, and much more. Content creation is the first step leading you to effective social media marketing and better audience attraction and lead generation.

  • Search Engine Marketing

In the digital world, every minute detail matters. You might have created the most incredible brand video on the internet. Still, if you do not optimize the video with relevant details before publishing, you won’t get the expected feedback. To get good feedback, SEM could be the right strategy. All you need to do is invest in creating a remarkable landing page that is informative yet crisp. Never forget to attach a prompt or a call to action to the landing page. Flourishing, as a startup through SEM, is quite a fundamental and effective way to generate more revenue and also build a robust online presence.

SEM also includes tons of other factors that you must keep in mind during the marketing process, including keyword optimization and content placement strategy. All effective SEM campaigns take advantage of these strategies by carefully optimizing their posts, especially websites with the most relevant and effective keywords.

  • Engaging Email- Marketing

The last thing you want in the race for better revenue generation as a startup is to allow your email to land in the spam folder of your prospective client or lead. Email Marketing is a smart way of engaging with the audience on a personal and direct level. Many online tools offer a package emailing deal for free or at very nominal prices, and as a beginner, you should never fail from experimenting with what works best for you.

In email marketing, all little details matter, from the catchy headline to the text and supported images in the mail. No one wants to go through lengthy and tedious emails that do not provide instant value to the viewer. So at all costs, keep your emails as lucrative and crisp as possible. Through email marketing, you have a direct voice and use this strategy to speak about what value you have in store for the customer and how they can take advantage of it.

  • Influencer Marketing

All online platforms have shown a drastic rise both in the number of influencers and their subscribers or followers. Influencer Marketing is based on the relationship of trust between the audience and their influencer, and such relationships take a lot of effort and time to get built. As a startup, you can benefit from this pre-existing relationship through Influence Marketing. 

This strategy is straightforward to apply and can show results instantly. It is also a reflection of the market feedback that your product or service can get and the areas you still need to improve upon later. Some influences are ready to help you have a startup for free if your venture provides excellent value to the end-user at a very nominal cost. 

  • Target Marketing

Money saved is money earned is a common proverb that we all have heard at some point in our lives. Many startups lose out on tons of resources both in terms of time and finances by applying the wrong marketing strategies for their business. One way to avoid an overflow of resources without proper marketing techniques is to focus more on target segment marketing.

This strategy is both a time and resources savers, as you only market your brand to a limited but responsive audience rather than to all kinds of the internet or social media consumers. For example, if you’re a lifestyle-related startup that offers fitness supplements and gym wear, your direct sales audience is young fitness enthusiasts and not working-class old-aged audiences. But on social media, there is traffic of all kinds, so through target marketing, all your marketing endeavours can be optimized for the relevant segment rather than spending resources from a general marketing perspective.


Boosting revenue generation as a startup means building multiple revenue streams rather than just direct sales. To do that, these tips will come in handy to all kinds of ventures who wish to leverage digital marketing as an effective revenue generation tool and create a sustainable audience base.

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