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Best Way To Market Your Product : Content Marketing

Content Marketing

During the past year, Marketing predictions have noticed Content Marketing sitting at number 1 or 2 of the most important trends.  And shockingly, even the evolution of digital – more devices, more channels, more platforms, combined with a parallel trend in personalised communications has inevitably led for the need for more precise and eye-catching content. Marketers have been struggling to solve a fundamental challenge. How do you find people who would like to buy your product and then, how to make them aware about how splendid your product is? There is only one solution, go where the majority of the attention is and put out informative yet interactive content there.

An effective approach to Marketing, referred to as “Content Marketing” has matured that now accounts for about 25-35% of total marketing budgets where companies splitting expenditure 50:50 between traditional paid media and content marketing. It begins with a great comprehension of your target audience, one that goes way beyond basic demographics. Someone who is well versed to interpret the information and to define the best version of your story resonating with each customer profile to a certain extent.

6 Unique Reasons why you should invest in Content Marketing

1. Organic reach on Google search and lead generation – Elon Musk once said that the only company he is afraid of is Google. And why wouldn’t anyone be? Google is obsessed with providing their users with the high-quality and accurate content. A study shows that Google sends 10x more traffic to the average website than Facebook. Essentially, content marketing dramatically boosts website traffic from your most effective traffic channel which again, is meaningless if it doesn’t result in more sales.

Building a relationship with your target audience to make them more likely to work with your business, instead of your competitors. If that’s not enough, inbound leads (i.e. leads from online marketing) have a 14.6% conversion rate, while outbound leads (leads from cold calling, direct mail, etc.) have a 1.7% close rate.

2. Build brand value by taking control – Selling any product becomes 10 times easier when your customer is looking for what you sell. Controlling the conversation while your most likely customers are educating themselves is invaluable. Chances are your competitors are beating you to the punch and stealing your best potential customers. Find out what are the queries of the people related to your product or service and solve those problems by putting out insightful articles on the same. This would not only drive people to your website but also bring fruitful brand visibility.


3. Grow social reach to gain credibility – Each potential customer that thinks your site offers valuable content becomes a potential advocate for your brand. Many of these readers will follow you on subsequent social media platforms so they can stay up to date on future articles that you write. If they find the articles informative or interesting, they will also share your articles with their friends and family on social media, which helps to exponentially grow your following over time. This type of automatic referral will be proven fruitful to your social media standing and result in gaining more credibility. Many of those people will go on to become your customers over time or tell a friend about your website and turn their friend into a customer.


4. First add value, then mention your product/service – Each additional article has the potential to significantly increase your qualified website visitors each month. While curating content, don’t go ahead and promote your product blatantly. Instead, take out some time to research and provide meaningful insights that would gain reader’s attention and also, educate the reader. Bring value to them, then mention how your product provides resembling benefits. To add to this, other websites link to helpful information sources. Each of these links helps to drive more qualified website visitors to the article that is linked to, as well as the other pages on your site.


5. Improve brand visibility – Content marketing, directly and indirectly, drives significantly more people to your product pages. Directly: Assuming you write articles that relate to what you sell, many of those readers will go on to visit your product pages after reading your articles.

Indirectly: When you write kickass blog content, other websites link back to that content. Search engines look at each new backlink as a testimonial that your article is a useful resource. And each page that your article links to is seen as a more helpful resource as well. So that blog article that links to your product page sends a little love to your product page each time that someone links to that article. The more love that you send to your product pages, the more likely you are to rank 1st on Google when your customers are ready to buy from you.


6. Put out every existing FAQ beforehand – The best way to leave no doubts in the minds of your prospective customers is to clear all possible doubts beforehand. How can you do so? Reach out to your sales team and ask them which questions they get on a daily basis. Write useful content about these common sales questions/concerns that prospects ask. Now hand those articles to your sales team. Ask them to enhance these articles based on what they see driving the best results for your team. Congratulations. Your website just became your new best salesperson and it works for you 24/7.

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