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Hire a Professional Content Writer for Your Website

Are you planning to hire a content writer for your website?

Hiring a professional content writer for your website could be an overwhelming task at hand. Because it’s not just about a piece of content, it’s about what the content represents, which is your brand.

Creating an excellent brand image in your intended audience’s minds is crucial as it determines your brand value and immensely impacts the market demand for your products and services.

Considering current hiring options, you can hire freelancers, content writing agencies, or your own in-house website content writer. Each of these hiring options has a list of pros and cons. Thus, we are here to help you decide which hiring option to go for and why. In this blog, you will learn about what a website content writer is, how to create content for your website, where to find professional website content writers and factors that must be taken into consideration before hiring them! 

What is a Website Content Writer?

A Website Content Writer is a professional who creates innovative and engaging content that is SE optimized, grammatically correct, and plagiarism-free for your website. The content could be in the form of blog posts, articles, landing pages, newsletters, etc.

How to write content for a website?

The process of website content writing is a meticulously creative step-by-step process that includes research, planning and strategizing, writing and proofreading, editing and rewriting. Apart from these, one also has to focus on optimized search engine keywords and longtail phrases that are relevant to the content and align with the user’s query intent.

The basic guidelines for any form of content writing always include creative writing skills & good vocabulary, grammatically correct easy-to-read sentences, and customer-oriented plagiarism-free content. In addition to these guidelines, a writer must consider the 5 key elements of website content writing to create engaging content for the audience.

5 key elements of Website Content Writing.


1. Headings and Subheadings:

Headings of the content must be captivating to the audience, as they are the ones who determine if the content is worth giving a read. Ideally, your heading must define a problem, its cause, and its solution. You can also use the listing format of content writing or insert compelling words like ‘You, Now, Top 3, Best,’ etc., to attract the audience to your content.

Subheadings of the content are of utmost importance as most people skim through your content before deciding to read it thoroughly. The content’s sub-headings must concisely describe the information provided under them and be relevant to it.

2. Introduction and Summary

The introduction and summary of the content tie the entire content together as a whole. The introduction briefly introduces what the writer intends to convey through the content. It entails a quick tour of the entire table of content. While writing an introduction, website content writers must carefully describe the problem, its cause, and its solution and explain the importance of the blog and how it will add value to the audience’s lives.

The summary of the content must act as a concluding paragraph that provides a quick overview of the entire content. Website content writers can infuse their marketing agendas in the summary section and initiate a call-to-action by providing the audience with necessary information about the product and services.

3. Precise and concise information

The primary purpose of any website content is to provide the users with necessary information about the subject matter. But, if the information provided is not helpful or relevant to the audience, they won’t give it a read. So, as a website content writer, you must create concise, informative, engaging content relevant to the user search queries and use short sentences and appropriate punctuations wherever necessary.

4. Search Engine Optimization and Interlinking sites

There is no point in creating an amazing piece of content if it doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine results. Creating SEO-friendly content is essential today to stay in the competition. SEO-friendly content writing is easy once you understand the search engine analytics, improve your research skills and learn to predict the needs of the audience (user search queries).

You can also use interlinking besides optimizing your content for better reach and visibility. Internal linking is a link between two pages of the same website. Usually, website content writers interlink specific keywords or definitions. Interlinking sites increase traffic generation and visibility.

5. Images and infographics.

Creatively engaging content attracts more audiences and generates more website traffic than plain informative content. The ability of images and infographics to portray a wide range of information in a creatively attractive compact format makes them one of the desirable ways used to convey written information.

Where to find a professional Content Writer for your website?

There are possibly two solutions to this question, either you can hire a professional freelance website content writer, or you can employ the services of a professional website content writing agency.

Hiring a freelance website content writer

When hiring a freelance website content writer, you are responsible for ensuring they are perfect for the job. You must also ensure that the content is creative enough to attract and reach the target audience. A freelance website content writer brings a new perspective to the table with their own identity, perception, and beliefs. They try to accommodate and portray your company’s ideologies in their created works.

The only concerning factor when hiring a freelance website content writer could be the time taken to deliver the services, as it is just one person doing the research, planning, writing, proofreading, editing, and rewriting. The mode of payment for most freelance content writers is usually measured in pay-per-word format.

Hiring a professional website content writing agency.

Hiring a professional website content writing agency releases the burden of extensive research and examination of the content and selection of the writer and editor off of you, as a website content writing agency is a complete package. The writers at content writing agencies have expertise and years of experience, making their crafted content worth your money.

Content writing agencies have segmented content writing tasks into writing, reviewing, and editing, ensuring timely delivery and, most importantly, promising informative yet engaging content that is grammatically correct and plagiarism-free. The cost of website content writing agencies differs from company to company considering their years of experience in the field and clientele base. It can be anywhere between $10 to $25 and go as high as $60.

Today, India’s best and most affordable website content writing agencies are Write Right, Estorytellers, Content Whale, Pepper Content, etc. You can visit their sites to learn more about their rates and services. They can provide best content writer for your website.

Factors to consider when selecting a website content writer:

Finding a website content writer could be complicated, considering the vast competition out in the market. So, when you are out there choosing a content writer for your website, you must carefully assess the following things:

  1. Style and tone of the writing– It should resonate with your brand’s voice.
  2. Educational qualifications/Skillsets of writer– It will help you determine the writer’s writing ability and vocabulary knowledge.
  3. Past work experience – It will help you assess if the writer is experienced with your required content format.
  4. Sample of previous works – It will help you understand the writer’s writing flair and vocabulary knowledge.
  5. Client reviews –  It will help you assess the writer’s overall performance and service delivery quality.

Considering these five parameters, you can decide which website content writer you wish to hire.


If you are looking to hire a website content writer, you must first identify your requirements from the content and the tone you wish to set for your brand. You can use the guidelines in this blog and research as much as possible before making a choice. And once you understand where, when, and how to hunt for them, the rest will pan out eventually, giving you a better sense of judgment and decision-making skills.

Finding a website content writer that resonates with the tone of your brand and helps you to amplify it with their creative writing skills is nothing less than achieving the dream! So go ahead, and pursue your dream!

We hope enjoy reading this blog post.

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