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How has content evolved over time?

The power behind words is immense and the choice of the right words in any form of communication is indispensable. Content simply means the information being provided to the readers in any format. Content writing service is the crafting of primary matter or substance being made available to the readers. As per Franklin H. Giddings content is -the matter dealt with in a field of study.

Content is the essence that is being offered to the readers or website visitors and it is a proven fact that any compromise on quality of content cannot be done and content must match the tone of the readers.
As the forms of communication changes and the technology evolves so the content being presented in such media also evolves.

The print media dominated by magazines, newspaper and journals was prevalent earlier this is now replaced by internet and websites in current time. Also the style of content writing and development has evolved with the prevalence of internet. As today is the age of internet and speed is the key so the content also needs to be bang on attracting the readers in a fraction of a second. Web audience need content which is short, concise and catchy also the content on websites must have links so that a reader who needs further information can visit the link.

For web media it is specifically true that content is the king, good content not only increases the web traffic but also converts readers into customers thereby increasing the brand value and sales.

Earlier Print media was prevalent and this form was the only mode of communication. The history of content is actually quite old; in 1895 John Deere started a magazine for the farmer called “The Furrow” the content in this magazine was tailor made for the farmers. This eventually helped in increasing the brand value of “Big Green Tractors” John Deere’s company and increasing sales came as a natural by product. So a good content can be a trigger point for the customers and this concept in dated back in history.

As times passed and modes of communication evolved from paper media to electronic media the nature of content being posted in this media also changed its form. Website content needs to be crisp & short; use of jargons and creativity further adds value to the work. The tone of writing must always be matched with the frequency of the readers and above all the purpose behind the content must always be kept in mind. Online writers use techniques like SEO which includes keyword to optimize the search results for their content. Also adding links in web based content is common these days to add value to the content.

Hence online content writers need to be tech savvy in order to keep the readers hooked. Web content offers a multimedia experience. Online readers are less patient when compared to the traditional ones. At times most of the content on internet is judged by the tag line or the first few lines.

Content has now become a form of digital marketing and image building tool for companies and business. Today the quality of content decides on the customer traffic in the website. Online marketing that is content based is also quite common. Companies like CocoCola, Facebook, and Google etc. are using content marketing. With the advent of digital media, content is today the star in promoting products in this media. However it is essential that only relevant and crisp content is provided to the audience which creates an impact on the reader. So digital content marketing has also evolved along with online content.

By far the mode of content publishing has also impacted the form of content being published. Print media offered a more uniform and in depth review to its readers. Today web content has changed the dimensions of content with use of SEO, Keywords and Links making the content not only words or thought but an experience altogether.

Another point that is worth noting is the nature of readers who have also changed their preferences along with time so it becomes important to develop the content keeping in mind the choice of the new age readers. Content style has definitely evolved over time but one thing remains constant that the quality of content is supreme and is the most important attribute that needs to be kept in mind.

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