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Interactive Content Is the Future

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Okay, we all know content is king’; any SEO or success of a business depends on its content. Content can alone engage with the audience or reader, and relevant content marketing drives towards digital marketing success. So, it is only sensible to invest time and effort into creating great content.

Now the big question arises how one can stand out in today’s competitive content market?

In today’s fast pacing times, getting people’s attention has become a challenge. As per research, only 45% of clicks to a website get more than 15 seconds of attention. Content is no longer thoroughly read but rather just scanned in a way.

The best possible way to meet the goal of creating marvel content is to go for interactive content.


‘’Interactive content allows user to select their own path to receiving information’’ – Alex Membrillo


What is interactive content?

Interactive content could mean content with videos and regular writing with more clicking, hovering, and answering questions. Interactive content not only fulfills the objective of giving people relevant information but also makes the process of receiving it fun.

‘’Interactive content is content a user can engage with and manipulate, like quizzes, as well as data visualizations, calculators or infographics’’ – Mitchell Kelly.

Interactive content can be in the form of;

  • Interactive Infographics
  • White Papers and Ebooks
  • Personality tests and Assessments
  • Augmented Reality Overlays
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Calculators
  • Giveaways and Contests
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Interactive 360° Videos and Walkthroughs

Interactive content works much better than regular content because it provides with a more engaging, immersive, and exceptional experience. It encourages to compete, compare, test, consume information, and achieve results quicker.

Interactive content helps to attract more attention, differentiate a brand and build relationships with customers. It can help with customer retention, lead generation, and even sales. In a study, it got found that 96% of participants believe that interactivity impacts buying decisions.


“Interactive content is one of the best ways to engage your audience and enhance the customer experience; Interactive content allows the reader to participate actively, as opposed to passively reading, watching or listening.” – Membrillo.


Ways to develop interactive content

Knowing interactive content can make people engaged, let’s explore the different ways in which it can be used;


Creative content with customized experience makes it less dull and keeps the information interesting. It makes the audience or readers attracted to build a relationship that is strong and lasts long.

A typical example of how businesses co-create with clients gets seen in the cosmetics industry. Businesses get insights by crowdsourcing ideas from their clients or audience about skin-care needs. They can also create products based on client specifications.


Interactive content offers clients to provide what problem they are facing or specify their need while it can be solved to create better services.


Sharing the content on social media or communicating on the appropriate platform increases the visuals on any content. Interactive content can help get more followers and create a brand name.

For example, a fun quiz by Red Lobster asked followers online to what kind of shrimp flavor they were. The post raged up to over eight thousand shares and shaped a positive impression of the business.


As users can trust the content, they look for responsive and device-friendly content. It can impact search engines rank.

For instance, the Wall Street Journal often uses interactive graphs to simplify complex matters for its audience.


The best content creators use data analytics to measure the impact of content.

Interactive content is the next phase in the evolution of content marketing. Interactive content causes people to work with content actively. There are no longer passive consumers. People can put in information and want to interact with different elements. They prefer personalized data that helps engross them. It is, therefore, no surprise that interactive content is the future.


‘’The free quotes consumers can receive on insurance company websites is unrivaled’’ – Greg Healers


“The bonus with interactive content is that the information gleaned from the customer when interacting with the content can be used to segment your customers into different personas. It will create better-converting funnels in the long term.” – Oli Graham.



As known, People live for interaction. There are a range of possibilities for interactive content that one can create to start accumulating back links, attracting audiences, and site visitors.

Let’s look at some unique interactive content illustrations seen online;

Headline analyzer – This marketing tool analyzes headlines and determines how valuable they are with scores based on facets like word balance and character length.

Website Grader – This marketing tool rates sites based on aspects like performance, mobile readiness, security, and SEO.

Beauty & Hair Quiz – Asking the audience for information about their hair, fragrance, and color preferences to develop personalized product recommendations giving the client a customized experience.

Customization tool – Having a site that allows the audience to build their ideal high-performance bicycle for fitness.

As new content creators join in the online ecosystem and audiences, continue to spread out across diverse platforms, thinking wholly about developing, monetizing, and distributing content will become progressively significant to success. It is the end of the notional belief that ‘one size fits all in content creation. Thankfully, interactive content is not just here to stay but to grow and extemporize with the help of modern technology.

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