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Is Freelance Content Writing a Goldmine ?

Amazingly, we have information about everything and anything, few clicks away. Life was never that simple before. Old days were like packing your bags and going down to a library, searching and reading huge volumes of books to find that one piece of article.

That’s too hectic for today’ busy life. Google is the new library and it’s there in your pocket, every time and everywhere.

But did you ever think, where does this information come from? Do Google curates those health blogs and daily news articles? No, it is done by professional writers. These freelance or full-time content writers have to brainstorm and research to platter you with good-to-go content.

What is the role of a content writer?

Content writers are professional writers with several skillsets in their pockets like SEO, creative writing, Keywords research, digital marketing etc. Their work is not easy, and surely not for any random person who speaks and writes English.

People have a notion that everyone who can speak good English can become a content writer. But this notion is far-far away from reality. One of the major differences between a random English speaker and a content writer is that he knows ‘how to sell with his words’ which is not easy for any random English speaker.

The reason why a freelance content writer is hired by companies is because they have to outsource certain projects. There is a legal agreement closing between the two parties where the rates are confirmed, the work is explained and the deal is made. It’s like any other professional job.

As a freelancer, you won’t get to wear a tie and boot and then go to the office but rather you will have something that most people crave: flexibility. If flexible working hours and a business mindset allure you, Freelancing is your regime.

A web content writer produces content for utilization on the internet. The content writers have to work for various clients and companies. Various clients have various requirements and the deadline is short, like any other desk job. So a writer is just not a writer but much more.

Earning Sources for Writers

A writer can earn from various sources. Initially, he needs to invest his time, money and energy into content production .Once you build your brand and earn a name, the sky is the limit. An experienced content writer can earn somewhere between 50k to 100k per month, depending upon his expertise. For example, a web content writer is paid more than a blog/article writer. Similarly, an academic content writer is paid more than a web content writer. There are various fields in content writing. There is a niche called e-commerce Writers, that specializes in production description and sales-oriented content.

A good way to earn is to register in co-working spaces like Upwork and Fiverr. You can find gigs, quote your prices and level up on these platforms to earn a name for yourself. You can also find clients on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin. There are various groups for writers. You can join them and find yourself work.

Once you start earning and connecting with people, you can build a tight authority over your niche. Give a voice to your brand. Once you have a strong portfolio, you can approach publishing agencies. Several publishing companies need write-ups on daily basis. They will pay you a handsome amount.

You can also build your own website and generate passive income. There are various ways in which a Freelancer can earn and the best part is that he is free to ‘choose’ his clients and working hours. Thus Freelancing is a career of unmatched potential.

What are the scopes in content writing?

  1. SEO Writing- To become a good SEO writer, one has to be thorough with keyword research and ranking factors. Businesses that want to rank on Google SERP hire SEO writers. Here a writer has to do a lot of keyword research and technical analysis for which they have to take several courses. They deal with targeted articles and websites. There are various entertainment and news companies that are totally content based and require such writers frequently.
  2. Digital marketing and E-commerce writers can also earn through sales copy and persuasive writing. You can sell the products or services of a company by weaving marketing content.
  3. You can also work as a PR style writer. This is totally based on advertising and sales where you need to write a sales letter, broadcasts and press releases
  4. You can also become a creative writer and news writer if you are pursuing journalism. A news writer can turn ground reports into crispy news articles. These articles get published in various online magazines or newspapers and also in print. You gain a lot of respect and get to earn a name in the industry.
  5. You can work with big brands and private companies as an editor or copywriter. The task of an editor is to make the content more crispy and targeted. As a copywriter, you have to write the taglines and advertisement pages to pull the customer’s attention and influence them to take action(CTA).
  6. Content writers are also hired by social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to be a part of their social media optimization team. You can become a social media writer as well. They are required to write posts that generate traffic and sometimes they promote certain products as well.
  7. You can also work as a freelancer content writer for any business or a content writing agency from the comfort of your home.
  8. Blogging is another great option for freelance content writers. You can choose a niche and start writing articles on this niche. One can start his own personal blogs and earn from them. You need ample research and time to invest to become a successful blogger. You need to have strong vocabulary, writing skills and SEO knowledge to rank your blog on SERP. That can take years.

How lucrative it is to be a Freelance content writer?

Various experts have designed their online courses to provide guidance to young writers. Following the right guys with patience can lead you to better placements. Certifications and experience do matter here. So try collecting as much as you can. It allures your clients and assures them of your capability.

Some people have made fortune in this industry. Initially, they had to put their heart and soul into work like any other industry. The best part of Freelancing is you have options to explore every field and choose what you like the best. And the good news is that there are readers for every niche because no niche is good or bad. It’s a matter of expertise.

Final Takeaway

Freelance content writing is like any other job where there is failure, success, hustle and promotions. The writer can grasp the right opportunity and scale up the ladder. Yes, this industry is a bit uncertain but you have to show your resilience and stand strong during tough times. A writer has to go through various phases, working under various small to medium-sized organizations, before he lands on a big plate.

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