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Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies you should know for your Brand and Business!!

Content Writing Services

If you are here after reading the title of the article then you must be aware of the fact that how content marketing positively affects your business and brand. If we look into research then it will be surprising to know that content marketing usually costs 62% less but in return, it produces three times the traditional marketing leads.

If we look at the process of marketing of some of the best leading companies that it is clear that they have used the top content marketing agencies to engage the modern audience. The fact that traditional advertising is not showing any impact is that if we talk about today’s generation then we can say that they don’t have time to read newspapers or watch broadcast TV and also the old-style banners have no impression on them. To overcome these problems the only solution is to engage them while they are spending their time on social media, YouTube, reading content online, or reading blogs. And for this, we need content writing services from top agencies.

Where and how to find the best content marketing agencies?

If you are a business person then the first question that arises in your mind is for the best content marketing agencies. Yes, it is an obvious question and comes to everyone’s mind while planning to find the best content writing services. Many companies that already have linked with content marketing agencies do not have that much of a problem as compared to a company planning to start content marketing. And if you are one of those companies of the business, then you are at the right place. We know that the competition of content marketing is increasing day by day and we witness a lot of repetitive or low-quality content on the internet.

If you are also looking to take your business to greater heights then choose the way of content marketing as it is a well-researched fact that 70 percent of the viewers like to read about the company and its services thoroughly.

So let’s get started with the listing of the top 10 content marketing agencies that provide the best content writing services.

1. BRAFTON Fuel Your Brand

Brafton is in the top position for the list of top 10 content marketing agencies and it is because of its services and partners. Brafton is a full-service content marketing agency and is famous for its great content writing services. The services provided by the company include Blog Content Creation, eBooks & White Papers, Infographics & Asset Design, Video Production, Case Studies & Website Copy, and Newsletters & Email Copy. The key motto of Brafton is based on 3 words- Strategy, Consultancy, and Distribution.

If we talk about the experience of writers in the team then Brafton is a leading content marketing agency since 1998 in North America and it is providing its services in Europe for more than the last 33 years. The company has its branches located in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney, and London. Some of the regular clients of Brafton are AIG, Appian, Concur, Farmers Insurance, Juniper, Marketo, Pearson, Sotheby’s to name a few.

Brafton has always been seen receiving positive reviews from their clients and this is the reason for their trust in the agency.

2. Write Right

Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi, Write Right is an emerging content marketing agency that is counted in the list of top 3 content writing services companies in India. It is based in Ahmadabad and the tagline that the employees here follow is “We Write It Right”. Write Right ensures three things to be done for their client which has increased their demand in the industry. These three things are Quality, Deadline, and Necessity. Write Right helps their clients with technical & non-technical writing, advertising & marketing, and SOP writing. Services provided by the leading company are Creative writing, Ghostwriting, Blog writing, Social Media writing, Website writing, Email writing, Resume Writing, and Photography.

The writing team of the company has 50+ proficient writers and the founder is officially recognized as one of the best writers in the world. Some of the proud clients of the company are TechDefence, Yourstory, Huffpost, Mundsnoop, IIMSkills, and Kandra Digital.

3. Dad of Ad

Leading with other content marketing agencies since 2016, Dad of Ad is known as a one-stop for all and is famous for its tagline that is “A No-Limit Advertising Agency”. If you are looking for any content writing services that can help you with creative and innovative ideas then here it is. The motto of Dad of Ad is to provide customized strategies for any business or brand and help them make their unique identity in the industry. Some of the best services that Dad of Ad provides are Digital Marketing, Creative Advertising, and Media Planning & Outreach.

If we talk about the founder of the company then let us tell you that Bhavik Sarkhedi is the name. With his promise and dedication of his services, this is his 4th venture but in the 3rd position on this list. Dad of Ad has helped companies like 360 Technosoft, Dineout, and Infinity Solar to name a few.

4. Taletel

As we are listing companies for the best content market agencies, then Taletel is a must name. Taletel believes in amazingly telling your tale and the tagline that encourages the team of 20+ mindboggling content writers is “Telling a Tale is Our Priority & Choice”. The team of Taletel is young but highly inspiring and hard working. Taletel is also known for its Notch Content Writing Services which includes Online content writing, Web content writing, Copywriting, E-commerce content creation, Social Media Ads, Product Reviews & Comparisons, Creative writing, Email creation, E-book & Novel typing, and the list continues to a long one.

The reason that top companies and brands choose Taletel is its customized content that saves time and effort with an effective price. Also, the agency has got some expertise that masters the changing trends and is fast & flexible. Some of the happy clients of Taletel are Ranklane, Infinity Solar, and 360 Technosoft.

5. Estorytellers

Again the big name of the content marketing industry Bhavik Sarkhedi is here. Yes, Estorytellers is also founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi and it is known as a subsidiary company of Write Right. Estorytellers is Ahmadabad based agency that believes in delivering the best without wasting your time as they know how this fast-track digital world needs their work to be done. The team of 50+ professional content writers believes in completing every task within the deadline and the best part of it is that they never neglect the quality of their services. Estorytellers is famous for their Statement of Purpose writing, Blog writing, Copywriting, Creative writing, Website content, Translation services, Social Media Writing, and Resume building to name a few.

One more thing to be noted about Estorytellers is that they believe in giving their services best because a business is nothing without their clients and their positive reviews. Transparency and reliability are the main factors why the company has its name here.

As we are moving forward and have completed knowing about the top 5 agencies, let me tell you one more fact that will encourage you to read more. Content Marketing helps you increase your brand or business in ways like more on-site content, higher visibility in search engines, higher domain authority, more referral traffic, more social traffic, increased conversion potential, improved brand reputation, tighter customer relationships, and universal utility.

So if you also want that your business touches great heights then scroll down to know about other top agencies that can help you.

6. Pepper Content

Mumbai-based Pepper Content is a big content marketing agency with a team of 35000+ content writers. Pepper is not any new name in the industry and has its impact on over 500+ businesses as regular clients. If you want to get a bigger and faster return to your work then let us tell you that Pepper is known for its fastest way to scale the companies’ content needs. Its high quality and seamless delivery have helped many big brands and businesses to achieve their success.

Some of the best services by Pepper are Blogs & Articles writing, Website content, Translation, Product descriptions, Banners Designing, Copywriting, Social Media Content, and Ebooks writing. Some of the proud and regular clients of Pepper Content include big names like Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, Indigo, CARS24, Swiggy, Times Internet, and Directi.

7. Justwords

Justwords is a company with a team of 12+ dreamers, doers, and thinkers. Justwords was founded by Payel Mukherjee back in 2010 and since then it is leading in the industry. Started just as a content writing agency Justwords has now become a big name in content marketing agencies. Justwords is also awarded by Google for its expertise as a content marketing agency. The team of Justwords follows some principles that have made the name here. Versatile writing, grammar, storytelling, refreshing, building brand awareness, analyze & optimize are the things they focus on. Some content writing services that the company provides are Article & Listicles, Blog & Websites, SEO Content, Content Marketing, Product description, Ebooks & White papers, and Social Media content.

Some of the clients that reviewed Justwords positively are Paytabs, Nestle, and Alibaba Group. Justwords has also worked on a year-long project for Nokia.

8. Uplers

With an experience of 8+ years, Uplers has its agency branches in four different countries including India, United States, Australia, and the Netherlands. Uplers is known for its specialization in UI/UX, web development, digital marketing, and marketing automation. The team of 650+ employees has influencing marketers, designers, and developers. Services provided by Uplers are Front-End development, WordPress development, HubSpot development, UI/UX design, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Salesforce Automation, and Marketo Automation. Uplers is on this list because of its 7000+ global clients and leading brands that have shown their trust in the agency.

The happy clients of the agency include the names of Disney, Oracle, DHL, Airtasker, National Geographic, Ogilvy, and Ranking Carolina to name a few.

9. Growfusely

Growfusely is one of the best content marketing agencies with an experience of 12+ years founded by Pratik Dholakiya. It is an Ahmedabad-based agency formerly known as The 20 Media and is specialized in content and data-driven SEO. In this digital world, the company offers modern, forward-thinking SEO that is focused on delivering the best to their clients. Growfusely focuses on services like Content Strategy, Content Creation, Content Distribution, Thought Leadership, SEO Consulting, Public & Media Relations, Editorial & Influencer Relations, and Product Launches & Promotions. The key motto of the team is to scale your business to new heights.

Some big brands that trust Growfusely for their marketing are Alter, UNBXD, Whatfix, Bajaj, WIX, PushMonkey, GharPedia, Sharekit, KingsPoint, and RikvinCapital.

10. Text Mercato

Located in Bengaluru, Text Mercato is an emerging content marketing agency founded by Kiran Ramakrishna and Subhajit Mukherjee back in 2015. The team includes 50+ professionals who have experience in the content writing industry to deliver the best to their clients. Text Mercato is counted in those companies which use custom-built platform and algorithms for its quality work. Some of the best services that Text Mercato provides are Product Descriptions, Cataloguing Services, Blogs, SEO Articles, Website Content, Buying & Selling Guides, Copywriting, Ebooks Writing, and Market Reporting.

It comes in the 10th position on the list but has worked for big brands like Myntra, Urban Ladder, Amazon, Housing, L’Oreal, The Luxury Closet, and ClusterZap.

We have listed the top 10 content marketing agencies that provide the best content writing services to their clients and are leading in this online world. Proper research was made for this listing so that you can easily select your choice of agency according to your needs and requirements. All these agencies are best known for their services in which they are specialized.

We hope the list will help you and if we have missed any other agencies that should be on the list then let us know by commenting down.

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