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Resume Review Comparison: Get Set Resumes, Book Your CV, Write Right Resumes

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“Your resume cannot just be a historical account of what you’ve done, it’s a living document that should speak to the brilliance you’ll bring to the table.”

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Writing a resume is an integral part of everybody’s life. Whether it is to apply for a job or a college-level position, everyone needs a Resume/CV. Resume writing is like the road everyone needs to cross; some tread upon it alone, others seek a guide. 

When you do not customize your resume according to the needs of the job, the hiring manager would not see a connection between your experience and their requirements.

This is where resume writing companies come into the picture. 

With digitization happening in today’s world, when software decides your future, it becomes imperative to hire a professional hand to nail that job. Resume writing companies provide a wide range of services like cover letters, infographic CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and job portfolios. The best resume writing service gives you an edge over your competitors and provides you with a kickstart to ace that job interview. 

When writing a resume, having an outside perspective is always beneficial. Even recruiters believe that; outsourcing resumes or getting them reviewed to get you closer to your destination is necessary.

These resume writing firms analyze your skills and experiences. They help you dissect out the details that help you capture the attention of a hiring manager.

Our team of consultants researched many such companies, pan India. Our experts in the field based the survey on a wide range of parameters like turnaround time, time is taken for delivery, quality of content, pricing packages, customer service, and variety of content. Companies today understand the importance of building credibility with their customers, providing complete packages of their services.

We put together this guide to help you choose among the best resume writing services available. Because no matter how good a dish is, a person would only eat it if served right. 

After reviewing a dozen firms offering similar services; and talking to a bunch of recruiters and hiring managers to understand what makes a resume stand out. We concluded that Write Right provides the best services in the shortest period at the most nominal price. Here are our top picks. 

Best overall: Write Right

Write Right is a premium content writing firm founded in 2016 by Mr. Bhavik Sarkedi with the vision of providing every business and individual the best content at the most affordable prices.

This globally recognized writing firm has time and again proven its worth in the field. In just five years of existence, the reputation that the firm has created for itself is remarkable.

Ranked amongst the best content writing agency by Good firms and Clutch, it continues to set benchmarks with the quality of work it curates. They work cumulatively with their clients, prioritizing their demands and needs. It has everything you could have asked from a resume writing company and a lot more. It has a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced writers who undergo regular training sessions to keep up with the latest trends and technologies of the market. Mr. Bhavik realized how difficult it is to look for a job and how stressful it can get and sought to help the prospective candidates in their search.

After being in the market for so long, they now understand the requirements of both; the recruiters and the applicants. They work towards bridging the gap between the two.

Recruiters today use Applicant tracking software to filter their choice of CVs, sparing them the effort and time of reading each resume. Writers at Write Right back up their writing with ATS-friendly keywords. With these targeted keyword-backed resumes, the chances of getting a job increase by a significant degree. They create tailor-made templates for every resume they write, keeping in mind the different specifications of every job.

Write Right has a diverse team that ranges from experienced writers, skilled consultants, engineers, market analysts, and experts of all types. Hire them to write your job profiles, and rest assured to get the best of the market. Your phone will not stop ringing from HR calls, is what they claim!

Even after having the required skillset and educational level aspirants, fail to get jobs because of poorly structured CVs or lack of usage of keywords. The fact that people are unemployed because of AI-based software is absurd. Even the most well-written and correctly structured resumes get rejected due to missing keywords. Write Right also provides reviewing and proofreading services for your CVs and adds the necessary keywords opening a plethora of job opportunities for you.

We chose to Write Right as our best overall option for resume writing due to the high quality and customer-oriented resumes the company produced when we tested the service. When you fill out the completion form, they prompt you with an information sheet, write down the most suitable time to contact you, and you will receive a call from their team.

Write Right provides top-quality resumes in a timely fashion, which is commendable.

Best follow-up guarantee: Get Set Resumes

Since 2011, get set resumes are producing quality content and professional documents for clients across the globe. Getting them to write down your resume is a very user-friendly approach. Upload your resume or write-up, and after analyzing your text, they get back to you with the first draft.

They also provide multiple alterations to the curated CV till their customers are satisfied.

We loved most about Get Set Resume because they offer a consultation with expert resume writers, unlimited revisions, and six months of consumer support.

So even after your work is given to you, you can ping them for changes and support till the next six months.

They have an experienced and qualified in-house team of consultants.

The firm also assists with job portfolios. They have a 7–8-day delivery system, and after the allotted time, they provide you with an online link to your resume.

The content and formatting were above average, while the design could have been better. The most convenient way to deliver stats and figures of your skills is through an infographic CV. Get Set Resume takes into consideration these details and creates your write-ups coherently.

The average turnaround time for your first draft is 5-6 business days from the date of completion of the order. They also offer an express delivery which reduces the time to 3 days. Your consultant contacts you within 24-48 hours (about two days) through phone or Skype to take down details and requirements. In addition to these services, they also provide a free resume review.

Best consumer support: BookyourCV

Book yours is a Kolkata-based resume writing firm. They take pride in providing the best career advice, world-class resumes, and they also forward your resume to job consultants.  They have been in the market for over eight years and have so far helped n number of people in seeking the job of their dreams.

It works in accordance with you and uses the latest trends and styles, which would highlight your skills and strengths as per your goal. 

What we liked about them was their competitive price, keeping in line with the quality of the content.

Apart from basic resume writing, they also provide cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews, job searches, and resume marketing.

Since this firm is solely a career-based platform, they have had many skilled writers specifically cut out for the job.

Like, Get set resumes even they provide a long-term assistance post writing your CV. With a 2-year support guarantee, even if you switch jobs and decide to get your resume updated, they will do it for you.

Book your CV follows the 3Cs before making a resume, 

  1. Client requirement
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Corporate requirement

They ensure that your CV is ATS compliant and use exact phrases to pass the ATS test.

After you apply for their service, the team will contact you within 24 hours to understand your expectations.

You can contact them with your queries during working hours.

They promise to deliver your CV within five business days. 

Amongst all the services offered, they also provide free resume analysis. You can drop in your resumes for a free evaluation by their experts, and they will get back to you.

All these resume writing companies are amazing in their ways and provide the best services and consumer support. They help you convey your passion for the job in the CVs they create, and when all these heads come together, the results are phenomenal!

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