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Should We Really Rely on AI Content Writing Tools in 2024?

Understanding AI writing tools

We all know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the lead in several sectors, completing tasks quicker and basically making human lives easier. So, to say, in the fast-paced world that we live in, AI has made its impact deeply, and 37% of businesses are using AI in some form or another. Recently, the content writing and marketing industry witnessed the presence of AI in the form of writing tools built to make the process of writing smoother.

But come to think of it, is writing by a bot going to carry any weightage? Will it make the creativity come out through emotions or empathy that a human writer can portray?

The answer is simply ‘NO.’

AI tools are much better to be used as editing gizmos, but never a masterpiece writing development. AI writing tools are known to focus only on the words, not the idea or the story. It could by far result in a lack of any meaning or feelings behind the words written.

AI is fundamentally using machine learning or codes to comprehend, learn, and perform tasks without the need for actual human assistance. AI writing tool carries the same process but emphasizes mainly on machine-generated content only for blog posts, articles, and any other forms of content. The AI tool or content generator can only produce words from text based on criteria that the users (the humans) fill out. The general idea that can be drawn is such AI tools can only be used for creating batches of content that can then be personalized and used for the purposes of the business.

The aim of using advanced technologies of AI is only to ease human life, but there is much debate as to AI will become so smart it will start replacing humans in the workplace. While we accept helpful AI tools such as personal assistants or service bots, there comes a heightened concern for its supremacy. According to a recent report issued by the World Economic Forum, automation may displace up to 75 million jobs worldwide, but it will also generate 133 million new ones by 2022.

How do AI writing tools work?

AI writing tools employ modern technologies of deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) and use billions of existing writing samples from its database. It then imitates the human writings, processes data and patterns while analyzing the generation of writing in a language humans typically use. It’s programmed to learn word definitions and rules of grammar to structure sentences as humans do, succeeding contributions from programmers about the format, length of copy, and tone. Basically, the computer uses algorithms to collect data and find meaning in words; then, the data gets processed and converted into text.

While AI is working on getting work done faster, there is no scope seen for professionalism in the content writing. Technology has not been able to solve the struggle of replicating the human brain’s complete set of cognitive abilities yet. In the context of content writing, AI tools might have proceeded enough to produce simple product copy for, say Ali Baba, or mini sports pieces for the Associated Press. Still, it cannot produce writings requiring much more than just stating facts like product features or game scores.

As technology journalist Mike Elgan accurately points out, ‘’The risk isn’t that machines will get smarter. It’s that humans will get dumber.’’

Will AI tools replace human writing?

AI writing tools have got developed to succeed at specific tasks only when it comes to content writing or marketing. They lack any nuance, empathy, feelings, or creativity like a human. They cannot connect emotionally with the audience. They are not storytellers as they can only simulate language, not expression. Every human has a unique tone and style of writing, which an algorithm or computer code cannot replicate.

In an experiment, on AI writing tool trial. Only the main title of article was given. In the evaluation of the results, it was seen;

  • The results were raw, draft articles, which were supposed to be worked on and edited to make them perfect
  • AI-generated articles did run through plagiarism checker, but which were only 94.47% unique
  • The word count came out to be pretty same for both content drafts requested
  • The drafts do not give any subheadings, does not do any keyword search or does not target any specific audience
  • The drafts are plain, one dimensional and lack substance
  • They do not explore the subject in diverse ways like human writer would do
  • The AI content writing is quite flat and not very multifaceted
  • It does not vet its sources to check the dates and credibility of the information used, including any technical information which cannot be outdated. AI writing content lacked credibility.

Writing is actually just one component of literacy, which includes reading, revising, analyzing, thinking, and expressing. While marketing a brand, a human establishes a relationship and understands the content’s relevance to the strategy. AI tools can do neither of those as they cannot think. For instance, Alibaba’s description written by AI tool phrases only product description within a limit; they neither contain benefits or even whole sentences to say. If we compare its bag description “women’s leather envelope clutch wrist bag” with a human comparison from Dooney & Burke, “Soft pleats, rolled top handles and a structured shape adds ladylike chic, while a divided interior with magnetic closures and a detachable strap adds casual convenience’’, one can see which sounds better. The latter content gives a clear understanding of the buyer, how to attract the buyer, and depicts experience, which is clearly not something AI writing tools will possess.

AI writing tools are not going to be able to talk to the specific customers, get their feedback, do a full audit, and actually even write the copy. AI tools do not understand the nuances of tone that go in writing; for instance, a sports blog would have a totally unalike tone to a women’s wellness blog. AI writing tools have difficulty choosing between compelling expressions or even developing new ideas, which a human writer easily can. A human can only apprehend audiences and their personas. A human can create content very original and authentic, which AI writing tools just cannot.

The Future

AI indeed has been developing in every domain, making the process swifter, but for now, it is not as creative as the human and will not be an alternative when it comes to content writing or marketing. It can definitely serve as an editing or proofreading tool to fasten the work of human writers. They can work as time-saving writing tools undoubtedly.

As rightly said by writer and philosopher Elbert Hubbard, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”


To have a clearer view of AI writing tool content, let’s look at an article written and observe personally how it deprives the reader of the main motive of the content.

In this article the AI content writing tool was to introduce four applications that aid to become a better content writer, but it didn’t!!

Dated 31st August 2020, Content creation, AI writer.

Based on my experience, I would like to share some tips and tricks for writing better web content. If you are someone who already practices content marketing, this article will introduce you to the four killer apps that can help you become a better content writer.

Use these tips to optimize your content and keep your readers engaged, and before you know it, content will come by itself. In practice, you will be better at reading content with more enjoyment, and it will work better and read better if your writing is brought straight to the point. Your blog has established itself as a credible resource and the content you write adds value to readers.

Whether you’re trying to make your manager understand your content strategy, or you want to start guest blogging on your favorite site, finding and working with a good editor is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills. The right writing tools help you create content better and faster, and give you what you need to stay focused, find mistakes, and perfect your copy. It helps you to improve as a writer by giving you the skills to make even better copies in the future. Finding out the steps and processes before you start writing can make it much easier to write really actionable content.

Now it’s finally time to talk about the actual content you’re going to create and how it fits with your content marketing goals. First, we look at what makes great content, and then we’ll turn to some tips and tricks for sites that produce it.

Blog posts are a great place to start content marketing because they have by far the lowest entry barrier. Many professional bloggers and editors recommend this and it definitely helps to write a better headline. Now you have written a blog entry that gives you the best possible chance of success.

It goes without saying that writing a great headline is essential to any content marketing strategy. If you want to make a difference and produce content that reaches people, focus on writing a great piece.

Every piece of content you write should explain to readers why they should spend their time listening to what you have to say. By writing engaging content that people want to read, visitors stay on your site longer and longer. Moreover, the quality assessment system means that if we write great content, we have more chance of writing ourselves and are better paid. If you have written for other pages as well as yourself, you are under even more pressure to maintain your quality.

If you want to improve your content, read it before posting it on the Internet or give it to your customers. One of the best things you can do to improve your writing is to learn to write killer titles. Use clear, direct titles: If you write content for yourself, more of your readers can focus on you. Read it aloud: Read the content aloud if you want to publish and improve it, and use a clear, direct title.

So, save this list of tables of contents and keep it handy and scannable every time you create content for the Web. If you consider these four things when writing web content, you will encourage your readers to consider your medium when writing.

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