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Top 10 Best Content Writing Agencies or Services in UK

Content Writing Services

“Quality content means content that is packed with clear utility and is brimming with inspiration, and it has relentless empathy for the audience.” — Ann Handley

What helps a company create a noteworthy digital footprint? Crafting distinguished, SEO-rich content for their brand that successfully delivers their brand message. Brands often struggle with such content and require professional content writers’ assistance. To resolve this issue, we’ve compiled a list of all the renowned content writing services of the content world so you can pick the most suitable content writing agency in UK for your brand. 

Content writing services help you create an impactful brand identity. In the following article, we’ve carefully curated a comprehensive rundown of the best content writing agencies in the UK. These content writing agencies in UK provide the best content writing services and professional content writers trained to help your brand convey its values and voice through expertly crafted content. 

When choosing a content writing agency UK based companies must carefully consider every aspect of the content writing services they require. 

Join us on the journey of exploring the best content writing services in the UK:

1. Content Whale

Are you searching for a content writing agency UK based companies love? Content Whale is one of these leading agencies and it will elevate your online presence, help acquire high-value prospects, and grow your business through compelling and influential content. Content Whale’s content writing services can provide your business with the best, one-stop marketing solution. Content Whale has 1500+ professional content writers with expertise in numerous industries. Their team of writers, editors, designers, and marketing experts can cater to 42+ content writing services like blog posts, articles, business reports, white papers, infographics, videos, scripts, and more.


  • Quality is a priority: Content Whale provides a multi-layered quality check, ensuring your content reaches you 100% plagiarism-free. It is the only content writing agency in UK that provides an extensive quality check wherein the content goes through proofreaders and editors, then to  senior editors, and finally to the account manager for reviewing and approval for further submission
  • Pocket-friendly prices: Their quality content writing services are offered at the most unbeatable prices. They offer flexible prices and cost-effective deals for smaller businesses and start-ups. Content Whale also offers access to volume discounts for bulk orders.


  • Market expansion: Currently, this content writing agency in UK serves more than 42 distinguished content writing services across 20 industries. However, there is still scope for them to expand into more industries offering a broader variety of services.
  • Limited languages: Although content whale offers services in a decent amount of languages, such as English, Hindi, and others, they’re still working on adding more languages to the list.

Customer Reviews: 5 stars

A great content writing agency in UK to get High-quality content work! This incredible team of professional content writers and editors will bring you exactly what you need for your brand.- Smriti Chandra

Located: London UK

2. Making You Content

Making You Content is a top-notch content writing agency UK based companies that have worked with them only have good things to say about their content writing services. Their services provide all the help a company requires to accelerate its growth. They stay focused on the bigger picture, while their wide range of content writing services keeps up with the pace of development.

Based in Manchester, they have a wide global client base. They have a tight-knit team of professional writers, and apart from providing content writing services, they also provide other services such as copywriting, editing, and social media management. They strategically work to provide a robust tone of voice and aim to get results.


  • Result Driven: The company’s focus and drive to get results and promote the growth of a brand sets it apart from others.
  • Adaptability: Their ability to work with a global clientele suggests it carries adaptability traits in their work ethic.


  • Cost – Due to their popularity, their price value may be higher than other content writing services

Customer Reviews: 5 stars

“I needed to rebrand and didn’t know where to begin with my website copy , I knew what I wanted to say but it just wasn’t right. I enlisted MYC who are well known for providing the best content writing services in the business, they helped me craft my brand tone of voice , deliver my message and provide snappy copy that everyone who has seen it says it sounds like me. It’s been the best investment for my brand and removed a massive problem for me and resulted in stunning copy. Friendly , knowledgeable & efficient ! Cant recommend enough.”- Tara H.

Location: London, United Kingdom

3. Modern

There are many excellent content writing services in UK, Modern is one such content writing agency UK has seen. They have broken out of the bounds of providing traditional content writing services and instead play the role of a content writing agency UK based brands see as a partner and expert friend. Their content writing services work in a way that revolutionalizes the content curation process by helping brands grow, introduce new products in the market, and improve customer relations. 

Their professional content writers are driven by data analytics and insights, helping them implement effective marketing strategies. Other services they provide besides their exceptional content writing services include website coding, SEO, search traffic, cryptocurrency trading, and essay writing. Their modernized strategies make them a content writing agency UK based companies will truly benefit from.

Brands such as Hyland, AllStar Business Solutions, Klarna, and more have opted for Modern’s content writing services and greatly benefited from them.


  • Modern Approach: Modern is an untraditional content writing agency in UK that helps brands produce young and relevant content.
  • Broad Approach: Modern provides stellar content writing services that cover a wide variety of content requirements. 


  • Time-consuming: With Modern designing an all-round marketing and content strategy for your company, it may take longer than expected and extend project timelines 
  • Questionable Quality: Although their wide range of services is impressive, it’s hard to tell if they can specialize in specific categories such as Cryptocurrency trading content writing services such as blog writing or article writing. It should try to be a professional content writing agency in UK specific to a niche is a better choice.

Customer Reviews- 5 stars

“Their content writing services helped me so much with my small shirt business, and I can’t thank them enough. Thank you!” -Zach

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

4. Brafton

Brafton is a content writing agency UK based clients should get excited about. They provide all-around services globally. Brafton is known for its deliverance of excellent content writing services to brands. Besides their remarkable services, Brafton also expands into content creation, video marketing, graphic design, and crafting captivating lead magnets. 

The agency’s integrated approach supports SEO, social media, paid advertising, email campaigns, and inbound marketing consultation. Brafton’s SEO specialists delve into web research to shape a Search Performance Brief, equipping writers with keywords, SERP strategies, and more. Brafton is a content writing agency UK based businesses seeking end-to-end content writing services should opt for. However, it might be a premium for those searching for swift content writing services alone. 


  • One-stop solution: Braftons wide range of content writing services serve as a one-stop solution for all your content and digital marketing needs.
  • SEO-Centric: Braftons content writing services ensure SEO-rich content for better SERP and audience engagement.
  • Quality: With SEO specialists and professional content writers, Brafton ensures that they deliver top-quality content.


  • Cost: Pricing, due to SEO-specific content writing services, is higher compared to basic services.
  • Time-consuming: Longer timelines due to the involvement of multiple teams and departments.

Customer Reviews: 5 stars

“Brafton is a content writing agency in UK unparalleled in providing content writing services to promote websites, blogs and social media pages. They have a deep understanding of customers’ needs and offer optimal solutions in the field of digital marketing. With professional content writers writing engaging blogs, articles and social media content, Brafton ensures that all the content adheres to SEO guidelines and remain updated according to google standard. “- Anonymous

Located: London, UK

5. Sunday 

Listed as the PPA content agency of 2023, Sunday is a content writing agency UK based companies looking for elite content should run to. They are a multi-award-winning company and that makes it a content writing agency UK based businesses seeking the best content writing services such as blog writing, article writing, etc., should look for. Their aim is to provide content writing services that deliver stories with a powerful and positive impact. 

As an independent content marketing agency in UK, Sunday houses a stellar team of strategist editors, designers, professional content writers, and channel specialists. Their impressive team of professional content writers works to craft award-winning content for brands. Their content writing services provide well-researched content and insights into your brand so you understand your market better, and their professional content writers work hard to deliver content that hits the target audience and drives growth. Their award-winning quality and creativity make them the best content writing agency UK based companies can turn to to boost their brand’s engagement.


  • Highly professional: Sunday has won awards for its successful content strategies. They offer professional content writing services and have a team of highly trained professional content writers.
  • Trustworthy: Their award-winning services can be trusted to deliver the best while also keeping you updated


  • Cost: Due to their large-scale services, they may be a little pricey for small-scale companies
  • Availability: Their popularity may create a hindrance in their speed of work and revert time.

Customer Reviews: 5 stars

“Great people. Great work.”- Matt Beavan

Location: London, United Kingdom

6. Copy House

Copy House presents itself as a friendly content writing agency UK based tech companies can put their trust in. It is also an award-winning content writing agency in UK that provides expert content writing services and professional content writers with niche-specific experience. They mainly work with fast-growing tech brands and aim to make complex ideas easy to understand in a world where tech is usually perceived as confusing or scary. 

Their professional content writers work with cutting-edge businesses to conveniently convey their messages to their target audiences. Their content writing services uniquely deliver premium quality, engaging, and understandable content at fair value-based prices. Apart from their remarkable content writing services, they offer highly responsive, personalized customer service. Copy House is a content writing agency in UK that patiently helps you to understand the content marketing realm relevant to your business so that you can take full creative control.


  • User-friendly: Their site is easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly
  • Transparency: Copy house works with you as a partner keeping you informed and updated through every step of the content journey.


  • Limited: Their services are limited to the tech industry, making them useless to other industries.
  • Communication gaps: According to some customer feedback, they can struggle to communicate efficiently with their clients.

Customer Reviews: 4.8 stars

“The team are very professional while being extremely friendly throughout the process.”- Lara Findlay

Location: London, United Kingdom

7. Velocity

With its focus on B2B tech clients, Velocity is a content writing agency UK based brands must reap the benefits from. Their content writing services focus on building content marketing and performance marketing strategies to boost the success of their clients. Previously industry giants such as  Amazon Web Service, Sprint, Kimberly-Clark Professional, and IIJ Europe have availed their content writing services. 

This content writing agency in UK has a team of professional content writers trained to craft relevant content that will boost your brand’s visibility. A one-stop content writing agency UK based businesses will find resourceful. Their professional content writers believe in making content that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats. Their multitude of services includes Content marketing, marketing strategy & positioning, branding & design, web development & digital, and content performance.


  • Trustworthy: Velocity is a content writing agency in UK that has worked with many high-profile clients. This is an indication of their work ethic and deliverance
  • A multitude of services: Their services range from content writing services to marketing strategies and web design 


  • Pricing: Considering their high-profile clientele, their pricing structure may be too high for smaller businesses
  • Generic writers: Although they have professional content writers, they do not provide niche-specific content writing services.

Customer Review: 4.8 stars

“Likely the best content writing agency in UK. If you need help, call them. You won’t be disappointed. They know their stuff! (Don’t forget to listen too)”-Achim Klor

Location: Richmond, London.

8. Goodman Lantern

With 147 happy clients to date, Goodman Lantern is an interesting content writing agency UK based companies will thrive with. They specialize in content writing strategy, design, motion graphic videos, and SEO services for various industries. They are a rapidly growing content writing agency Uk based companies can truly benefit from. Their content writing services are spread across 5 continents, building up a truly impressive clientele. Their competent team of professional content writers works to craft content that builds relationships with your audiences. 


  • Trustworthy: Goodman Lantern worked with clients worldwide. This indicates their excellent work ethic and timely deliverance.
  •  A multitude of services: Their wide range of content writing services indicates their ability to suit your brand’s niche-specific needs.


  • Availability: Their widespread popularity may hinder their availability when urgent communication is needed. 
  • Cost: Considering their high-profile clientele, their pricing structure may be too high for smaller businesses

Customer Review: 4.8 stars

Goodman Lantern has been producing unique content on a variety of topics around the keywords provided by the in-house team. We highly recommend them as a content writing partner.”-Jonathan Green

Location:  London, United Kingdom

9. SEO Butler

Founded in 2014, SEO Butler is a reputed Content writing agency UK based brands should try out. They offer a range of content solutions for businesses. As a professional content writing agency in UK their main objective is to help brands boost their traffic and revenue with SEO-friendly, high-quality content. All of their professional content writers are US or UK based. 

They are a content writing agency in UK with highly trained professionals who will write content that is made to fit your brand’s needs. One of their unique benefits includes on-request edits and rewrites. They only want to deliver the content you entirely approve of. SEO Butler is a content writing agency UK based businesses claim to love. They deliver your content plagiarism-free in six working days. They run their content through Copyscape to ensure 100% plagiarism-free content. SEO Butler aims to craft content in the right tone with accurate information to ensure a higher SERP ranking. 


  • Plagiarism free: They claim to run their content through Copyscape. This assures plagiarism-free content
  • Fast Turnaround time: Content is delivered in 6 Working days


  • SEO focused: They are a content writing agency in UK that is extremely focused on SEO optimization of the content, the quality of the content and other related aspects may be lacking.
  • Surfer SEO account: For their 13.5 cents per word option that includes Surfer SEO optimization, you must pay for a Surfer SEO subscription to make this type of order.

Customer Review: 3.5 stars

“We’ve been using SEO Butler’s mid- and high-tier content writing services for a variety of projects, and they always come through no matter the (sometimes insanely technical) topics. We love the reliability in both content quality and TAT!”- Tom DeSpiegalare

Location: Brighton, England

10. Content Hero

Founded in 2011, Content Hero is a user-friendly content writing agency UK based small businesses would draw value from! They are a content writing agency in UK that partners with brands to deliver hassle-free content writing services and work to deliver high-quality content. As a more customer-centric content writing agency in UK they provide a more personal touch to their content. They are well-versed in the content writing services industry and assign professional content writers to each brand, ensuring the best quality. 

Content Hero prioritizes its client’s expectations and diligently works to match them. Apart from their excellent content writing services, they provide in-house production, professional research, experienced and professional content writers, and fixed prices per word. Since they entered the content writing services industry, they have helped develop and curate industry-leading content for many businesses. They work with businesses of all scales and sizes.


  • Large Variety of Services: Content Hero provides an array of services that will meet all your content requirements.
  • Quick response time: They reply to inquiries regarding content writing services through calls or emails extremely quickly as their customer service is top-notch.


  • Limited services: Although they have a very user-centric culture, their services are quite limited compared to some of the other content providers out there
  • Fixed Prices: Fixed prices can be an advantage to some companies. However, for some, it may not benefit due to the lack of flexibility in pricing and packages.

Customer Review: 

“We found our time being eaten up writing content for outreach. Content Hero’s solved that. Now we have the resources to create enough content we are free to get on with running our business.”- Liucina Bogdevic


These Top 10 content writing agencies will truly help your company to climb the ladder of growth with their impressive content creation skills, their team of professional content writers, and their outstanding content writing services. They have impacted several business organizations through their exclusive content writing services designed by professional content writers and marketing specialists in the industry. Which content writing agency in UK will you pick to lead your company to success?

Content Whale is a well known content writing agency in UK providing a one-stop solution for all your marketing and content needs. They have provided top quality content writing services to multiple brands across Asia. Their aim is to provide strategic content with a 360-degree approach to excellerate the growth of your brand. However, if you want academic writing services in India, click here.

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