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Top 10 Content Writing Marketplaces in the World

ontent Writing Marketplaces

The entire world just went through the most unprecedented times. Something we never thought would ever happen happened. Our lives came to a halt, our breath was stuck, and money went jiggling. It seemed as if our happy lives were jinxed. For any and every age, online has become the new norm. We started doing away with all our old-school methods. Hard to believe, but the leading MNCs, organizations, and businesses had no choice but to opt for virtual mode. Not to mention what virtual mode it is. Work From Home (WHF) has become the new normal. But has this changed anything for the content writers? Especially the freelancing ones?

Ever since the world has shifted to the digital mode, all our lives have gone topsy-turvy. But guess what; everything happens for a reason, and probably a good reason. The shift has turned the world upside down (in a positive way, though) for content and creative writers. The platforms exclusively made for freelance content writers are back in the limelight with a fresh influx of new blood entering the domain. In this post, we take you on a tour of the top 10 content writing marketplaces across the globe.

Top 10 Writing Marketplaces not to Miss

1. Content Whale– Content Whale was created by a group of marketing experts who’ve been honing their skills for over 5 years. However, the US-headquartered brand saw daylight only in 2019; the firm has been working on the same niche, i.e., great content created by expert copywriters. Due to the unprecedented times, all the writers they hire are remotely working.

Customers seeking a writing service can benefit from better service at a lesser cost of writing and editing. They provide prepaid and postpaid plans, which is one of their unique features. Content Whale has the feature of assisting businesses with many promotional campaigns which lets you create as many blog posts, articles, and social media posts, just as you desire. Furthermore, you will not be charged extra for the number of edits or words because it is all incorporated in their price.

2. Writer Access– Writer Access is one of the best choices to make when looking for freelance writers with a specific area of expertise and a vast realm of knowledge. It is one of the most widespread writer markets, with an extensive database of authors in a wide range of specialized experts. It is a platform where you can give writing projects on a contract or commission basis and connect with skilled freelance writers. They thoroughly evaluate their writers to ensure they can meet high writing standards, assuring that you will obtain a quality output regardless of who you employ. Writer Access uses casting calls, keyword search, and AI Style Matching technologies to identify the appropriate match for customers. It is one of the best sites for copywriters and technical writers. It even provides a comprehensive search with more than 300 categories. You have to pay a nominal fee every month, and you are good to go with your content management projects. It even helps you develop a dependable team of influential, fully vetted authors. They have their head office in Boston, US.

3. Pro Bloggers– The primary motive of this marketplace is to assist bloggers in monetizing their sites and creating high-quality content. The site has a job listing page, which is excellent for discovering experienced content writers. The job listing page functions mostly like classified online ads, but the main focus is on content writers. The portal will charge a fee for job posting, which is slightly more than the other sites. They even have various price packages. But once you pay the fee, you have a pool of quality content creators at your disposal. And yes, they are better than the other freelancing hubs. If you are looking for quality content with no plagiarism and are willing to pay, here is your destination. Other sites might be less expensive, but you have to deal with poor-quality content. Creating job postings is the easiest thing to do once registered with them. Once you post the positions, you can expect to hear from experienced applicants who are great at understanding your needs and generating excellent SEO-friendly content. Even though the name indicates that this network is primarily for bloggers, you can get specialists for almost every writing assignment you may have.

4. SEO Butler is a content production platform where clients may request written material, citations, social signals, or even guest posts on other websites. All clients need to do is select the material they want, including the word count they are looking for. Then, the clients have to choose from a plethora of writers for their service, including affiliate reviews, product descriptions, blog articles, etc. After providing all the necessary details, it takes a maximum of six-day for them to receive the particular requirement. SEO Butler also offers guest post writing services. First, a client has to choose a category they are willing to be featured in, and SEO Butler does web outreach to discover a site that fulfills those specifications. Then unique blog posts are created depending on the customers’ requirements. Once the materials are uploaded, the user will receive a notification via email. SEO Butler is ideal for companies searching for SEO-based content that will drive traffic to their websites. They have a strong writing crew that constantly produces high-quality articles.

5. Constant Content– Constant Content has over 100,000 skilled writers to create high-quality web content. They are not restricted to one type of content but offer social media, blog posts, etc. They’ve collaborated with a few high-standard companies like Home Depot, Uber, and CVS. Constant Content’s writers can help you with anything and everything regarding your content needs. You name it, and it’s done. From technical writers to product descriptions, from SEO-friendly content to a blogger for your lifestyle blog, you can count on Constant Content for your business requirement. You may purchase high-quality material or let the organization connect you with dependable authors. You can also browse their freelancers’ list to locate a writer who is a good fit for you. However, if you don’t have the time to engage a writer, all you can do is browse their inventory and purchase the already existing pre-written articles. Constant content offers professional writer assistance and connects you with high-level authors. Using this service can save you a lot of time when attempting to put together a team of reputable writers.

6. SEO Content Hero is one of the top-rated SEO Content Writing Service providers in Port St. Lucie, Florida. There might be many other SEO-friendly service providers, but no one comes close to their close-knit team of researchers, writers, and marketers. Clients choose one of three styles provided by the platform — Authority, Elite, or, Professional — and then decide the length of their piece. They also charge extra for other SEO tools such as Surfer SEO. The process goes like this: SEO Content Hero gives clients a form. Upon receiving it, the clients have to give a set of instructions by filling it out. The forms are then emailed to the concerned writer. The client will get the content in another 4 to 6 days. They also create SEO-optimized content, ensuring that every assignment is appropriately crafted to increase online traffic. It is unquestionably an excellent option for marketers seeking a dependable writing service. Their exceptional customer service, combined with the extensive editing process that each job goes through, assures the best bang for your buck.

7. Writer Finder is an expanding organization that matches businesses with freelance blogging writers to provide high-quality content. All a client has to do is give them information about their business or website, and the rest is taken care of by the Writer Finder. After an extensive search, they match you with the three most suitable applicants, and if you still don’t like them, the search continues. Clients searching for authors specializing in particular themes, similar to Upwork or Fiverr, even profit by using the Writer Finder. The agency saves you time by connecting you to potential freelancers, which benefits you and the writer. You get competent authors in your particular sector, and writers pen copies on domains that interest them. They take not more than 72 hours to get the work done, and the charges are $250 monthly. This company is ideal for consumers searching for devoted and professional blog writers at a reasonable price.

8. Great Content (Europe)– Great Content, Germany, specializes in multilingual content authoring and e-commerce content generation. The company operates as both a content marketplace and a content agency. Marketers who use the marketplace have access to Great Content’s 10,000+ copywriters. The company claims to have given its service to over 1,000 customers and provides content production services in over 30 languages. Pricing begins at US$0.036 per word.

9. Textbroker– Textbroker is a website dedicated to building connections between the business and the most excellent freelance writers available on the internet. This is among the rare sites on the list of the finest freelancing websites that demand a

writing exam, confirming the quality of all users. Their writers are experts in a wide range of subjects. Textbroker can produce any kind of content, whether it is about tourism, health, or cryptocurrency. There is almost certainly someone with expertise in your field among their contributors. They help you save both time and effort and never let you miss a single deadline. While your work is being taken care of, you can focus on other crucial responsibilities. Textbroker does not charge a monthly fee. All you have to do is choose the quality and length of the work and pay accordingly. They offer quick translation in every language globally. With their Translation Order, you can conveniently control your translations using their online portal. You can also have original material produced in your selected language.

10. Skyword: Skyword is a marketplace where organizations can get guidance with content planning, engage writers and photographers to generate content, and analyze their content’s effectiveness using analytics tools. At Skyword, they want to make it simple for companies to share true stories that foster trust and long-term partnerships. They believe that meeting your audiences’ demands with new, authoritative content benefits you and them.

Final Thoughts

Here’s your chance if you are a writer willing to kick start your writing career. Even if you are a seasoned writer, there is still plenty to discover with these best freelancing websites. You may find out what works best for you!

You are blessed if you have come across some reputable and professional clients just at the start since this ensures a steady workflow and a secure income. This is the only thing that many novice authors or those just starting their careers find difficult. Nobody begins a business expecting it to fail, which is true for freelance writing as well. As a result, it makes sense to end up with high-paying clients, ongoing assignments, and projects to help you grow as a writer.

On the other hand, if you are an employer looking to hire a freelancer to get your work done, your search ends here. Step into a marketplace of your choice and find the right talent at an affordable rate.

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