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Top 12 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai [2024]

Content Writing Courses

Want to become a content writer? Looking for the best Mumbai Maharashtra content-writing courses? Ok, for your benefit, here’s a full-proof rundown of the best content writing courses in Mumbai. Look about and select the most appropriate Mumbai Maharashtra content writing courses according to your needs.

Top 12 Content Writer Courses in Mumbai


IIMSkills excels in the field of providing training for the different modules in the web domain. Their flagship course content writing master program is an intensive training of 4 weeks.

This includes 16 hours of lecture with 60 hours of assignments including case studies. You also have access to free tools worth Rs 35000. After the completion of the course, you can take up their optional internship. Also. start exploring the different freelance opportunities available in the online medium.

Their key features are the extensive practical learning incorporating the different models of content writing. At the end of the course, you become skilled in writing content for different formats. You confidently execute some of the key elements of the online domain. Examples are  keyword search, social media posts, email content creation, etc.

The curriculum includes the understanding of user interface, web development, content distribution using email, Google local page setup. Other modules are content marketing using social media tools, types of keywords, competition analysis, among many others.

The Content Writing Master Course at IIMSkills is the most popular online content program for individuals across sectors and industries. If you are looking for a course that will provide you with comprehensive knowledge on the technical as well as a creative aspect then IIMSkills is the best in this regard.

It not only helps you to understand the nitty-gritty of content writing but also provides you with ample knowledge and experience to carry out content marketing initiatives as well.

Salient features of the course

  • You get a demo session before applying for the content writing course to understand what the course and curriculum entail.
  • You are given flexibility in terms of choosing your batch. Also if by any chance, you are unable to attend the online class, you can always get the recorded session in the learning management system.
  • They aim to provide you with an innovative approach to content marketing and writing. Therefore, they incorporate 60 hours of live training providing you with diverse information to increase your skill sets and become a prosperous content writer. The course provides reference materials, and case studies that help you to become thought leaders in the content writing domain.
  • The mentors are highly qualified and motivate you to perform better in practical projects. They give you an idea of how to meet the challenges of the content domain and create appealing write-ups that will be instrumental in impressing and influencing your target reader to reap results.

There is an active placement cell that helps you to connect with different organizations to get placed in content writing positions. Along with the IIMSkills Master Certification in content writing, you also get training for content marketing certification from Hubspot Massachusetts.


This course offers hands-on experience of different forms and subject types. It concentrates the ability to study and helps develop a language command. In India, it has more than 15 centers, and that fee is affordable. You can visit their website for more information on the length, cost, and style of the course.

Udemy is a learning platform that brings people from around the world into contact with the best instructors and transforms lives. It has free workshops, as well as paid tutorials. We have a user-friendly interface and navigation is a breeze. You can browse their bouquet of course and filter it out to your specifications.


Coursera is yet another topic of on-line research, multi-lingual and multi-subject. The courses are flexible and priced fairly. You can learn whatever skill you like from their humorous collection. Train from the best tutors online, and start from scratch, turning your journey into a well-paid job.

The courses have language filters, internship (beginner, intermediate or advance), expertise, affiliate universities and learning outcome. There are more than 100 different classes under Content development subheading. You should check the budget to see which one fits. The courses are structured to be self-paced, but they also include practical exercises to practice the practical aspect of the curriculum.

The Way To Content Writing

A Digital Marketing Technology Academy group delivers a comprehensive training curriculum, classes in content composition. The co-founder, Poonam Mashru is an academic, an expert in online marketing, an author and a writer.

The Content Writing Course is suitable for those interested in developing their writing skills, teachers, bloggers, web marketers, book authors, business people etc.

Adwants Digimac

Adwants Digimac is a leading Digital Marketing and Media Research academy that aspires to grow as opinion leaders. They are a DMI licensee and offer comprehensive content writing courses in Mumbai Maharashtra to help our students grow.

We firmly believe that qualified practitioners are required in the Realm of Content Writing and try to develop them by providing in-depth and understanding. Their Content Writing Course is short and rigorous, with projects for writing and tips & tricks.


The TBS Indian School of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing is a leading digital marketing institution based in Mumbai. In the world of digital marketing, it mainly educates and trains aspirants. Professionals in business from the faculty cream at this college. They are among the most talented brains with a teaching passion.

Digital Bizware

Digital Bizware is the Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute in Mumbai, They train more than 35 + MODULES and 200 + TOPICS such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing Courses, Adwords Course (, Content Marketing Courses, Inbound Marketing, E-commerce, ORM and many more. We change our syllabus to the needs of the industry that can help the professional to be up-to-date.

Led by one of their own in-house experts, they’re going to teach you how to communicate effectively with your customers, attracting both business and loyalty.

Through their help, you can start creating entertaining, meaningful and sharing content as well as learning how to create communities and user calendars. They also explore more specific practices such as public Marketing and technical online promotion.

Silver Pen Writers

Silver Pen, an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, encourages and encourages creative writing careers through peer review workshops and discussion forums. The mission is to assist poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction writers of all ages in producing and publishing quality works, and to develop successful careers in writing.

Their goal is to promote and assist creative writers through peer review, outreach programs, writer workshops, surveys, conferences, symposia, blogs, internet tools, and forums, and to foster the growth of creative writing skills among Silver Pen members, young and eager writers, and the general public.

Nest Soft

NestSoft is an immensely common brand when it comes to content writing courses in Mumbai. It has been delivering the courses for a while now and the students and practitioners have provided a considerably strong response. NestSoft has been offering for a very long time tech tools and facilities along with training. The course is mainly devoted to teaching students to become copywriters, and they do have some other subjects for general SEO in the process.

Textuar Communications

Textuar was founded in 2011 with the goal of offering skilled quality writing services to clients across the globe. During this brief span of time, we have achieved considerable visibility through various manufacturing domains. This, in effect, has allowed us to bring tremendous and lasting value to our clients through our ability to create content.

They at Textuar discuss the art and science of technical content creation and copywriting through a comprehensive content writing in Mumbai training curriculum. This course is suitable for those who want to be exposed to high-performance writing content.

Their content writing training curriculum encompasses a broad variety of subjects that will allow you to project yourself as content writers in Mumbai of a caliber. Right from holding the customer at the forefront of your content writing services to delivering a masterpiece in your words, they’ll show you how it’s done in the area of enterprise-level content writing services.

Compete Infotech Academy

They create a live environment where you’ll love to learn from content writing classes. Their mentors and faculties have more than 5 years of experience in technical content writing, creative writing, website writing, article writing, business writing and many other styles of content writing. They are part of Compete Infotech, where their team delivers content writing and digital content marketing solutions to more than 500 + clients worldwide.

They are the most popular content training of content writing professionals for the internet marketing industry. More than 1000 + students rely on our content writing team members and are now successful in their web content writing professions.

Final Thoughts

Typically speaking, both of the above institutes are outstanding and well-known for their persistent efforts to supply students with the latest content writing courses in Navi Mumbai & techniques. Equally successful are all these preparation courses and programs but some are a step ahead of others.

This ends our list of the top five and insightful & best Content Writing Courses in Mumbai. If you’re serious about making content writing your passion, you’ll need to participate in the advanced content writing course and learn the content writing skills necessary to become good content writers in Mumbai

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