Top 20 Digital Marketing Influencers

Digital Marketing Influencers

The world of Digital marketing is sweeping over traditional business models. the advent of digital marketing and the influence of marketers in the business channels has revolutionized the way of selling and customer retention. It is no longer a static process but a continuous implementation of changing customer behaviour. It is thus important for business and future digital marketers to know and follow some personalities who are a milestone of success in the digital marketing industry.

1.Gary Vaynerchuk

He is known as the ‘father of influence marketing’ because he was the first marketing influencer who flourished on youtube through his shows. He is one of the best selling author, an angel investor as well the owner of Gary Vaynerchuk Digital Marketing agency. If you want to follow and learn from the best then he is the one.

2.Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the master of all trades in the field of Digital Marketing. He is the leading force behind the Digital Marketing revolution and is accredited as one of the best Digital Marketer in the world. He is also listed in the top 10 Digital Marketer list of Forbes. He is the founder of Crazy Eggs, HelloBar, KIssmetrics and several other platforms.

3.Ryan Deiss

He is the brain behind the Customer Value Optimization technique which is a major income model of online companies. He owns his own Digital Marketing Company that provides quality training in SEO and brand building. He has worked with some of the big players like Uber Spotify and InfusionSoft and earned an indelible reputation in the Digital Marketing Industry.

4.Rand Fishkin

He started as a blogger back in 2003 and from its revenue, he started a software company and then he developed tools for SEO and gained massive success after that. He is the founder of MOZ and one of the top Search engine Optimization and Marketing Influencer. If you want to polish your SEO techniques then do follow Rand to stay updated with the latest SEO trends.

5.Lary Kim

He is a digital marketing influencer, a coach and the CEO and founder of MobileMonkey and WordStream. Not only that, he is the top contributors on Medium and one of the most famous authors on Medium as well. He laid his contribution to world-famous organizations like Google and Facebook. Today, he is one of the best Google Ads and SEO Influencers.

6. Pam Moore

Her major strength lies in Social Media Optimization and framing conversion strategies. She coaches students and clients on subjects like Brand Building, Social Media Optimization and various lead generation strategy. She started as a social media marketing specialist and gradually made her way to one of the best digital marketing experts.

7. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris is the author of Wall Street Journal’s and New York Time’s list of best sellers book, 4-Hour Work Week. Commonly known as the ‘Bad Boy’ of digital marketing, he has placed bets on Facebook, Duolingo, Shopify as an investor. He is also known for his podcasts. He helps brands to grow, teaches clients business development models and holds leadership programs.

8.Kim Garst

If you are willing to dig deep into Social Media and turn it into a gold mine then Kim Garst is the name you should keep in mind. She is one of the most retweeted digital marketer ever and one of the top Social media Influencer. She was also included in the Forbes list of best Digital Marketing influencer. She is also a popular keynote speaker. She also serves IT giants like Microsoft, IBM and MasterCard.

9. Jennifer Polk

She has served as an advisor to Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Specialist all over the world. With that, she has an unmatched grip on the Multi-channel Marketing technique. She Helps e-commerce companies to grow, raise customer engagement and build brand awareness. If you want to polish the art of multi-channel marketing, then Jennifer can add the premium cherry on the cake.

10. Scott Stratten

Scotts specializes in the field of Video marketing and he is one of the top Video Marketing Influencer in the world. He is the brain behind several successful businesses. He is also the author of several books related to marketing and a keynote speaker. It is interesting to note that formerly he was in Music Industry marketing but later he grew as a successful digital marketer.

11. Bhavik Sarkhedi

He is the brain behind India’s fastest growing Content Agency, WriteRight and the author of 3 bestsellers- the Weak Pont Dealer, C to T of content writing and Will you walk a Mile with Me? Above all, he has been featured By Forbes India as one of the finest content writers in the country and recognized globally as one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the digital marketing Industry.

12. Jay Baer

“Turn Customers into more Customers’ is Jay’s. He specializes in viral marketing and lead generation. He is a genius of Customer retention and engagement and also well known for his podcasts. He owns the Convince and Converts Digital Marketing Agency which works with clients like Cisco. If you want to learn customer retention technique and increase the customer base of your business, then Jay Baer is the person you should follow.

13. Ann Handley

Ann Handley has been cited by Forbes as the Most Influential Women in Social Media Industry. A keynote speaker and a content marketing expert, Ann Handley has earned the title of ‘ World’s First Chief Content officer’ who helps brands to grow through content marketing techniques. She is also one of the best Wall Street Journal authors and written books like Everybody Writes’ and ‘Content Rules. You can subscribe to her newsletter if you want to stay updated with the latest Content Marketing Skills.

14. Justyn Howard

He is the CEO of Sprout Social and is a leading name in Social Media Marketing. He has helped more than 24,000 brands to grow their social media channels. If you want to brush up on your social media engagement skills then following him will be helpful. He is the best marketing influencer and social media growth hacker.

15. Eric Siu

He is the co-host of the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel. Having worked with companies like Amazon, Uber and Nordstrom, he has all the experience and expertise you need to grow your business. In fact, if your business makes more than $5 Million annually then he will personally suggest the strategy to grow more rapidly for free.

16. Barry Schwartz

He is the President and Owner at RustyBrick Inc and one of the finest Search engine marketing and web development expert. He specializes in reducing costs of business operation and increase sales revenue. If you want to learn the techniques of Search engine Marketing, then Barry Schwartz is the man to follow. He helps clients grow their business and increase brand visibility.

17. Mari smith

She is known as the “Queen Of Facebook Marketing’ and has a follower base of 1.7 Million people. She specializes in Facebook marketing and business strategies development. She provides pathways to clients for achieving their personal and business goals. She started early in 1999 and since then she has managed to climb the ladder of success and today is one of the best marketing influencers in the world.

18.Matt Bailey

He believes in Simplification. His prime goal is to simplify the complicated digital marketing frameworks and present them with practical and easy examples. He has worked with hundreds of companies, teaching the strategies of digital marketing and social media optimization. If digital marketing is what freaks you out then none can make you love it except Matt Bailey.

19. Joana Weibe

With an experience of over 15 years, this lady is the creator of Copy Hackers and co-founder of Airstory. She has worked with big companies like Crazy Eggs, MetaLab, Tesco etc. and helped them to increase their customer base and convert audiences. She has mentored over more than 50,000 people and organizations to improve their content and make it more powerful through her personalized mentorship.

20. Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies and served as an advisor for Cheap Tickets and New York Time Digital. She pours her valuable knowledge into her blogs, which were listed in the top Content Marketing Blog in 2012. She is the brain behind the Actionable Marketing Guide that gives marketing Insights on Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Keeping up with the best Marketing Professional is important today to keep your knowledge brushed and fresh. The above-given list will help you find who you should follow to learn the desired skills. They have been helping business to grow and acquire a new customer base. They have dedicated their time and energy to reshape the world of digital marketing through their knowledge and expertise. Digital marketing is a booming industry and if one desires to make a name here then he/she must stick to the golden rules of digital marketing and understand them these famous personalities will help you to pave the way to your dreams.

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