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Top 3 Content Writing Services In India

Content Writing Services In India

Every businessman is searching for ways through which he/she will increase brand awareness and recognition. Over the last decade, branding has emerged as the sure way of succeeding in business. It’s just not concerned with the name and logo of the business. It is the process of pushing customers to reach and interact with the business in a certain way. The better your brand is the better people recognise your business as it’s just similar to a promise to your customers. The design of the logos and the uniqueness of the name are just not the heart of a brand.

The core of a brand revolves around the meaning of your business. The better you express services using the least number of words, the better your branding campaign is. Content writing can leverage a brand, and to any extent, it is the best way to produce quality content too. Content writing has emerged as one of the core elements of a business, as it impacts the audience more than any other marketing technique.

What is Content Writing?

Every company’s website contains unique, yet engaging content. Whenever the user reads the content there is always some or the other call to action related to it, and this call to action is further appended with another call to action. Customers’ interest increases, as and when he/she dives deeper through the website. And, finally, at some point in time, the audience is converted to lead and further conversion takes place. This is how a business uses content writing to boost brand recognition and sales. In other words, it is the key to build a successful brand image.

Content writing in other words is the use of writers’ unique identifiable tone, voice, and style across your channels to boost sales and achieve a considerable level of brand recognition.

What are the benefits of content writing?

A company’s end goal is to boost sales and to do so one has to write content in a way that impacts customers. Providing you the ways to create cohesive pieces of articles, content writing ensures consistency especially in brand messaging. And, this is probably one of the factors determining the growth and success of your business. It’s not only to create creative, engaging and at times viral content but consistency while doing the same is important as well.

A businessman would always wish to have steady growth in all aspects of the business. Everything in business is controllable, except the trust of customers. But, there are proven techniques such as branding through great content writing that allows you to have control of your customers’ trust. Content on the other hand affects you from all aspects, right from social media and website to information brochures and business communications. There must be a unique style of content, and by keeping the same, one ensures that the brand image is ultimately maintained.

The importance of content

As and when a particular business starts focusing on new content marketing types and increases its budget, the need to ensure that you are making the most out of your content writing arises. You as a businessman would surely want to come up with a kind of content that not only resonates with your customers but also, elevates your brand. One of the main benefits of content writing is increased audience retention. If implemented correctly it will surely generate a positive experience for your customers and encourage turning back to the company.

It’s rather more important for a business to continually reinforce the brand and catch customers in new and exciting ways. If you want to increase your social media traction, content writing is the best means using which you can gain the same. While you have a channel on social media but aren’t getting enough audience interaction, a change in content writing technique might work. Rework on your ways of creating content and review your metrics, finally, you can examine, record, evaluate, define and implement the new technique. Sometimes, a slight change in the way you write might work.

Why is content seen as currency?

With the growing competition all over the ‘World Wide Web’, brand recognition is one of the crucial factors that determine in what way your business is facing. To achieve the monthly or yearly sales targets, one has to ensure that quality with creativity is consistent throughout a specific period of time. With the market condition heading in such a direction, many companies often look at content as currency. In this digital world marketing is the product of a stream of content and social actions. This is why, blogging, video creation, and influencer marketing are all at their peak at current times.

Content has been used as a form of trade to catch customers’ attraction. And this attraction if appended with some good call to action will lead to a sale. The value of this currency increases when an individual interacts with a particular business, either by reading a blog, watching a video, hovering over the website, or in other spending time on their platform. This is often termed user engagement.

The market (search engines like Google) understands what good content is, and there are parameters fixed by each search engine to determine whether particular content is good. It recognises the importance of good content and ranks each one of them based on the parameters. So, does the need for quality content that is non-plagiarised and non-paraphrased arises. It’s up to the content writer and content marketer to create content that is worth sharing. Sometimes, the content is validated, the other times it’s rejected, and it’s more important to create a conversation.

Suppose, an organisation has come up with a new deal, the way they will convey this message to the audience is by content. Sometimes the deal is good, other times it’s not too impressive from a customer’s point of view, but what’s important is that whatever you had to convey has been conveyed. Customers have the choice of whether to react positively or negatively to that particular deal.

How to create quality content?

Now, that we have hovered over the benefits of content writing in brand marketing, it’s time now to answer the question that might be in your mind, how do you create quality content?

Unlike marketing and other business processes content writing is a trial and error process. A constant process with an aim to convey the brand message whilst engaging your audience and attracting customers. All you need is a perfect balance between both your tone of writing and the aim of conveying a brand message.

It’s just the matter of resources, a businessman must have a content writer and an editor in his/her bag to initiate the process. On the other hand, if one cannot afford these, it’s best to join hands with some content writing agencies, we will be discussing this in the next section. A writer must know each and everything that’s included in brand marketing. Some things would be, the way that a particular write-up will be marketed, important keywords that must be present, so that it ranks well, and last but not least, the brand message that must be conveyed through the particular write-up.

A writer must be able to adjust his/her tone when writing on different types of content like social media, website content, blogs, and articles, etc. Apart from this he/she must be able to initiate thorough research (if needed) about the topic and come up with the best possible write-up.

Can’t afford a content writer? What’s the alternative?

Hiring a content writer is easy, but at times, it might not be possible for a businessman to hire a writer and pay him monthly fees. If you belong to the same category, wait, the world’s not over yet. There are other alternatives to hiring a freelance content writer or joining hands with a content writing agency.

Now there are some things to note before proceeding. No matter, with which option you go, you have to pay approximately the same amount, but choosing a content writing agency gives you an upper hand. These guys have in-house content editors, who proofread the write-up and ensure that it is at its best.  They usually focus on key aspects such as plagiarism, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes. Apart from this, they also pay attention to the client’s requirements.

There are a lot of content writing agencies out there, but what you would want is the best as you don’t want this small mistake to hamper your marketing strategy. But no worries,  you don’t have to spend your time on research as of now, we have got you the top 3 content writing service providers in India. All three content writing service providers are chosen through immense research. So, here goes the first.

Write Right:

Founded in 2016, Write Right is the topmost content writing service provider on our list. It’s a 360-degree content writing agency headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. They have an overall rating of 4.9 stars for around 1000+ reviews all over the internet. Over the past few years Write Right has emerged as the best content writing agency to provide the best-ranking quality content to various businesses. A free-flowing, easy to understand, and most importantly informative has the key to success for Wright Right. Delivering such content with immense accuracy and consistency is unbelievable, but they have proved that there’s nothing impossible.

Boosting rankings through quality content has become the top choice for lots of businesses. They are amongst those content writing service providers who are good to deliver eye-catching content. Due to the fact that they have the ability to provide content that ranks well with the best possible accuracy and consistency, it’s easy for businesses to focus on other aspects as ranking and lead generation are eliminated due to Wright Right.

They have the best in-house writers and editors who are trained to write almost every type of content whilst keeping in mind the end goal of the client. Writers have the ability to change tones and adapt to different content types within a short time frame. Also, editors have the ability to proofread the content as the end goal would be to minimize errors and deliver the best write-up possible.

They are the most premier brands in the content writing industry. Over the recent past, they have spread their roots in foreign countries as well. Also, they are affordable to small businesses whose end goal is to have some content on the internet with a good ranking and increase brand recognition. So, if you are looking for content that can bring in change, Wright Right is the best option to choose from.


Just like Wright Right, Taletel is a content writing services provider. According to our research, these are ranked 2nd amongst the horde of content writing service providers in India. They specialize in SOP (Statement of Purpose) content and have well-trained and skilful in-house content writers and editors. Founded in 2014, they have a rating of 4.7 and have successfully delivered quality content with 0 client complaints over the recent past.

They help you edit, organize and publish your content, which means even if you are getting things done from them, they will surely be holding your hand to publish the content and ensure that it ranks well. Their services span over 20+ kinds of content types, and they ensure that they have a well-qualified and trained task force in their hood. According to our report, Taletel has delivered quality SOPs (Statement of Purpose) over the recent past. Apart from this, they are one of very few content writing service providers who deliver the services of novel writing.

As you now know that their background in the content writing services domain is as bright as a star, they do assist organisations to achieve short-term business goals. They know that helping organisations with both internal and external organisations is just like a cherry on the cake. They have a dynamic approach to each content type and are well suited if you are looking for a modern approach to content creation. Furthermore, they prefer experimentation over the traditional path, and this helps them to deliver the best of content according to the client’s demand. Their services being tailor-made for every client gives them an upper hand over other content writing service providers.


Third, on the list, we have Estorytellers. They have a massive client base spreading their roots over many foreign countries. They believe that students are the future of this emerging world, and assisting them to convey the exact message within short sentences to the employer would be the best approach to help them excel in life. That’s what they have been doing in the recent past. They specialize in SOP, resume writing, and LOR’s. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, it’s a subsidiary of Wright Right.

They have a strong team of writers, editors, and creative business minds that ensures that not all the hard and smart work is done by a single entity. They have a team of 50+ professionals who ensure that every work assigned has equal importance and must be completed with the same quality and submitted within time. The team contains a young individual, yet the experience isn’t lacking. They have delivered content over a wide band of the spectrum whilst ensuring that the quality isn’t hampered.

They are one of the top-ranked and top-rated organisations providing content writing services, and they do have a speciality to deliver work to each client within the deadline, no matter what. For them, every task is no less than a priority. They do have a writing team who have the knowledge to adjust themselves to whatever content tone possible and deliver their best. Also, the editors ensure that the end goal is achieved and the brand message is conveyed, with no quality issues and grammatical errors. It’s believed that nothing else, but the hard work of the employees who work as a family in the success of a company. Estorytellers have achieved a lot within a short period of time.

After all, based on the above qualities of this content writing service agency, a rating of 4.7 stars is well justified.


These hints and tips will help you to make a perfect decision to choose a content writing team for your brand. As we discussed, brands nowadays are just not bound to company names and logos, there are a lot of things to be considered. Decide what your audience likes, what kind of audience do you have, how to attract more, deciding all this, you might want to make a perfect brand marketing strategy. And, finally, once you have the strategy, convey the same to some professional content writing service providers to craft out the best write-up possible. Also, don’t forget to ensure quality along with consistency, that’s the key to your success. 

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