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Top 5 Content Marketers in India

Content Marketers in India

Today, content marketing has become a fantastic model for marketers and advertisers. The trend towards using social platforms as a source for news consumption or entertainment indicates how behaviours are continuing to develop in the social arena, which shows that consumers now seem to favour activities that are more passive but are determined in nature. Although content marketing used to be an approach to separate yourself from your competitors, it has now become a need for any cutting-edge brand.

Customary or regular marketers have a long time ago utilized content to disperse data about a brand and construct a brand’s standing. Exploiting mechanical advances in transportation and correspondence, entrepreneurs began to apply content advertising procedures in the late nineteenth century. They additionally endeavoured to assemble associations with their clients.

What exactly is Content Marketing, and why there is a need for content marketing?

Content marketing is a promoting process that acknowledges the fact that most consumers are currently capable of ignoring the noise of the advertising endeavours they are being presented to consistently. It is a method that includes making and curating interesting, applicable content that your clients will discover helpful and significant. It is the speciality of speaking with your expected clients without straightforwardly offering to them. Rather than essentially selling your offerings and items, you give data to your clients that can show them something. If this is done accurately, you will be marketing without intruding on your clients’ lives, and you could, at last, be remunerated with their business, support, and faith.

We live in a time where quality content has become the standard for businesses, not the exemption, and content marketing permits them to create and convey the data audiences need.

Reasons why content marketing is essential?

  • It built a relationship with your customers as the more worth you can provide with your content and make it engaging, the simpler it will be to fabricate trust with your intended audience.
  • It helps your Search engine ranking with its results and upgrades social media strategies because web optimization has a significant influence in improving visibility for your business on the internet. Nonetheless, if you need to improve SEO (search engine optimization), you need to make enhanced content for your business to grow.
  • Great help in improving brand reputation: The affordability of content marketing makes it a vital strategy for small and private companies to amplify their spending plan.
  • Content that offers some benefit for your customer base will help increment brand awareness and loyalty by reinforcing the connections you have with clients.
  • Content marketing also helps you set yourself apart from competitors, as in the bustling digital market centre, it’s fundamental that your venture separates itself from other competitors.

With every advantage of content marketing, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why is content marketing significant for organizations. Not exclusively does content marketing help you support permeability, yet it can likewise help you assemble more grounded associations with your leads and clients. If you genuinely need to see the significance of content marketing in real life, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin.

list of the top 5 content marketers in India

1. Amit Panchal

Amit Panchal is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry with SMM, SEO, Content Marketing, and Reputation Management. He is known for making outstanding marking and branding solutions for different brands. He manages content of all Social Media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., and along with creating, implement and monitor Digital Marketing strategies that are up to date with industry needs. He also Develops and implements monetization plans for Mobile apps and website optimization. Alongside, he gives training to the SEO Team and updates about current trends in Digital Marketing and responsible for the integrated development and maintenance of digital assets website, social media platforms, blogs, etc.

He states 3 Golden rules of business- today, tomorrow, and forever.

  • Don’t find customers for your products. Rather, find products for your customers.
  • Don’t chase. Attract.
  • Treat your customers the way you wish to get treated.

Moreover, he is also a co-founder of BLOOD MONK- a social initiative for donating blood, which is why he has been appreciated by the huge range of media for this noble cause.

2. Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju a digital marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. He also runs a digital marketing company- PixelTrack, and has numerous Fortune 500 companies as his clients. Moreover, he is an author, a trainer, and a consultant in the field of digital marketing and has worked with certain startups, including Razorpay, Instamojo, Practo, and MoEngage. He is also a TEDx speaker. He runs the world’s largest Digital Marketing group on Facebook called “Learn Digital Marketing”. Motorcycling and playing guitar are his hobbies.

DigitalDeepak says that he got into digital marketing by accident as it was not planned. Certain challenges channelled his energy and brought him here, and now he is happy to reach this position. His first startup was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice, which finally became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with one lakh+ follower and 1 Million+ page views per month. Later, in 2012 he had an exit from BankAdvice and started working as a digital marketing manager in certain startups. He has also written a book on entrepreneurship called Edge of Sanity.

He has become a well-known brand and is ranked as one of India’s ten digital marketing blogs.

3. Bhavik Sarkhedi

Bhavik Sarkhedi is an experienced Content Consultant, Professional Content Writer, Standup Comedian, and the author of four published books. The founder and the CEO of ‘Write Right’ a 4-year-old top-notch content writing agency and the 2nd highest-reviewed agency in India that primarily focuses on businesses and startups with a technological background. Known for creative names for his books and his organizations, Bhavik Sarkhedi is flourishing to rule the worldwide market as he accepts he has reached and covered the Indian content writing services market completely. Also, he has written for Entrepreneur India Magazine, HuffingtonPost, Your story, and 15 other reputed blogs.

Bhavik Sarkhedi is a proud Indian content writer who has gotten his place among the internationally famous experts. An enthusiastic and goal-oriented writer of the 90s has begun his excursion from individual journal composing, and today, he is the role model in ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Content Writing’.

4. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is a young innovator and a budding entrepreneur with a masters’ degree holder in Worldwide Marketing Management from Leeds University and a proud former student of Loyola College, Chennai. He started his profession at 17 years old as a Search engine optimization executive and independent content writer. He was agreed with the Best Market Research Presentation Award, Class Champion 08, and won numerous different awards in his college. He started echoVME- a Digital Marketing Agency, in Jan 2011. Besides, he has hosted Personal Branding and Leadership, Digital Marketing 360, Facebook Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing programs.

He has been listed as the top social media marketers and awarded as ‘Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India”. Also, Sorav has helped and trained more than 1 lakh professionals in the field of Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Facebook Advertisements and has offered his lectures at Confederation of Indian Industry, NASSCOM, TiE Chennai, TiE Coimbatore, National Entrepreneurship Network, IIM – Kozhikode, LIBA, GLIM, Madras Chamber of Commerce, PSE University and at various other esteemed institutes.

5. Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik is a Storyteller, Digital Branding Strategist, Personal Branding Practitioner, Marketer, Consultant, Speaker, and Podcaster. He helps Indian brands stand out and connect with the audience via emotions using Contextual Content Marketing and Paid Ads. He dropout his final year of engineering college thrice and started with his first-ever call centre job as an undergraduate in 2010 for just Rs. 9700 per month.

He got his first digital marketing job in 2015, and moving ahead in this domain; he was a Sr. Digital Marketing Trainer at DSIM during 2015 -2016 and a Product Manager for Digiperform during 2017 – 2018. Currently, he is providing services in Marketing Consulting, Brand Consulting, Business Consulting, Training, Public Speaking, Corporate Training, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

There’s no denying that content reigns supreme and social media is the fuel of choice.
To go viral on the internet, brands are putting their best foot forward by creating unique, relatable, and shareable content. There are no signs that Social Media Marketing is going away, and firms are working hard to improve their content.
Content marketing can aid in the development of a larger online audience for your company. Most major corporations rely on high-quality, compelling content to keep ahead of their competitors. As a result, it’s critical to hire the best content marketing company in India, one that can help you develop a solid content marketing strategy and produce high-quality material that connects with and engages your online customers. We have compiled the best list of India’s best five content marketers to make your search easier. In recent years, Indian firms have made content marketing a primary emphasis. As a result, the rise of content marketing agencies in India is not surprising. We believe the list above is an excellent place to start when looking for content marketers in India. As the demand for content grows, the number of content marketing agencies in India will also grow. Look no further if you’re new to content marketing and need a guide or tools to get started.

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