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Top 5 Ebook Writing and Ghostwriting Services to Hire in 2024!

Ebook Writing and Ghostwriting Services

Writing is one of those significant skills that not everyone possesses. You may have a mind-blowing concept, but writing it down on the document is a monotonous job. You need to have an understanding of the magical words that can best describe your concept. In such cases, despite having a great script, several professionals hire proficient writers to pen down their thoughts into words. Beyond writing, you also need editing, proofreading to make the final product more readable for prospects. This is where ghostwriting and eBook writing come in.

The Ghostwriting and eBook writing services are those forms of writing that deliver writing demands to clients by deploying all their ideas and guidelines. Authors pen down stories from different genres within their instructions in ebook writing. If you are searching out for any such services, you have stopped at the right editorial. Here you will discover the top 5 eBook and ghostwriting writing services that fulfill your writing demands efficiently.

Digging deep about Ghost Writing – What is it?

Ghostwriting, in simple terms, is writing down the text on behalf of someone else by using their concept and ideas. As discussed in the earlier section, not every individual has the skills to express concepts, ideas, and stories using words. They have a rough sketch of what they want to convey, but writing them on a document is monotonous. In contrast, ghostwriters/ writing agencies are freelancers who work on behalf of a person and also don’t demand any credit. Ghostwriters/ writing agencies pen down text for clients in the form of speeches, online web content, blogs, articles, non-fiction eBooks, books, book proposals, etc.

The emblematic form of ghostwriting is describing a well-known public figure. These figures may include celebrities, politicians, athletes, industry owners, musicians, and many other known personalities. These famous individuals hire ghostwriters to draft their life stories and promote themselves.

However, the ghostwriting services, with time, have evolved. Nowadays, ghostwriters are not only writing a biography; rather, they have skills in drafting all classifications of writing. Ghostwriters/ writing agencies in this tech-trend domain fulfill almost all your writing demands without taking any credit for it. They represent the author’s voice content and get paid for it. So, if you anticipate an engaging form of text writing, you must use ghostwriters, as they are skilled in drafting all forms of content.

Who needs ghostwriting services and why?

Ghostwriting services are indispensable services that are most needed by businesses these days. All sorts of businesses from every domain and niche require Ghostwriters to draft content for their online business platforms. Ghostwriters empower businesses by creating engaging website content to attract visitors. Beyond website content, ghostwriters also do generate all forms of online content to enhance search engine visibility for businesses. These forms of content include:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Press release
  • Presentations
  • How to guides
  • White papers
  • Recipes
  • Technical writing
  • Landing pages
  • Quizzes
  • eBooks
  • Meta description
  • Titles
  • eCommerce product description
  • Amazon product detail
  • User manuals and many more

Apart from businesses, authors and script creators also need ghostwriting services. The ghostwriting services pen down their imaginary and non-fictional thoughts to create immersive eBooks and stories for authors.

Like said in the previous paragraphs, if you are a prevalent individual or public figure, you can hire eBook writing services to write an account of your life history.

Why should you hire Ghost Writing and eBook writing services?

Now that you are clear who requires a Ghostwriting service, you should acknowledge why it is important to hire professional ghostwriting services. Amongst all perks, the primary advantage that you would accomplish is proficiency in writing. Ghostwriters are usually skilled native writers who have the highest degree of certification in writing. This empowers them to draft the most precise content as per client demand. However, besides proficiency, several other perks end users can attain. Below are some other indispensable benefits that you can attain from eBook/ Ghostwriting services.

Ghostwriters Are in High Demand

Every year, the writing industry makes more room for new ghostwriters to enter the fray. Some contemporary ghostwriters even receive credit — or acknowledgement — from the author of the publication as a token of appreciation for their efforts on the project.

Everyone has a story inside them, but many people believe they have little or no grammatical or specialized knowledge, creativity, or time to finish it. Fortunately, good writers for hire, known as ghostwriters, will collaborate with you to begin writing your story. Perhaps you are an expert in a particular field with valuable information or want to hear about your experiences through an autobiography. Hiring a ghostwriter may be the best option if you want to create significant, marketable work.

Determine the type of writer you’re looking for. To write your story, contact a better writer with a demonstrated history of work and several published works. You can hire a novice to save money, but many people have no idea of the effort required to ghostwrite works of significant length and may cancel the contract. Determine whether the author you want to hire requires additional knowledge of a specific field or a specific writing style, as well as whether you would like to work with such a local writer or even someone via the Internet. Before hiring a writer, make sure to request writing samples.

Specify which writing services you require. You should tell the author how much research work you expect them to do. You could have extensive notes and guidance for how each episode should be accomplished, or you could have a one-page synopsis. If you’re writing an autobiography, you could provide journals and engages with the writer at various intervals. Perhaps you’ve written half of the story and really need the author to acclimate your style and finish the other half. Explaining accurately what offerings you require will increase your chances of finding the right author for having a good project.

Make a financial offer right away. Writers would like to be paid for their efforts. Though writers frequently seek financial risks on personal projects, no one wants to work on someone else’s project for free. Due to the obvious highly fluid, possible occurrence of the publishing industry, even the best-written manuscripts are frequently rejected and never published. Few skilled writers ghostwrite on a contract or for the possibility of payment at the end of publishing.

Browse through classified ads and freelance websites. Advertisements for writers searching for work can be found in writing magazines such as Facebook groups or links, here is the list of some agencies that offer ghostwriting and other services that are publication related. Consider posting a classified ad, Monster, or a writing bulletin board, such as Complete and utter Write, detailing the job and the type of experience you seek.

Look through previously published works to identify possible writers to contact. If you find a professional writer you want to work with, you should probably contact their agent to discuss possible negotiations. You can also ask agencies for writer-specific suggestions and information on writers who are currently looking for ghostwriting work.

General benefits that you can achieve from Ghostwriting services

Professional ghostwriting services saves you time

Drafting content for a business is not as easy as you think! It may seem to be a mere task. But it includes gathering keywords, choosing topics, integrating ideas, and many more. In such cases, drafting content would expand the time for text creation. As a marketer, you would always fall short of time as per the market demand. This will offer your competitors an additional advantage over you.

However, hiring a professional ghostwriter is always a wise decision. It will significantly save your time, and you can develop writings as per your consumer demand. Some ghostwriting services also strategize writing for you. This will help you save more time. You can concentrate on other elements of your business that will help you generate more revenue.

Ghost writers’ saves you cost

Another significant assistance that you accomplish from ghostwriters is saving on cost. As a business, you will always anticipate saving costs in operations to generate more profit. In such cases, hiring an in-house writer will always add more cost. Drafting a single content would cost you expensive. Besides, you don’t need to write 365 days a year. There are times when you might not need to create content for your business marketing needs. But you would have to pay the employee you have hired. This will add more expenses to your costs to the company for employees. Tax payment, management, and offering them extra allowances are again hassles that are hard to manage. So, it is better to hire ghostwriting agencies.

Search engine optimized content

Ghostwriting agencies are well-equipped with search engine optimizing bits of knowledge. With years of expertise in drafting content for digital marketing, they know the magic to create search-engine-friendly contents. They will draft content that will empower your business to index the top of SERPs. The ghostwriters usually have precise knowledge about SEO, they ingrate all keywords in a natural flow that helps you create the most traffic boosting content. If the ghostwriting is assured precisely, you will expect results slowly after months.

Get full credits for the content.

Ghostwriters draft your content without asking you any credit or right for it. They will simply create content on your behalf using your ideas and concepts. Ghostwriting agencies sometimes even offer you credit for writing and stories that they have created from scratch. This is empowering for businesses that are using content for branding objectives. You can take full control of the contents to influence your prospects towards your brand. As a brand, you can stand as an authority by publishing those meritious content.

Fresh writing every time 

Another significant perk that you attain from ghostwriting services is new writings on current interests. Usually, the ghostwriters at writing agencies are industry experts who conduct backend researches for content every time. This will help you bring fresh writing every time you order for it. They cater to the writing demands by covering the most recent topics that attain maximum reader engagement. Writers from different locales can draft specific content in diverse languages as well.

Regular production of content

The ghostwriting services never stop; they craft you content all-time in a year. You can order for writing at any time you need. Some agencies also work round the clock to offer you content before your deadlines. Thus, if you are looking for writers to pen your concept, ghostwriting services is the best suitable option for you.

Authentic and plagiarism-free content

In this competitive world, you will find several businesses using content to promote their businesses. Sometimes you can find many businesses having repetitive and similar content. Some do also have the exact same concept. This will create a negative impact on your business, and readers will refrain from endowing trust in you. Besides, copyright strikes also may make it more vulnerable. However, in contrast, ghostwriting services offer you the most authentic content. They even use advanced tools that aid them in eliminating any plagiarized texts to make your content the most unique.

What cost do the ghostwriting agencies charge you?

Listing down all the benefits will make this editorial endless. There are several perks that you uncover with time. However, you might have queries about ghostwriting agencies’ costs after significance. Well, this guide also covers this query.

Stereotypically, the cost of ghostwriting services comes based on words. They charge you per word that your content includes. As per industry standards, most ghostwriting agencies charge you INR 3- 7 per word, depending on the nature of the content.

Further, the cost of words also varies for content like Web content, articles, blogs, eBooks, recipes, technical content, and several other forms of content. You can find the details on the price of ghostwriting services by asking them for a quote. Several ghostwriting agencies also define a parallel pricing structure for all their services. It would be best if you choose wisely by comparing different ghostwriting agencies.

Now that you know all the information about ghostwriting services, here are the top five eBook and ghostwriting services that you can compare.

Five top-tier eBook and Ghostwriting services to hire

1. Write Right

Write Right has been a prominent name in the domain. It has its own reputation right from its initial days. Drafting high-quality content before deadlines is one of the qualities that make it significant from its contemporary. The quality that you can anticipate from Write Right is nowhere less of a bestseller. Write Right is an absolute pleasure to work with, as it fulfills all client’s demands. It has drafted several contents for a wide range of businesses, and the traffic that they offer is impeccable.

Write Right is best known for its eBook writing services. They convey the story the way it deserves to be told. Apart from writing, it also does provide editing services. This makes your content error-free. You can also expect an affordable price range at Write Right; It is incredibly a great agency to work with.

2. Bloggism

It is another prevalent entity in the writing domain. It has been quite famous for creating the most engaging content for clients for years. It includes eBooks, web content, blogs, articles, and all other forms of online content. They have an extensive team of experienced ghostwriters that empowers them to cater to clients’ every need. It has always maintained its consistency when it comes to quality. All the clients who attained writing from Bloggism have always returned with huge writing demands again.

Apart from the quality, faster turnaround time is one of its qualities. Clients can expect delivery of orders even much before the deadline. Bloggism always help businesses to target audience using precise words usage. The text content that they draft is more influencing. In eBook writing, Bloggism is also a hit! It creates all styles of eBook writing; It includes fictional, non-fictional memoirs, and many more. Bloggism is a one-stop-shop for all your writing demands.

3. Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz comes subsequent in the list with an undisputed reputation to date. The writings that Kalam Kagaz offered created a tremendous change to the writing domain. It also revolutionizes writing by drafting unique content every time. This organization is also a client favorite; once a client avails of Kalam Kagaz, it never leaves them. The quality of eBooks and other forms of writing that it creates is always high. It also successfully maintains all its quality.

The most significant quality of Kalam Kagaz is it offers you the best privacy and affordability. All the business communication remains confidential, and the documents also get secured. In price, you will get a suitable price that suits your budget. Besides that, Kalam Kagaz also has industry experts known for in-depth research and efficiency. Apart from just writing, they also deliver you a comprehensive range of services, including editing, typesetting, branding, and many more.

4. Taletel

Taletel is also one of the most prominent ghostwriting agencies on the list. It is a popular writing agency that has retained its popularity over the years with quality work. With premium quality of writing, Taletel has been producing unmatched experiences for all businesses. What makes it better than contemporaries is its adverse understanding of eBook writing. They know how to represent the stories engagingly to make them the bestseller.

Taletel is famous for implementing the client’s idea exactly. It conducts several online meetings to understand and visualize your thoughts. In writing, Taletel also creates a precise persona that connects well with the audience. In a nutshell, Taletel is an organization to find affordability, quality, and deadline adherence. The mode of communication to Taletel is also seamless. You can communicate with writers directly and convey to them your thoughts. Taletel also keeps in touch with the client during the entire writing process to help them with quality service.

5. Estorytellers

Estorytellers are renowned and prevalent writing agencies in the industry today. They have achieved such a strong place in the industry with supreme quality of content drafting. They have an extensive team of committed ghostwriters who draft exquisite content by investing hours in research. They find out all related insights and facts to ensure the content is unique and informative.

Estorytellers also create follow-up calls with clients to develop new ideas to integrate into the content. However, every new idea they integrate is after having permissions from the clients. They have a dedicated team of eBook writers who are proficient in creating fiction and non-fictional writing in different genres. Every service that you attain at Estorytellers is quite transparent. Whether it is price, payment modes, or terms, you will find them suitable for your business.


In conclusion, these are the top five eBook and Ghostwriting services you can spot in the writing industry. Now that you know the best five agencies, you can approach them to meet your writing needs. Apart from that, it would be best if you always accumulate user reviews to make a more informed decision. You may find a plethora of ghostwriting and eBook writing services, but you should always pick one with the qualities that offer you results. If you have any more recommendations, you can write them in the comment section below.

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