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Top 50 Digital Marketers in the World [Verified 2024]

Digital Marketers in the World

Digital Marketing has become vital to most businesses in today’s world and it’s solely due to the fact that a larger audience coverage can be achieved, since majority of the individuals all across the world have access to Internet. Keeping up with the advancements happening at a relatively fast pace in the world is crucial to businesses so as to better their strategies in order to see growth at a professional level. The tool that a business applies while performing marketing functions to cater to niche or large sets of audiences can essentially be regarded as an asset in the world of digital marketing, since it is done on an online platform and over time, services can be bettered and fulfill people’s expectations.

While diving into digital marketing, remember to keep in mind the numerous operations that an individual must have knowledge in such as affiliate marketing, managing and keeping check on SEO, content marketing, e-commerce, etc.

To stay informed and have a better understanding of what’s happening in the Digital Marketing space as per some Digital Marketing experts as well as specialists in the field, listed here below are the top 50 Digital Marketers in the world:

1. Neil Patel – The co-founder of KISSmetric, Hello Bar and Crazy Egg, Neil Patel has been regarded as an individual who has been sought-after for his extensive knowledge with respect to digital marketing. His expertise involves educating people with the aid of guides and tutorials and he is also famous for having been a consultant for companies such as NBC, Amazon, etc.

2. Ryan Deiss – Ryan Diess is popular for having made approaches in this field, famous among people. He is the founder as well as CEO of The website allows interested marketing people in the make to receive certification as well as training in Digital Marketing.

3. Ann Handley – A trailblazer in digital marketing, Ann Handley is famous for being the author to some popular reads like “Content Rules”, ”Everybody Writes”, etc., and for providing inspiration to marketing people everywhere and will be the right content consultant to approach. She co-founded ClickZ and is the Head of Content at a company referred to as “MarketingProfs” which deals with providing training to marketers.

4. Rand Fishkin – The author of “Lost and Founder” and a blogger who is ardent, he is the cofounder of Moz, a company dealing with SEO. In 2018, 4 years after having left Moz, introduced his company “SparkToro”. He is famous for having immense knowledge in the field of advanced SEO and his articles can be accessed on Moz.

5. Bhavik Sarkhedi – Bhavik Sarkhedi is the founder and CEO of ‘Write Right’, an independent company dealing with content writing, mainly targeting startups and businesses with a background in technology. He has been regarded as the top content consultant in India and has actively contributed to various International magazines such as Yourstory, Huffinton Post, Entrepreneur and many more.

6. Larry Kim – Larry Kim is one of the most dominant PPC Marketer in the industry and is the founder and former CTO at WordStream, Inc and these websites are the leaders with respect to providing keyword tools, AdWords, etc. He has been designated the name “Marketer of the Year” in 2020. He is a contributor to HubSpot in the form of a guest blogger.

7. Joe Pulizzi
– The founder of CMI, which is a Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pullizi is a wellknown podcaster, speaker and he is also the best-selling author of ‘Content Inc’. His business aims to teach marketing people the nuances of the useful tools when it comes to content marketing.

8. Lilach Bullock – Based in London, Lilach Bullock has been regarded as an expert in the field of content marketing, social influencer, etc. and is also a professional speaker, having accomplished many achievements. Oracle and Forbes has listed her as one of the top influencers in the social space.

9. Justyn Howard – He is the company Sprout Social’s CEO and they deal with functions of analytics as well as management of social media. He has been regarded as one of the top digital market influencers as he as provided aid to over 24,000 agencies and brands to help run their channels of social media in an effective manner.

10. Eric Siu – He is known for co-hosting the Marketing School podcast side by side Neil Patel and has contributed effectively to big companies like Amazon, Uber and Nordstrom by helping come up with strategies specific to the digital platform in order to assist the growth of business.

11. Barry Schwartz – He is Search Engine Roundtable’s Editor and is an innovative mind in the area of search engine marketing. He is also the Owner and President at the company RustyBrick Inc., and he is a specialist when it comes to providing help to businesses by cost reduction as well as increment in sales.

12. Pam Moore – Being the co-founder and CEO of an agency that handles with consultations as well as social media through digital approaches, Pam Moore is popular among people for the purpose of grasping social media and growth in businesses. She is flexible with respect to training individuals in the corporate field by handling workshops, branding for businesses, development of brands, etc.

13. Jay Baer – Having authored 6 business books that were best-selling and being the founder of a firm that deals with digital practices that provides services to various well-known brands like Cisco, Oracle, Nike, etc., Jay Baer is one of the top digital marketing influencers out there and believes in working in a smart but, not hard.

14. Tommy Griffith – He is the SEO manager for AirBNB as well as Paypal and also happens to be the founder of a company referred to as ‘ClickMinded’, which branched out from being just a course for SEO in the year 2017, to a ground that covers instructions for paid advertising, content marketing and many more functions. He has been regarded as one among many leaders in the digital marketing industry.

15. Mari Smith – Mari Smith is an influential character with respect to imparting knowledge when it comes to business strategies of various kinds and her strong suit, which is marketing over Facebook. Ever since the year 1999, she has had a keen interest in Internet marketing and aims to effectively come up with content that could be deemed as valuable to entrepreneurs as well as owners of businesses.

16. Matt Bailey – One of the authors that are up in the list with respect to strategies about digital marketing is Matt Bailey, as he is a brilliant mind when it comes to providing explanations regarding concepts that may cause confusion to readers. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry dealing with online marketing, he has expertise in educating companies as well as conducting workshops from the year 2002.

17. Darren Rowse – Darren Rowse is the founder of Problogger, which was born in 2004 and informs fellow bloggers about blogging skills and it acts as a platform for enabling individuals to share their experiences with the help of their respective blogs, as well as the founder and editor at Digital Photography School as well as TwiTip, which provides tips for Twitter in the form of a blog. He happens to be an acknowledged podcaster and blogger.

18. Jon Morrow – Jon Morrow began his company Smart Blogger in the year 2012 but, before that, he did work for the company Copyblogger, having the position of associate editor and due to the popularity of his posts, he was able to garner over 3 million views with is work and this, thus helped increase traffic for the company.

19. Jeff Bullas – The CEO of, this entrepreneur as well as content specialist had been listed in Forbes as number one Global Content Marketing Influencer. He has also been under the spotlight for Inc as a digital marketing influencer among the top 20 other influencers.

20. Gael Breton – As the chief editor and co-founder at the company Authority Hacker, Gael is an influential online marketer who has expertise in his area of interest which includes managing inbound marketing. Prior to where he is at today, he was the SEO director in the company HighClicks as well as LoveClints INC.

21. Brian Dean – Regarded as a genius in SEO, Brian Dean is a leader recognized on the international front, with a blog that has been deemed as outstanding. He was named as a ‘brilliant entrepreneur’ by Entrepreneur Magazine.

22. Alvin Hussey – He is Beano Studio’s Commercial Director and provides services to children as well as families with the appropriate kind of content. He used to work at an outstanding social marketing agency and is also a digital marketing influencer as well as proficient speaker.

23. Kirsty Hulse – Kirsty Hulse is the company ManyMinds’ founder and the company is among the first digital agencies that exclusively consists of remotely working freelancers. She happens to be a speaker well-versed in the domain of SEO as well as content marketing and she is a creativity trainer as well.

24. Astrid Kramer – Being a skilled being as a consultant for SEO, enthusiast in UX as well as a brand manager, Astrid Kramer has almost over 12 years of experience in the above mentioned roles and in online marketing. She works for huge brands as well as agencies on international lines currently and also is a speaker at conferences regarding digital marketing.

25. Karl Gilis – As per PPC Hero, Karl Gilis has been regarded as one among the influential conversion experts across the world and he also supervises an agency dealing with conversion optimization as well as speaks for events with respect to digital marketing.

26. Dan Petrovic – The Managing Director as well as owner of Dejan Marketing, Dan Petrovic is a highly regarded figure in the world of SEO. He is a speaker of digital marketing and a lecturer, along with working as a web author.

27. Liraz Rahmin Postan – Liraz Postan worked as the former SEO Director at a firm named Outbrain but is an expert in digital marketing and can provide strategies for content requirements for businesses as well consumer-oriented businesses. She has authored in websites regarding digital marketing like MarketingProfs and SEMRush.

28. Mike Saunders – Mike Saunders is a renowned keynote speaker and is the CEO of DigitLab, an agency looking at social media. The blogs he writes are about topics that include content, entrepreneurship, news from the industry, etc. and he also shares advises important to owners of small scale businesses. He also provides information regarding marketing for the millennial crowd, culture and so on.

29. Erik Huberman – Being the CEO and founder of the company Hawke Media, Erik Huberman is a well-sought after marketing expert in the domain of business, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. His company is rapidly becoming United States’ success achieving consultancy center for marketing. He has accomplished awards in entering “30 under 30” in Forbes’ magazine, “40 under 40” in CSQ, etc.

30. Jason Hennessey – Jason Hennessey has been recognized on an international scale as an expert in the functioning of SEO, and as a business executive. He is the founder and CEO if Hennessey Digital and has a team with over 100 digital marketers who are specialists at what they do. Hennessey has been regarded at a high level due to his belief in “educating and empowering” individuals and he has earned an excellent reputation for the same.

31. Michael Brenner – Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group and he is the brain behind “The Content Formula”. His career in the marketing industry has excelled over time from sales creation as well as strategies for marketing for brands at an international level such as Nielsen, SAP, etc. as well as for startups that pick up pace among racing competitors.

32. Danny Sullivan – Danny Sullivan has made an impact in the world of marketing all the way from the year 1986 and he works for Google as the global giant’s public liaison currently, for search and was the publisher at Marketing Land.

33. Danny Brown – Danny Brown has worked as a consultant for big organizations such as BlackBerry, Microsoft Canada, etc. and is also authored for 4 books. “The Parables of Business” is the name of his most famous book. He is also a highly regarded speaker and has spoken for TEDx, regarding the world of business.

34. John Hall – John Hall has been considered as a speaker of motivation with respect to sales and secures invitations to address platforms for social media and sales all over the world. He authored “Top of Mind”, published by McGraw-Hill, which was a hit. His readers find his writings in Inc. and Forbes as popular pieces and influential.

35. Juntae DeLane – An expert with colossal knowledge in digital branding, Junate DeLane is also the founder of the Digital Branding Institute. He is the Senior Digital Brand Manager in the University of Southern California. He also provides services as a principal consultant at Digital Delane. The podcast “The Digital Branding Lab” is handled by Juntae DeLane.

36. Avinash Kaushik – Avinash Kaushik is nicknamed as the “Digital Marketing Evangelist” and this is due to the broad record of achievements in the field of marketing. He has authored 2 of his best-sellers “Web Analytics 2.0” as well as “Web Analytics: An Hour a Day”. His extensive skillset and wisdom in this domain has landed him on the Advisor’s board for universities like the University of Toronto and University of California Irvine.

37. Scott Stratten – Being the president of the company Un-Marketing, he has been regarded with a high honor in the area of marketing disruptions. He is the author of 5 books which are bestselling and aided in successfully running viral video agencies.

38. Mark Schaefer – Over 28 years of expertise in the areas of marketing and global sales, Mark Schaefer is a well-known consultant and is the director of Schaefer Marketing SolutMark as well as Schaefer Marketing Solutions. He has achieved earning degrees that are advanced in areas like applied behavioral sciences as well as business. 7 patents of international level along with Fortune 100 companies for a variety of product ideas has been possessed by Mark Schaefer.

39. Peter Shankman – Peter Shankman is renowned for being the founder of ‘Help a Reporter Out’. This site is the biggest source reservoir. ‘ShankMinds: Breakthrough’, founded by Peter Shankman, is a society on the online platform where professionals from businesses get together to share opinions and thoughts regarding how to achieve increment in business.

40. Barry Schwartz – Barry Schwartz is’s editor and the news editor of a wellknown site that goes by the name search engine land. He is well-versed in understanding and catching up with updates about Google algorithm and educates readers through his blogs.

41. Seth Godin – Seth Godin is a well-known entrepreneur who has been recognized as an agent to the positive changes. 10 books have been written by Seth Godin which are all of his best sellers. He was the CEO and founder of Yoyodyne, a company dealing with activities relating to direct marketing, after which Yahoo! procured in the year 1998.

42. Lee Odden – Lee Odden is the CEO at a company called TopRank Online Marketing and they provide services of consultancy regarding digital marketing to big names like LinkedIn, Dell, McKesson and many more. He is a renowned content consultant and has a keen interest in the areas of PR as well as integrated marketing. He authored the book ‘Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing’, which did well.

43. Christopher Penn – Christopher Penn’s expertise in digital marketing has aided many companies to emerge victorious with respect to being successful, since is a highly sought-after strategist as well as digital marketer. He is the chief data scientist as well as the co-founder at the company Trust Insights.

44. Ian Cleary – Ian Clearly is an absolutely celebrated figure in the marketing industry and he is the founder of RazorSocial. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of technology as well as social media. He has vast knowledge working with up and coming marketing people in the forms of training programs in relation building and content marketing and currently works by providing services to clients regarding marketing consultancy.

45. Aleyda Solis – Aleyda Solis has been labeled by Forbes as one among top ten digital marketing specialists to keep a tab on in the year 2015. She is an international consultant in SEO and she caters services through Orianti that is her company.

46. Mitch Joel – Mitch Joel has the skill to encourage his audience members to make an effort in using new kinds of technology and he also makes sure to guarantee improved engaging of customers with effective methods. He has been referred to as ‘Rock Star of Digital Marketing’ by Marketing Magazine and he is also seen as one among the prime visionaries in the digital field in North America.

47. Ann Smarty – Being part of the team at, Ann Smarty provides her services and shares her insightful knowledge through the platform. Her interest lies in focusing on writing blogs as well as being a consultant regarding online marketing, since she has more than 10 years of expertise in the fields mentioned above.

48. Bill Slawski – Bill Slawski is the president and founder of Seobythesea, Inc., and is highly knowledgeable in the SEO-related to Patents domain. In 2005, he began posting blogs solely with the intention of educating individuals about the concept of internet marketing and about search engines in Maryland. With time flying by, he utilized his blog to keep a track of patents as well as search related research and wrote down about SEO and various topics.

49. Bernie Borges – Bernie Borges has been viewed as one of the best marketers in the B2B sphere. He is the CEO of the company ‘Find and Convert’ and the Executive Producer of a place dealing in digital media that handles journals, videos and podcasts called ‘Social Business Engine’.

50. Jon Loomer – Jon Loomer is an influential marketing coach dealing with Facebook along with being a strategist as well as an author. Jon Loomer Digital was initiated by him in the year 2011 and then proceeded to establish Social Media Examiner deemed his website as one among the Top 10 social media blogs in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Why is Bhavik Sarkhedi respected in digital marketing?

Bhavik Sarkhedi’s journey from a budding writer to a digital marketing expert showcases his dedication to mastering content creation and platform optimization.

What sets Sorav Jain apart as a digital marketing authority?

Sorav Jain’s commitment to inclusivity in the digital marketing sphere, combined with his wealth of experience and innovative strategies, distinguishes him as a prominent figure in the industry.

How has Pradeep Chopra made his mark on digital marketing?

Pradeep Chopra’s visionary leadership at Digital Vidya, coupled with his technical background and entrepreneurial spirit, has significantly influenced the digital marketing landscape.

What distinguishes DigitalDeepak in the digital marketing realm?

DigitalDeepak’s versatile expertise, spanning blogging, consulting, and public speaking, highlights his comprehensive understanding and impact in the field of digital marketing.

Why is Prateek Shah considered a leader in digital marketing education?

Prateek Shah’s creation of Digital Defynd and his extensive experience in training make him a trusted resource for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their digital marketing skills.

How has Vaibhav Kakkar contributed to the digital marketing industry?

Vaibhav Kakkar’s role as a mentor, educator, and author underscores his dedication to empowering aspiring digital marketers and fostering industry growth.

What are Bhavik Sarkhedi’s key principles in digital marketing?

Bhavik Sarkhedi emphasizes the importance of compelling content and strategic platform optimization as essential components of successful digital marketing campaigns.

What educational initiatives has Vaibhav Kakkar undertaken in the digital marketing sector?

Vaibhav Kakkar’s educational initiatives, including IIM SKILLS, offer comprehensive training programs designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for success in digital marketing.

Why is Bhavik Sarkhedi’s content highly regarded in the digital marketing community?

Bhavik Sarkhedi’s expertise in crafting engaging content and optimizing platforms has earned him recognition and respect among peers and professionals in the digital marketing field.

How does DigitalDeepak leverage his expertise to benefit clients?

DigitalDeepak’s deep understanding of digital marketing trends and consumer behavior enables him to develop customized strategies that drive tangible results for clients.

What impact has Prateek Shah made on digital marketing education?

Prateek Shah’s educational platform, Digital Defynd, empowers individuals with accessible, practical training that equips them with the skills needed for success in the digital marketing industry.

How does Vaibhav Kakkar support career aspirants in the digital marketing sector?

Vaibhav Kakkar’s mentorship and educational initiatives provide aspiring digital marketers with valuable resources and guidance to kickstart their careers in the industry.

Why is Bhavik Sarkhedi’s approach to digital marketing effective?

Bhavik Sarkhedi’s holistic approach, focusing on quality content and strategic optimization, ensures that brands can effectively engage their audience and achieve their marketing goals.

How does Sorav Jain empower businesses through digital marketing?

Sorav Jain’s agency, Echovme, offers innovative strategies and comprehensive solutions to help businesses leverage the power of digital marketing and achieve their objectives.

What makes Pradeep Chopra a trusted figure in the digital marketing industry?

Pradeep Chopra’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence make him a trusted authority in the digital marketing industry, valued for his insights and expertise.

How does DigitalDeepak’s approach to digital marketing consulting benefit clients?

DigitalDeepak’s personalized approach and in-depth understanding of client needs enable him to deliver tailored strategies and solutions that drive measurable results.

What distinguishes Prateek Shah’s digital marketing training programs?

Prateek Shah’s hands-on approach and industry insights ensure that participants gain practical skills and knowledge relevant to the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

How does Vaibhav Kakkar’s mentorship contribute to the digital marketing sector?

Vaibhav Kakkar’s mentorship and educational initiatives play a crucial role in nurturing talent and fostering growth within the digital marketing community.

Why is Bhavik Sarkhedi’s expertise in content creation crucial for digital marketing success?

Bhavik Sarkhedi’s mastery of content creation and optimization techniques positions him as a valuable asset for brands seeking to establish a strong online presence and engage their target audience


How does Sorav Jain’s agency, Echovme, help brands succeed online?

Sorav Jain’s agency offers tailored strategies and cutting-edge solutions that enable brands to navigate the digital landscape successfully and achieve their marketing objectives.

What makes Pradeep Chopra’s Digital Vidya a trusted partner for businesses?

Pradeep Chopra’s commitment to excellence and industry-leading expertise make Digital Vidya a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their digital marketing capabilities and achieve

sustainable growth.

How does DigitalDeepak benefit clients seeking digital marketing solutions?

DigitalDeepak’s deep industry knowledge and client-centric approach enable him to deliver customized solutions that address specific business needs and drive measurable results.

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