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Top 4 Content Writing Agencies in India for Website [2024]

Firstly, let’s address what content writing is. A common misconception that every other person has is that content writing consists of only writing articles. But content writing, apart from that, also includes writing substance or ‘content’ for blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc. Notice anything common? Yep, they are all tools for digital marketing.

In today’s world, there is a significant demand for a flawless content marketer. There are a plethora of qualified content writers on the market, but raising the bar high and obtaining one of excellent quality is difficult. However, in recent years, content marketers and content writing firms have proven to be valuable resources. They assist you in selecting the best by enlisting the services of some of the best writers with high-quality content. Blog writing services, website content writing, and other services are all offered by content writing firms.
Website content creation necessitates a significant amount of time. Creating material daily, let alone in enormous quantities, is difficult. Furthermore, content is regarded as a key method for marketing and expanding your service. Visitors to your website can be converted into customers with the use of appropriate and targeted website content. Content, according to 76 percent of top marketers, improves their services and is a key component in attracting new clients.

So content writing essentially boils down to planning, writing and editing web content, generally for marketing on a digital platform. Luckily, some people specialize in this writing area; content writing agencies often hire them. Content writing agencies are the easiest to reach out to when one wants to advertise anything on digital media. They provide their clients with various services, most of which will be mentioned as we discuss the top four content writing agencies in India. They are as follows:-

  • Write Right
  • Estorytellers
  • Taletel
  • Content Whale

Write Right

Write Right is a content writing agency based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, which claims to “eat and drink content”. It was founded in 2016 by Bhavik Sarkhedi, an established author. This content writing agency happens to hold a team of more than 50 talented and proficient writers who provide a wide range of content writing services. These services include creative writing, ghostwriting, blog writing, social media writing, website writing, email writing, SOP writing, resume writing and photography. Their forte is creative writing and copywriting. The agency speaks of ‘ideating and designing paintings through words’. They believe that only by striking the right chord with the viewers. Ghostwriting means offering content writing services for the client and not taking any credit for it. This content could include writing blogs, memoirs, speeches, publications, etc.

Some believe it is unethical, but it is a debate topic and is subjective to individual perception; They also provide content writing services for SOPs. An SOP (Statement of Purpose) often distresses students as it is an essential document while applying to educational institutes. If not written well, the SOP reflects poorly on the student. At Write Right, professionals help such distraught students perfect their SOPs and resume to get into their dream university. This content writing agency has been acknowledged globally as one of the best ones in India by Clutch. Co, Sortlist, Good firms and and boasts the partnership of at least fifty businesses and agencies.


Estorytellers is another top-notch content writing agency based in Ahmedabad. With Bhavik Sarkhedi as its CEO, it has established itself in the market in a matter of only five years. This firm is an off-shoot of Write Right, and as per client reviews, it provides content writing services of superior quality at a very affordable price. This content writing agency takes pride in calling itself a ‘creative agency’. Estorytellers delivers an extensive variety of content writing services, consisting of creative writing, copywriting, blog writing, SOP writing, website content writing, social media writing, technical writing, and resume building. Apart from that, they provide translation services, ghostwriting and white paper writing services as well. White paper writing consists of crafting an impactful replica of the customer’s enterprise or brand, customized according to the client’s needs. It provides in-depth details of the client’s enterprise, which has proven to be of extraordinary efficiency as a marketing tool, which leaves a long-lasting effect on the viewers. This content writing agency consists of a team of young, dynamic writers and believes that it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.


Taletel is also a subsidiary content writing agency of Write Right, founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi in Ahmedabad. Taletel believes in telling the tales of their clients in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of those who happen to view it, and just the way they write to convince better than simple facts and figures. Taletel is one such content writing agency that seeks to understand customers’ needs. It throws light on how an average person decides within only 10 seconds, whether they want to continue reading your work or ignore it. Taletel claims to put ‘the right words at the right place’. They have the best and qualified writers. Writers are very creative and come with unique writeup. It offers a myriad of content writing services, such as online content writing, web content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, SOP writing, LOR (Letter of Recommendation) writing, blog post writing, E-commerce content writing, product reviews, email writing, creative writing, social media ad writing, e-book writing, novel typing, white paper writing, press release, translation, proofreading, editing, technical writing, resume building, cover letter writing, taglines and slogan writing, article writing, brochure and catalogue content writing and newsletter writing.

Content Whale

Content Whale is a content writing agency based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and was founded by Vaibhav Kishnani. Content Whale offers up to 42 different kinds of content writing services in every niche field possible. Their services broadly cover copywriting, editing, email writing, blog post writing, product reviews and comparisons, SOP writing, technical writing, academic writing, quora post writing and website content writing. They have put up samples of their works online, which gives people a glimpse of their work. They also have a price estimator on their website, which is a useful tool for many people, especially new customers. They also offer to rewrite articles if the customers are dissatisfied, though that feature is implemented according to the package chosen by the client. They promise to provide the best quality writing that boosts engagement at a reasonable rate. It gives attention to the website it deserves. They make it simple and easy for you. Content Whale has also received many awards from media houses.


Content writing agencies like these have served as a blessing to those who have ideas but fail to articulate them effectively. By putting up their work online, an individual or an enterprise swiftly draws more customers. As the world has entered into an age where everything is digitalized, online marketing is the need of the hour and can be done efficiently only through impactful writing.

where everything is digitalized
These businesses have years of expertise in the market and are known for providing high-quality material and meeting their objectives. Each one is unique in its way and offers content in entirely distinct categories. They have effectively secured their places in the industry, providing us with fantastic content to connect with, and they are well-known for their outstanding talents and reputation. The act of thinking, planning, and generating web content is now known as content writing. A content writer may also be responsible for promoting and editing their work. Material writing is an inbound marketing technique that uses content to draw people to a brand, product, or website. The top content writing firms in India are listed below. We all know that content is king, and that content is the single cornerstone for a website’s and brand’s digital presence and social media visibility.

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