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What is an appropriate salary for content writers in India?

salary for content writers in India

Hey, Are you a content writer? Being a content writer is one of the most exciting jobs to look forward to. If content writing jobs make you excited and you are just ready to land up in this field then this article will definitely help you in not only estimating the content writing salary packages according to the job profiles but also some ways through which you can attain a certain field in content writing.

As content writers, we all give our interviews through which we get selected and we expect always a high pay from the particular company but to firstly crack the interview, one need to be sure about the writing skills so that the company would never think twice to hire you. If you are hired, you will get paid a minimum wage in this industry without being exploited but as humans, we dream to make more and more money. But we need to first check out the things which can affect our salary and makes us earn more.

1. Experience

Experience is the boss in every job. Experience counts and gives you back more money so blindly start with any new project that comes your way because experience can be really a game changer if used properly.

2. Average Salary of content writers.

We need to understand that content writing salary vary from different content writing jobs, experience and skills. One can earn up to 60k in this field where the beginners can struggle to get a 10k package too.

3. Types of companies you are joining in

You will get selected for your skills but applying to good companies is a big deal. They give you experience and value your work.

Appropriate salary for content writers in India?

About Content Writing Job

Big cities always bring big opportunities but cities like Delhi and Mumbai offer high pay to their writers than Chandigarh and Calcutta so being a content writer in different cities have different challenges but an experienced person can receive a salary of 3.6 lakhs per anum so experience counts. If you are experienced in a content writing job for up to 5 years and your skills have sharpened enough to handle and manage teams in the company, then you can expect a salary of 9 lakhs per anum.

Freelance Content Writers

A freelancer who can deliver good content can easily expect a salary up to 20,000 and 25,000 per month while a beginner freelancing writer can expect a salary of 8,000 per month but salary also depends on the quality of the content.

What do content writers do?

Content writers are responsible for creativity, editing, writing of different types of content. They work for different companies or industries which are into marketing and or technical fields and these fields include a set of variety of tasks.

Content writer tasks

1. Write, publish, and edit the content on the web

2. Change or fix the content according to the company’s guidelines or the client’s requirements.

3. Translate business objectives into simple words to make specific understand the roots of the issue.

Some of the content writer jobs with great content writing salary based on research

Average Content Writer salary – ₹ 5,19,746 /year.

Example – Collegedunia Content Writer salary ₹ 23,242/month.

Average Freelance Content Writer salary – ₹ 21,489/month

Example – Wordplay Content Writer salary – 20,833/ month.

The two important factors that can let you have a good content-writing job

Company – A good company will always pay an average salary to the content writers. The company can even pay a writer more than the market value as for good and big companies, quality of content matters a lot so they do hire experienced or extremely skillful people. To get into good companies, one must have to impress them with skills, writing and honesty.

Educational background – As we all know that Content writing is not bound to any degrees or graduation but if one holds a bachelor degree in English honours with no experience can still provide him or her at least 14k a month in Delhi. No doubt if you are good in the universal language, no one will bother much about your personal details and will try to hire you the

soonest but we have to remember that average salary of the content writers is upgraded according to their education or their impressive skills so if not education, one can impress the company with skills.

Research on the average salary of the content writers has been absolutely tough as there are a lot of factors that have literally changed the concept of average salary for content writers in India. It all depends on the skills so it’s about who wins the race.

But on an average salary concern, I am here to provide you with a link that helps you to estimate the data of salary of people and also particularly about male and females. Females are paid 64 rupees for the same work that males are doing in the market for 100 Rs. There is no doubt that unequal pay still exists in this industry too but still, there is a lot of positive information that you can get.

I would like to share a link that will make things easier and clear for you and this industry would be no more unfamiliar to you in terms of the salary of the content writers according to their job profiles.


In the end, I just want to conclude that content writing jobs are not easy to fetch but they are quite better and easy than the rest of the jobs available in the market as they are less likely to have any kind of exploitation and most of them contain work from home which means you are safe and secure in your job even in lockdowns.

Content writing jobs are based on skills, basically lingual skills, the more you have it – The better your salary gets. Explore this writing field and your ability to serve yourself as a writer because trying out new things are all a matter of fun and learning.

How to become a Content Writer in India?

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