How to earn as content writer in India?

How to earn as content writer in India?

Today everyone is looking for opportunity to work and earn a consistent amount without making huge investment. Through the past decades, freelance work has emerged as a very good opportunity for everyone. Even if someone do not want to commit for 9 to 5 jobs, they can earn descent sum by undertaking assignments as a freelancer. Some of the most promising work which are free-lanced by companies are web designing, content writing, blogging and editing.

Content writing is one of the most free- lanced work which has emerged as the greatest opportunity for everyone in past few years. It is slowly becoming a permanent job field. Content writing has several sub categories such as ghost writing, blog writing, web writing, article writing, resume building and many more. To earn a good amount as a content writer, at first, we need to understand: What is content Writing?

Almost every Industry has gone to the internet platform globally. With the advancement of technology and moreover, after the pandemic situation the companies are bound to take help of the World Wide Web to survive. They need to interact with the customers, make them understand their products and services they offer and this would be possible through internet.

The work of content writer is to blog articles, write content, emails, product description and many more such services. For example, in online shopping there is product description of almost everything, or if someone plans a holiday in Goa and he wants to visit best places, he would simply type in Google search bar “ Best places to visit in Goa” and hundreds of websites containing such articles will appear in the screen. Similarly, searching any topic results in so many articles or blogs. This is where a content writer comes in. These blogs or articles are probably written by content writer.



Who can become a content writer?

There is no specific qualification for becoming a content writer. Anyone, irrespective of qualification or his age can become a content writer. The only thing required is he/she must possess a good set of writing skills and must be able to conduct good research of the topics given. Content writing is so prevalent that is very easy to become a content writer. Nevertheless, quality of content and consistency of the writer is extremely important.

There are various websites which provides free lancing jobs, but not all of them are reliable. In fact, most of them are scam, they may ask for deposit amount or may ask for long hour commitment.

However, there are certain agencies which are trustworthy. These agencies provides the best quality content and ensure timely delivery of the same. They also freelance content writing and anyone having requisite skills can apply as a content writer.

Some of the most trusted freelance writing agencies in India are:

  • Write Right: As the name suggests, it always provide right quality of content and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Estorytellers: The estorytellers are team of such competent writers that are well known to keep their clients engaged and satisfied. Once a client, is always a client of estorytellers.
  • Taletel: Being one of the newest content writing agency, it has marked its place in every client’s heart as the most relevant content providers. The contents are very engaging, readable and easy to understand.


The above mentioned agencies are some of the best in the content writing field and anyone can start their career as a writer with these agencies. No registration fee is required. These agencies pay per word on completion of the assignment. They also provide good amount of salary and not only this, their 24/7 support team are available to resolve any sort of doubts.

Now, the next question arises; that how to be a part of these agencies?

The process of registration in any of these agencies is very simple. All that is need to be done is:-

Step 1: The candidate has to visit the website (for e.g.

Step 2: She/he must read through the agencies profile, work process, clientele base etc.

Step 3: Click on the “Register/ Sign up” option

Step 4: Fill the requisite details

Step 5: Upload the resume along with a sample work written by you

Step 6: There may be screening test where they may give a topic to write as part of their evaluation process.

Once the evaluation stage is completed, they will contact the candidate to inform whether he/she is selected or not. And, if the candidate is selected he/she would work for the agency.

Payment to Content writers in India:

An average content writer may get 50-70 paisa per word in India, but it may be high as Rs.15 per word depending on the quality of content and experience of the writer. The payment system for content writers varies from agencies to agencies, and also on 3 various factors. Some of the most influential factors for determining pay per word in India are:

  • Nature of Content: Payment many times depend on what type of content is written. For blogs, the rate per word may be 40-60 paisa per word, whereas contents for e-books may require a higher pay of Rs. 1-1.5 per word.
  • Clients: Payment may be varied on for whom it is written. For example, Contents written for marketing media are generally higher.
  • Experience of the writer: The experience of writer is one of the most important factor for determining the pay per word for content. The more experienced the writer is, the better quality of content will be produced. And, of course pay for better quality would be higher.

The average rate for a writer in India is Rs. 6-7 per word in India. Starting career as a content writer may turns out to be very rewarding and once someone gets recognized for his/her writings, he can earn a good lot of money and fame undoubtedly. It may not be very rewarding initially but eventually it may turn out to be the best.

Many people ask us if they should quit their jobs and pursue a career in writing. They fantasize about a job where they solely write books, short tales, and poetry. We always tell them, “No!” Writing is a beautiful hobby, but it may be a problematic vocation to support financially. Furthermore, to make a career as a writer, you must be extraordinarily talented. Content writers are in high demand across all industries, and they will be compensated according to their talents and expertise. It will be easier for you to crack the interview if you have the skills and knowledge to market it. It will also provide you with an excellent wage. As a result, content writing is all about coming up with new ideas, putting them down, and refining them. Content writers are in high demand; whether you’re a technical writer, website writer, or copywriter, you may make a lot of money. All you have to do now is polish your talents; read the article on fundamental content writing skills to learn more about your options in the content writing profession. Furthermore, if you are enthusiastic about your profession, you will excel at content writing.

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